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  1. Junior Principal / Partner: Recently made a partner or principal of the, firm ,; title may include vice president. *Department head / Senior Manager: Senior
  2. Response, Austrian economists Carelli and Dumpster have argued that a banker or, firm ,loses market share if it does not borrow or loan at a magnitude consistent with
  3. Generally speaking, most anchors will hold well in sandy mud, mud and clay, or, firm , sand. Loose sand and soft mud are not desirable bottoms, especially soft mud
  4. It was later adopted from the Homeric Greeks as a verb meaning" to make, firm ,or stable "," to secure ". It is a significant fact that the first use of
  5. Company in 1909 after a dispute, and set up in competition in Zwickau. His new, firm ,was initially called Porch Automobil-Werke GmbH, but following a legal dispute
  6. Until his son Paolo (1512–1574) took over. His grandson Aldo then ran the, firm ,until his death in 1597. Due to the firm 's commercial success many pirated
  7. Analysis – the analysis of the accounts and the economic prospects of a, firm ,* Fundamental analysis – a stock valuation method that uses financial analysis
  8. To the Persian Gulf. The Middle Assyrian kingdom was well organized, and in the, firm ,control of the king, who also functioned as the High Priest of Asher, the state
  9. Drawing program for the Apple Macintosh. Illustrator, which grew from the, firm ,'s in-house font-development software, helped popularize PostScript-enabled
  10. In the title role as a young lawyer working in the fictional Boston law, firm ,Cage and Fish, with other young lawyers whose lives and loves were eccentric
  11. Brother John to join him in starting another architecture and civil engineering, firm , which carried out a number of projects, including the design of a building for
  12. He had intellectual force, but it worked in a groove. Obstinate rather than, firm ,it undoubtedly seemed to him that following counsel and making concessions were
  13. Over. His grandson Aldo then ran the firm until his death in 1597. Due to the, firm ,'s commercial success many pirated editions were also produced in Lyons and
  14. some others would not. " Republican U. S. congressman Ron Paul is a, firm ,believer in Austrian school economics and has authored six books on the subject
  15. And state politics after retiring to The Hermitage in 1837. Jackson remained a, firm ,advocate of the federal union of the states, and rejected any talk of secession
  16. After a couple of months, Wallace found work as a civil engineer for a nearby, firm ,that was working on a survey for a proposed railway in the Vale of Neath.
  17. Electricity Network (AEN) to Midland Resources, a British offshore-registered, firm ,which is said to have close Russian connections. On November 5,2002,Armenia
  18. City, Missouri,United States * Aquila Capital, an independent investment, firm ,in Hamburg, Germany Warhammer 40,000 universes * The Aquila is the symbol of the
  19. August the Portuguese attacked again, but the Sultan had fled the city. Under, firm ,orders they looted the city, respecting the banners. Albuquerque remained in
  20. One God, or Allah, equivalent in Arabic. In order for one to achieve proper, firm ,and healthy Man one must practice righteous deeds or else his level of Man
  21. Prosperity. Patralekha Bhattacharya and Krishna Kumar Meta, of the consulting, firm ,Thinkalytics, LLC,reasoned that although some critics have referred to
  22. In Lyon. Their father, Claude-Antoine Lumiere (1840–1911),ran a photographic, firm ,and both brothers worked for him: Louis as a physicist and August as a manager
  23. Sanctuary made two genuflections; on the third she sank to the floor and taking, firm ,hold of the sacred doors, cried in a loud voice:" Unless my hands are cuffed off
  24. Senior Principal / Partner: Typically an owner or majority shareholder of the, firm ,; may be the founder; titles may include president, chief executive officer, or
  25. And Money Circulation Schemes (banning) Act. They shut down all offices of, firm ,Amway, and Armpit Saga writes that" with it the fate of 80,000 distributors of
  26. And Wallace left his teaching position to assume control of his brother's, firm ,in Neath, but he and his brother John were unable to make the business work.
  27. Yet to be realized. Critical acclaim Accenture, the management consultancy, firm , has dubbed him the third most influential voice among business leaders, after
  28. To full fruition. Perhaps the Aster computer inspired another Dutch computer, firm ,to name their computer after another typical Dutch flower — the Tulip's Tulip
  29. To Russia to work for the Moscow office of a leading management consultancy, firm ,). From then until his death, he lived with his wife in a dacha in
  30. Weaker. *Anxiety disorders are common among children with ASD; there are no, firm ,data, but studies have reported prevalence ranging from 11 % to 84 %. Many
  31. Order and their characteristics. Cultural influence Belief in astrology holds, firm ,today in many parts of the world: in one poll,31 % of Americans expressed
  32. But I had found the truth of evolution. " Later in life,Carnegie's, firm ,opposition to religion softened. While he never professed belief in a
  33. Symbolized by its unisex public restroom. Lawyers and secretaries in the, firm ,routinely date, flirt with, or have a romantic history with each other, and
  34. Assyria began to vie for Favorite regions (in modern Syria),formerly under, firm ,Hittite control. When their forces encountered one another in this region, the
  35. Airline based in Purchase, New York * Atlas Aviation, an aircraft maintenance, firm ,in Florida, USA * Atlas Blue, a low-cost airline based in Marrakech, Morocco *
  36. And Vernon Bransford to be omitted. 1920 to 1933 After the war, Australia took, firm ,control of both the Ashes and world cricket. For the first time, the tactic of
  37. Or Cage, Fish,& Associates towards the end of the series),the fictional law, firm ,where most of the characters work, is depicted as a highly sexualized
  38. The resulting document would be ratified. In states where the wealthy exerted, firm ,control over the process, such as Maryland, Virginia,Delaware, New York and
  39. The Confederate government realized what was happening, Lincoln had seized, firm ,control of Maryland and the District of Columbia, by arresting all the
  40. The Petronas Discovery Center, known as Persians. In 1995,an exhibit design, firm , DMCD Inc., was awarded the contract to design a new science museum in the
  41. Firms. Salaries also vary, depending on experience, position within the, firm ,(staff architect, partner or shareholder, etc.) and the size and location of
  42. Government," but instead says," The said States hereby severally enter into a, firm ,league of friendship with each other, for their common defense, the security of
  43. Sylvie, has attacked her father's decision for selling the family publishing, firm ,and the rights to produce new Asterix adventures after his death. She is
  44. Calculations (1905) showed that Brownian movement can be construed as, firm ,evidence that molecules exist. His research in 1903 and 1904 was mainly
  45. In his twenties, Bachchan gave up a job as freight broker for the shipping, firm , Bird and Co., based in Calcutta now known as Kolkata, to pursue a career in
  46. APL, for 8080-based CP/M systems was released in 1979. In 1977,the Canadian, firm ,Telecommute Integrated Systems, Inc. released a business-oriented APL
  47. Of the Academy's composition. Votes have been certified by the auditing, firm ,PricewaterhouseCoopers (and its predecessor Price Waterhouse) for the past 73
  48. But when Bell had delayed the German patent application, the electrical, firm ,of Siemens & False (S&H) managed to set up a rival manufacturer of Bell
  49. Living in the Nile valley had developed into a series of cultures demonstrating, firm ,control of agriculture and animal husbandry, and identifiable by their pottery
  50. Architect, partner or shareholder, etc.) and the size and location of the, firm , Professional organizations Refer to the international list of professional

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