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  1. Total population: 21.8 %: Male: 29.4 %: Female: 15.2 % (2003 est. ) Education, expenditure ,:4.2 % of GDP (2006) Politics of Burkina Faso takes place in a framework of a
  2. Systems in which the power utility customer may control the overall energy, expenditure , In addition, a growing number of power utilities have made available a device
  3. In the country, the Democratic Alliance (DA). They have kept a tally of the, expenditure ,called 'The Wasteful Expenditure Monitor' According to the DA, this waste
  4. Very prominent each time the country holds elections. Controversy over wasteful, expenditure ,The ANC has reportedly wasted over R1 billion of taxpayers' money over the
  5. Croatian Luna or just over 12 % of GDP, which was also the highest defense, expenditure ,ever. Defense Expenditures in recent years (example years - source Croatian
  6. Total population: 81.2 %: Male: 80.4 %: Female: 81.8 % (2007 est. ) Education, expenditure ,:8.7 % of total GDP (2007) Politics of Botswana takes place in a framework of
  7. And development (R&D) to 0.6 % of GDP and augment the share of gross domestic, expenditure ,on R&D from foreign sources, including via the European Union's Framework
  8. Two million foreign visitors in 2008,which translates into a relatively high, expenditure ,per tourist of $1,077 per trip, one of the highest in the Caribbean Basin. In
  9. That has gained traction in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. The, expenditure ,of resources involved in the manufacture and distribution of new products is
  10. Overall political composition of the council was as follows: The Council's net, expenditure ,is £750.1m a year (2008/09). Education takes the largest share of expenditure
  11. Of the 50 states and the District of Columbia) in 2005–06. In teaching staff, expenditure ,per pupil, California ranked 49th of 51. In overall teacher-pupil ratio
  12. Luxury vehicles, expensive hotels, banquets,advertising and other" wasteful, expenditure ," The main thrust behind this reporting is the official opposition in the
  13. Years. To carry out the plans of power projection that Brazil wants to run,the, expenditure ,will cost more than US$ 138 billion, within the Navy alone. The program is
  14. Funding and staffing levels in California schools lag behind other states. In, expenditure ,per pupil, California ranked 29th (of the 50 states and the District of
  15. Expenditure is £750.1m a year (2008/09). Education takes the largest share of, expenditure ,(55 %),followed by Social Work and Housing (19 %),Transportation and
  16. Shopping season. Figures from the U. S. Census Bureau reveal that, expenditure ,in department stores nationwide rose from $20.8 billion in November 2004 to
  17. Of Finance is focusing on improved revenue collection and public sector, expenditure ,discipline. For example, government revenues increased 31 % to $1.7 billion
  18. Total population: 59.3 %: Male: 67.3 %: Female: 52.2 % (2003 est. ) Education, expenditure ,:5.1 % of GDP (2005) Politics of Burundi takes place in a framework of a
  19. Further enemies, and he was also hampered by an unexpected increase in defense, expenditure , which was forced on him by Derby and Sir John Tarkington (Secretary of State
  20. That the poor makeup 16.3 per cent of the total population in rural AP and, expenditure ,on consumption is around 13.5 per cent of the total consumption expenditure .
  21. Per woman. Government expenditure on health was at 10.9 % of total government, expenditure ,in 2006. Culture Music Education Public education in the Central African
  22. And encourage them with pecuniary rewards and medals. In the meantime the vast, expenditure ,exhausted his resources, and compelled him to labor with unceasing assiduity
  23. Total population: 85.8 %: Male: NA %: Female: NA % (2003 est. ) Education, expenditure ,:3.9 % of GDP (2002): country comparison to the world: 106 The politics of
  24. As compared with 2.4 % in 1991. This represented 14.2 % of total government, expenditure , In 2006,the primary and secondary net enrollment rates stood at 88 % and 65 %
  25. And expenditure on consumption is around 13.5 per cent of the total consumption, expenditure , The female literacy rate is 0.66 compared to male literacy rate in rural AP.
