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  1. Mandatory certification or assurance of the work is required. Depending on the, client ,'s needs and the jurisdiction's requirements, the spectrum of the architect's
  2. Its applets through several features: * Applets execute only on the ", client ," platform environment of a system, as contrasted from" servlet ". As such, an
  3. Among them. The architect participates in developing the requirements the, client ,wants in the building. Throughout the project (planning to occupancy),the
  4. Called AOL Open Ride, which combined a web browser, instant messenger, email, client , and media player. * On February 16, 2007,it was announced that AOL began
  5. UAT is one of the final stages of a project and often occurs before a, client ,or customer accepts the new system. Users of the system perform these tests
  6. Had received specific instructions from Augustus, ordering him to attack the, client ,state. Later, Primus testified that the orders came from the recently deceased
  7. Defunct AIM Phone line service in November 2007. It did not depend on the AIM, client ,and could be used with only an AIM screen name via the Reconnect feature or a
  8. Cost of the IT installations. This can be at preferential rates, as the sole, client ,using the IT installation is the bank. If the bank can generate 5 % interest
  9. Buddies Only, or Privacy refers to the option on the AOL Instant Messenger, client ,to allow only users on a user's buddy list to contact them. This is to prevent
  10. Or reinforce a character's drama. For example, bitter divorce litigation of a, client ,might provide a backdrop for Ally's decision to break up with a boyfriend.
  11. To the required use. In that, the architect must meet with and question the, client ,extensively to ascertain all the requirements and nuances of the planned
  12. By the system provider from acceptance testing by the customer (the user or, client ,) prior to accepting transfer of ownership. In the case of software, acceptance
  13. ABC (Yet Another BitTorrent Client),a free software, open source BitTorrent, client ,based on Tornado * ABC, a line of computer models designed by Dataindustrier
  14. That no other machine had already registered the same name. Then later, when a, client ,wanted to access that service, it used NBP to query machines to find that
  15. For a maximum of 200 buddies to be stored. Also, in the 4. X versions, the AIM, client ,for Microsoft Windows added the ability to play games against one another using
  16. Based on a nominally shared transmission system, like Ethernet, but in which ", client ," nodes cannot communicate with each other, only with the server/provider. A
  17. Materialized and without English or French support, the Russians and their, client ,state, Serbia,were compelled to accept the Austrian-Hungarian annexation of
  18. Is co-ordinated to construct the design. Design role The architect hired by a, client ,is responsible for creating a design concept that meets the requirements of
  19. Users of the system perform these tests, which developers derive from the, client ,'s contract or the user requirements specification. Test-designers draw up
  20. ATP transactions. Even while it was busy servicing a print job from one, client , a PAP server could continue to respond to status requests from any number of
  21. It also allowed the server to send asynchronous attention messages to the, client , Applejack Transaction Protocol ATP was the original reliable transport-level
  22. Management responsibility for a variety of projects or project teams, including, client , contact,scheduling, and budgeting. *Senior Architect / Designer: Licensed
  23. Displays no advertisements. Both are available from the App Store. The AIM, client ,for iPhone and iPod Touch supports standard AIM accounts as well as Mobile Me
  24. Nutella protocol at all, but instead operates on the same network as the mesh, client , In August 2006,Music Lab released another version optimized for video download
  25. A page that contains an applet, the applet's code is transferred to the, client ,'s system and executed by the browser's Java Virtual Machine (JVM). An HTML
  26. In many other jurisdictions it is for the defense lawyer to mitigate on his, client ,'s behalf, and the defendant himself will rarely have the opportunity to speak.
  27. Of the system, emulating real-world usage conditions on behalf of the paying, client ,or a specific large customer. If the software works as intended and without
  28. Or" licensed" copy to do away with the advertisements. The Eudora e-mail, client ,is an example of an adware" mode" in a program. After a trial period during
  29. Miss Amy Barnaby, and saved her from having to face justice by blackmailing his, client ,Sir Joseph Higgins, who himself was plotting murder and was unwise enough to
  30. Straight relationship between the artist, or directly the art and its user, its, client , Art is then less distant from user, more directly approaching him, solving the
  31. Colorized menus, and thus, ANSI support was a sought-after feature in terminal, client ,programs. The development of ANSI art became so popular that it spawned an
  32. Requirements. A Subject-Matter Expert (SME),preferably the owner or, client ,of the object under test, provides such confirmation after trial or review. In
  33. Connected through network to a blade server for central management, to reduce, client ,form factor sizes with AMD Trinity features. * Torrent, coprocessors support
  34. Protocols were expected to use dynamically-assigned socket numbers at both the, client ,and server end. Because of this dynamism, users could not be expected to access
  35. Approval of the Senate. He was defended by Arena, who told the trial that his, client ,had received specific instructions from Augustus, ordering him to attack the
  36. Allows the implementation of the module to be changed without disturbing the, client ,programs. The term abstract data type can also be regarded as a generalized
  37. Sent the other an ATP request which basically meant" send me more data ". The, client ,'s response to the server was to send a block of PostScript code, while the
  38. In real time. It was released by AOL in May 1997. Stand-alone official AIM, client ,software includes advertisements and is available for Microsoft Windows
  39. Harry and Maine Gullichsen. It was Maine Gullichsen who acted as the main, client , and she worked closely not only with Altar but also Amino Alto on the design
  40. The Mayerson Law Offices, P. C., with Sgt. Charles E. Hart as their principal, client , filed the first Agent Orange class action lawsuit, in Pennsylvania in 1980
  41. Responsible for creating a design concept that meets the requirements of that, client ,and provides a facility suitable to the required use. In that, the architect
  42. Item number" may be performed by a courtesan (ta waif) dancing for a rich, client ,or as part of a cabaret show. The actress Helen was famous for her cabaret
  43. In an amount the media and advertising could have been purchased for had the ", client ," bought it themselves (contract to eliminate ambiguity and risk). Internet
  44. Business are as important as design. An architect accepts a commission from a, client , The commission might involve preparing feasibility reports, building audits
  45. Keep order while the parties talked, but meantime, Pakistan urged on its Afghan, client ,Gulbuddin Hekmatyar .... Massed, with UN help tried to avoid civil war in the
  46. AIM Express supports many of the standard features included in the stand-alone, client , but does not provide advanced features like file transfer, audio chat, video
  47. To allow allied kingdoms their independence only for the lifetime of their, client ,king, who would agree to leave his kingdom to Rome in his will: the provinces
  48. Empire in Macedon. These 'derides' were gradually incorporated into the Roman, client ,state, and later province, of Thracian. Revival in Late Antiquity During the
  49. Governor of Ifriqiya (roughly, modern Tunisia) and a former Umayyad, client , The ambitious In Habit, a member of the illustrious Fired family, had long
  50. Mechanical, and electrical engineers and other specialists, are hired by the, client ,or the architect, who must ensure that the work is co-ordinated to construct

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