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  1. And the list is certainly never-ending. It is quite common to eat and, enjoy ,a dish known as Cabrini all Astor (roast kid or goat) in the province of
  2. Resolve disputes over the wages, benefits and other rights that workers would, enjoy , Governments have also relied on arbitration to resolve particularly large
  3. Also called backyard astronomy and stargazing, is a hobby whose participants, enjoy ,watching the night sky (and the day sky too, for sunspots, eclipses,etc.)
  4. A kid could enjoy Sesame Street without learning how to read, but he couldn't, enjoy ,comic strips unless he could read; and that a smaller investment in getting
  5. To conclude, it should be noted that the people of Argentina greatly, enjoy ,held (ice cream, sorbet,etc.),especially the Italian kind. This fondness
  6. Theory and minimum description length. One of his examples: mathematicians, enjoy ,simple proofs with a short description in their formal language. Another very
  7. Abbots are immediately subject to the local bishop. Those monasteries which, enjoy ,the status of being stauropegiac will be subject only to a primate or his Synod
  8. And most of its derivative exhibit low toxicity, the compounds of aluminum, enjoy ,wide and sometimes large-scale applications. Alumina Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)
  9. Climate, with hot summers and cold snowy winters. The south and west coasts, enjoy ,a typical Mediterranean climate, with mild rainy winters, and warm dry summers.
  10. Do a lot of work for children TV stations. Brainpower and Extinct however both, enjoy ,a great respect for bringing up hip hop in their native Dutch. Other commercial
  11. As Comes palatines ('Count Palatine' ), ( Militia Aureate),the same to, enjoy ,and to wear the insignia of nobility. Pope Gregory XVI rescinded this privilege
  12. Of learning, Abdallatif applied himself to natural philosophy and medicine. To, enjoy ,the society of the learned, he went first to Mosul (1189),and afterwards to
  13. Dishes. With respect to food, Argentina is regarded as a country whose people, enjoy ,eating. It is quite common, or even mandatory, for people to take part in
  14. Fauna who live in the same medium. Despite its apparent fragility, amblyopsis, enjoy ,a tenacious vitality and can be kept in aquariums. J. R. R. Tolkien, in his
  15. Sentimental love story dealing with an impoverished postwar couple trying to, enjoy , within the devastation of postwar Tokyo, their one weekly day off. The movie
  16. Job. " They must guard a village that is being shelled too heavily. The men, enjoy ,themselves but while evacuating the villagers, Paul and Albert are wounded.
  17. And the beginnings of exceptional labor pools to come. Austin's area households, enjoy ,diverse options in education, including 29 public school districts,17 charter
  18. A secular idea of citizenship after the French Revolution—and allowed them to, enjoy ,their respective religious laws and ways of life. Antisemitism in the Arab
  19. Remain to climb in order to reach the top, the Terrassa, from where one can, enjoy ,a panoramic view of Paris. Events *753 BC – Romulus and Remus founded Rome (
  20. United States and somewhat lower than the Western Europe average. Argentines, enjoy ,a variety of alcoholic beverages and Argentina can boast a varied array of
  21. Would be shared amongst all who joined, etc.) would, under anarcho-capitalism, enjoy ,the freedom to do as they please (provided, of course that they set up their
  22. And admire technical artistic skills. #Nonutilitarian pleasure. People, enjoy ,art for art's sake, and don't demand that it keep them warm or put food on
  23. Radio station that was first organized in 1935. W7ASU has about 30 members that, enjoy ,amateur radio, and is primarily a contesting club. Student government
  24. Long hours listening to William read early drafts of his history. He did not, enjoy ,games or spectacles, although he liked to hunt. He was trusting of his
  25. Abilities; that is, in proportion to the revenue which they respectively, enjoy ,under the protection of the state. " Moreover, in this passage Smith goes on to
  26. Country, and folk. However, other styles of guitar have been introduced and, enjoy ,moderate popularity, generally in more specific genres: * The arch top guitar
  27. Buenos Aires) close for lunchtime. This is when most people return home to, enjoy ,a large meal. Traditional lunches in Argentina are long and well-developed.
  28. 1969 – The Apollo 11 astronauts are released from a three-week quarantine to, enjoy ,a ticker-tape parade in New York. That evening, at a state dinner in Los
  29. Butter Jam Festival brings a lot of local and outside visitors to Alameda to, enjoy ,the fun, food and games. Festivals on Park Street Spring Fling is in April.
  30. When he grasps that the aversion therapy has destroyed Alex's ability to, enjoy ,music. The play restores the novel's original ending. In 1988,a German
  31. Canada's own Wild West and the cattle ranching industry. About 700,000 people, enjoy ,Edmonton's Capital Ex (formerly Klondike Days). Edmonton was the gateway to
  32. States, bowhunting for large and small game is legal. Bow hunters generally, enjoy ,longer seasons than are allowed with other forms of hunting such as black
  33. To Australian Captain W. M. Woodhull in 1934. The oldest, and the one to, enjoy ,enduring fame, was the one presented to Bligh, later Lord Darnley, during the
  34. Enabling individuals and families to assume basic responsibilities and to, enjoy ,fundamental rights. The situation may become widespread and result in more
  35. Which gives pleasure not in itself, but through its enabling the eye to, enjoy ,variety with ease; (5) intricacy, which provides employment for our active
  36. Of the clitoris, G-Spot,or both, during anal sex may help some women to, enjoy ,the experience. In pornography, anal sex is often presented as routine and
  37. The 'BA ', and the 'aka '. The Name and Shadow were also living entities. To, enjoy ,the afterlife, all these elements had to be sustained and protected from harm.
  38. Byzantine period under the name“ Chrysalis ”. This small port continued to, enjoy ,some prosperity, before being abandoned during the Ottoman period. The last
  39. Is certainly retired at the time of Three Act Tragedy (1935) but he does not, enjoy ,his retirement and comes repeatedly out of it thereafter when his curiosity is
  40. With wealth, the ability to purchase art, and the leisure required to pursue or, enjoy ,it. The Palace of Versailles and the Hermitage in St. Petersburg illustrate
  41. The copyright of Sir Walter's works. Scott's only son Walter did not live to, enjoy ,the property, having died on his way from India in 1847. Among subsequent
  42. The first time in Japanese history, recognized the right of the Ainu people to, enjoy ,their distinct culture and traditions. The case arose because of a 1978
  43. Is called the top and the one being penetrated is called the bottom. Those who, enjoy ,either role are referred to as versatile. Gay men who prefer anal sex may view
  44. BBC War and Peace (1972) was particularly memorable. He has since gone on to, enjoy ,a long career, winning many plaudits and awards for his performances. In 1980
  45. didn't cost a dime in taxes and never had. I pointed out that a kid could, enjoy ,Sesame Street without learning how to read, but he couldn't enjoy comic strips
  46. S champion on the girls' circuit. Education The people of Antigua & Barbuda, enjoy ,a more-than-90 % literacy rate. In 1998,Antigua and Barbuda adopted a national
  47. Majority of the population was illiterate, and where those with the leisure to, enjoy ,literary works also had slaves to read for them, written texts were more likely
  48. For example, at Mar del Plate). Non-alcoholic specialties Argentines, enjoy ,a wide variety of non-alcoholic infusions (although now and then both "
  49. And contains balances carried forward from the preceding year, and therefore, enjoy ,general recognition as a double-entry system. Luca Pacioli's" Summat de
  50. Clitoris, the G-Spot, the anus, or other erogenous zones) enabled the woman to, enjoy ,anal intercourse with much less discomfort compared to anal penetration by

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