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  1. The abundance of European cotton and the United Kingdom's hostility to the, institution ,of slavery, along with Lincoln's Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico naval blockades
  2. The moral life of women in the Milan of his time by promoting the permanent, institution ,of Virgins, as also of widows. His exhortations and other interventions have
  3. Then the state institution . The plaintiffs sued the state of Georgia and the, institution ,for being inappropriately treated and housed in the institution al setting
  4. With the Ministry of National Security, it was reorganized as a non-ministrial, institution , The two organizations became the Police of the Republic of Armenia and the
  5. Different qualifications in science. It is the largest further education, institution ,in Scotland. The Scottish Agricultural College is based just outside Aberdeen
  6. And the Downtown Phoenix campus. All four campuses are accredited as a single, institution ,by the Higher Learning Commission. ASU's athletic teams compete in Division I
  7. Democracy. Historians differ on which of them was responsible for which, institution , and which of them most represented a truly democratic movement. It is most
  8. Created by his suicide attempt. With Alexander safely packed off to a mental, institution , Alex is offered a well-paying job if he agrees to side with the government. As
  9. That ruled the nation from 21 April 1967 until 23 July 1974. Another notable, institution ,in Passion Street is the Athens University of Economics and Business, which
  10. Word" bank" has several distinct lexical definitions, including " financial, institution ," and" edge of a river ". Another example is as in apothecary. One could say "
  11. And saw Mary as the model of virginity. He is alleged to have founded an, institution ,for virgins in Rome. Writings In matters of exegesis he is, like Hilary, an
  12. Companies are located in Adelaide. The principal government military research, institution , the Defense Science and Technology Organization, and other defense technology
  13. To Harder, Stirner wants to" abolish not only the state but also society as an, institution ,responsible for its members" and" derives his identity solely from property "
  14. University in Many Places" by merging ASU's several campuses into a single, institution , sharing students, faculty,staff and accreditation. Under Crow's leadership
  15. Wife to death, apparently because of mental illness, and he was committed to an, institution ,for the criminally insane for the rest of his life. Namesakes and honors There
  16. Administration for the year. The Columbia of Syria belonged to the Pachomian, institution , We learn many details concerning those in the vicinity of Antioch from
  17. Are not less evolved than societies with states, but chose to conjure the, institution ,of authority as a separate function from society. The leader is only a
  18. Studies at the University of Karlsruhe instead of a more highly acclaimed, institution ,because the hyperinflation crisis of 1923 limited his parents' income. In 1924
  19. The Guarani tribe in Paraguay that" primitive societies" actively oppose the, institution ,of the state. These stateless societies are not less evolved than societies
  20. Of participating in community life. " The court added that" confinement in an, institution ,severely diminishes the everyday life activities of individuals, including
  21. The Lord, falling on their faces" ( Leviticus 9:23-24). In this way the, institution ,of the Chronic priesthood was established. In the present instance it is made
  22. Deschooling was popularized by Ivan Tillich, who argued that the school as an, institution ,is dysfunctional for self-determined learning and serves the creation of a
  23. Of Iowa State University of Science and Technology (ISU),a public research, institution ,with leading Agriculture, Design,Engineering, and Veterinary Medicine colleges
  24. Became the first institution in nation designated as a land-grant college. The, institution ,was coeducational from the first preparatory class admitted in 1868. The formal
  25. Mathematician. Although he loved her, he had argued passionately against the, institution ,of marriage, dismissing it as unnatural. Even after Francine gave birth to
  26. The degree of bachelor of science at the Lawrence scientific school of the same, institution ,in 1857; and in 1859 became an assistant in the United States Coast Survey.
  27. Agents, after the American Civil War. Lincoln is largely responsible for the, institution ,of the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. Before Lincoln's presidency
  28. Tuscaloosa, with 31,747 enrolled for fall 2011. Troy University is the largest, institution ,in the state, enrolling 29,689 students (as of 2010) across four Alabama
  29. Championships. History 1880–1929 Originally named the Tempe Normal School,the, institution ,was founded on March 12, 1885,after John Samuel Armstrong first introduced
  30. Because: * It concentrated the nation's financial strength in a single, institution , * It exposed the government to control by foreign interests. * It exercised
  31. Bank as the main cause of inflation, because they regard the bank as the, institution ,charged with the creation of new money. When newly created currency reserves
  32. Training of physicians took place at the Per Ankh or" House of Life ", institution , most notably those headquartered in Per-Bastet during the New Kingdom and at
  33. Which were used to celebrate the deified pharaoh after his death. The strong, institution ,of kingship developed by the pharaohs served to legitimize state control over
  34. Bishop of Aberdeen and Chancellor of Scotland. Marshal College, a separate, institution , was founded in" New" Aberdeen by George Keith, fifth Earl Marshal of
  35. Campus located in the eastern suburb of Zografou. The second higher education, institution ,in the city is the Athens Polytechnic School, found in Passion Street. This
  36. UTC-UTC (k) (equivalent to TAI-TAI (k) ) for each participating, institution ,k. (The same circular also gives tables of TAI-TA (k),for the various
  37. Colony had established a Provincial Congress, or an equivalent governmental, institution , to govern itself, but still within the empire. The British responded by
  38. More likely to be responsive to new pressures and public needs than a single, institution ,". The American Stock Exchange merged with the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE
  39. Says that:" Labor believes in a strong role for national government — the one, institution ,all Australians truly own and control through our right to vote. " Labor" will
  40. Of history and the social sciences. It became an independent degree-granting, institution ,in 1975 under the name Cole DES Hates Études en Sciences Socials (CHESS).
  41. State rights, but rather" the power of the federal government to affect the, institution ,of slavery, specifically limiting it in newly added territories. " Name "
  42. 28 mentally ill persons tied to chain were burnt to death at a faith based, institution ,at Er wadi, Tamil Nadu. *2008 – A military junta led by Mohamed Would Abdul Aziz
  43. Mellon University in Pittsburgh was named for Andrew Carnegie who founded the, institution ,as the Carnegie Technical Schools. *Lauder College (named after his uncle who
  44. Of replicas of sports cars * Association for Social Advancement, microfinance, institution , Bangladesh * Atlantic Southeast Airlines, based in Atlanta, Georgia,U. S. *
  45. It was primarily an occupation of the scribes, who worked out of the Per Ankh, institution ,or the House of Life. The latter comprised offices, libraries (called House of
  46. Was elected a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in 1884,the same, institution ,that would later select laureates for two of the Nobel Prizes, and he received
  47. Accepted the provisions of the Morrill Act of 1862,Iowa State became the first, institution ,in nation designated as a land-grant college. The institution was coeducational
  48. Could be appropriately treated in a community setting rather than the state, institution , The plaintiffs sued the state of Georgia and the institution for being
  49. Of Augusta Africa, see Bishop of Basel. The establishment of the church as an, institution ,recognized by worldly rulers is also visible in legal history. In the early 7th
  50. And was actively engaged in sponsoring and supporting the Buddhist monastic, institution , Some scholars have tended to question this assessment. The only source of

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