  26. Total population: 73.6 %: Male: 84.7 %: Female: 64.1 % (2004 est. ) Education, expenditure ,:1.7 % of GDP (2004) Overseas Population Countries with notable populations
  27. To the task by one of the arc hons. A chorus could regard his personal, expenditure ,on the Chorus as a civic duty and a public honor, but Aristophanes showed in
  28. And sometimes it was involved in choreographed skirmishes with the actors. The, expenditure ,on costumes, training and maintenance of a Chorus was considerable, and perhaps
  29. Years are kept below 2 % of GDP, a vast difference from the 1990s when defensed, expenditure ,represented a major stake in Croatian Budgetary expenditure due to the Croatian
  30. Gawker was recalled and replaced by Governor Grey in 1841. Grey slashed public, expenditure ,against heavy opposition, although its impact was negligible at this point:
  31. Described the extent of his brother's medical commitments: Chekhov's, expenditure ,on drugs was considerable, but the greatest cost was making journeys of several
  32. 1990s when defense expenditure represented a major stake in Croatian Budgetary, expenditure ,due to the Croatian War of Independence. For example,1995 Croatian defense
  33. To the surrounding rural areas, that has detrimental effects on energy usage, expenditure ,for cooling, and health. On the other hand specific meteorological stations
  34. And a continued incursion combined with Shah Jahan's spending made cultural, expenditure ,impossible,Aurangzeb's orthodoxy is also used to explain his infamous "
  35. A noteworthy addition: a Law of Fiscal Responsibility which controls public, expenditure ,by the Executive Branches at federal, state and municipal levels. At the same
  36. Of foreign currency, and adverse deficits in trade balances and government, expenditure , Further domestic policies that he brought about included the establishment of
  37. With the United Kingdom. Public discussion revolves around public sector, expenditure ,and social services, the pace of additional economic development, and the
  38. To which languages are considered): :Male: 77.0 %: :Female: 59.8 % Education, expenditure ,: 3.3 % of GDP (2006) Politics of Cameroon takes place in a framework of a
  39. Overrun. At the peak of construction 15,000 people were employed with daily, expenditure ,over £3 million. Ten workers, eight of them British, were killed during
  40. February 1922,Winston Churchill telegraphed Herbert Samuel asking for cuts in, expenditure ,and noting: In both Houses of Parliament there is growing movement of hostility
  41. Prime market travelers in the world, which translates into a relatively high, expenditure ,per tourist of $1000 per trip. In terms of 2008 Travel and Tourism
  42. Write: total population: 97 %: male: 98 %: female: 97 % (1980 est. ) Education, expenditure ,n/a Politics of American Samoa takes place in a framework of a presidential
  43. Very. Booze explains that the German economy was planning for a long war. The, expenditure ,for this war was extensive and put the economy under severe strain. The German
  44. Was cut by 10 % in 2002–3 as a result of recurring budget deficits and rising, expenditure ,on healthcare services. Botswana has been hit very hard by the AIDS pandemic;
  45. S Coventry works. Armaments In the 1930s,the board of directors authorized, expenditure ,on bringing their arms-making equipment back to use - it had been stored at
  46. Their parents. Inordinate and luxurious mode of living, or an extravagant, expenditure ,of money. A great many instances of this kind are recorded. At a later time the
  47. 45.1 in 2007. The fertility rate is at about five births per woman. Government, expenditure ,on health was at 10.9 % of total government expenditure in 2006. Culture Music
  48. Production of crops, the sale of produce, the use of animals, and general, expenditure ,on the staff. This information was then summarized as pieces of papyrus scroll
  49. Of private, for-profit services (around 14.4 % of the national total health, expenditure ,). About 7 % of GDP is allocated to the health sector, and over 70 % is
  50. Directly to the government budget. The rest is provided to non-budgetary, expenditure ,and donor-designated projects through the United Nations system and

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