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  1. Of sacred choral music. Other works include sinfonias, about 90 sonatas, and, chamber , music. Some sonatas for flute, published as IL Pastor Fido, have been
  2. Only a few have remained in use: *The Scrammed accordion, used in Viennese, chamber ,music and leader, which has the treble butt onboard of a chromatic button
  3. I in winter File: Auschwitz I gas chamber memorial. JPG|Interior of the gas, chamber ,of Auschwitz I File: Auschwitz I crematoria memorial. JPG|Interior of the
  4. Rectangular structure of mud brick or stone built over an underground burial, chamber , The step pyramid of Closer is a series of stone mascaras stacked on top of
  5. Question, the extermination of the Jews. Name "/NP"> Gutman16"/> The first gas, chamber ,at Birkenau was" The Little Red House," a brick cottage converted into a
  6. At the loss of his son (" And the king was much moved, and went up to the, chamber ,over the gate, and wept: and as he went, thus he said, O my son Absalom, my son
  7. Of shoes from the victims of Auschwitz File: AUI crematorium. JPG|Gas, chamber ,in Auschwitz I File: May 1944 - Jews from Carpathian Ruthenium arrive at
  8. Such a device in 350 BC in Problematic. Aristotle's apparatus contained a dark, chamber ,that had a single small hole, or aperture, to allow for sunlight to enter.
  9. A submachine gun design, he entered a competition for a new weapon that would, chamber ,the 7.62x41mm cartridge developed by Elisa and Semi in 1943 (the 7.62x41mm
  10. Corner of the monastery. Besides other rooms, it contains a drug store, and a, chamber ,for those who are dangerously ill. The" house for bloodletting and purging "
  11. A small, constant current between the electrodes. Any smoke that enters the, chamber ,absorbs the alpha particles, which reduces the ionization and affects this
  12. Photo taken by a member of the Sonderkommando, women undressed and sent to gas, chamber ,File: BirkenauPrisonerBuildings. JPG|Auschwitz II-Birkenau in 2009 File:
  13. Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas,when a fire broke out, destroying the, chamber , Smith and his partner narrowly escaped. Other oxygen fire occurrences are
  14. Air breathing jet engines take in air, burn fuel with it in a combustion, chamber , and accelerate the exhaust rearwards at high speed to provide thrust. Turbojet
  15. The charging handle is pulled to the rear and the operator inspects the, chamber ,to verify the weapon is unloaded. The operator presses forward on the retainer
  16. The National People's Assembly (APN),with 380 members; and an upper, chamber , the Council Of Nation, with 144 members. The APN is elected every five years.
  17. About 100 grams of americium. It is widely used in commercial ionization, chamber ,smoke detectors, as well as in neutron sources and industrial gauges. Several
  18. Of strangers of different degrees (X1 X2) comprise a large common, chamber ,or refectory in the center, surrounded by sleeping-apartments. Each is provided
  19. Renewed in 1998. Elections are held every four years to a unicameral 140-seat, chamber , the People's Assembly. In June 2002,a compromise candidate, Alfred Moist
  20. Of around an inner shell filled with ice. The guinea pig in the center of the, chamber ,produced heat which melted the ice. The water that flowed out of the
  21. Has also been lost. Beginning in 1766 Weissmann introduced Salary to the daily, chamber ,music performances held during Emperor Joseph II's evening meal. Salary
  22. A great clearance of temple offerings had been made and a modern discovery of a, chamber ,into which they were gathered has yielded the fine ivory carvings and the
  23. 1943. One of the victims was shot by the SS when he fought entering the gas, chamber , The corpses; 57 men and 29 women were sent to Strasbourg. Josef Kramer who
  24. Delousing. The victims would undress in an outer chamber and walk into the gas, chamber , which was disguised as a shower facility, complete with dummy shower heads.
  25. The use of Zyklon B as an instrument for extermination at Auschwitz, and a gas, chamber ,and crematorium were constructed by converting a bunker. This gas chamber
  26. Is surrounded by chamber s to hold offerings, the sepulcher being a great wooden, chamber ,in the midst of the brick-lined pit. Rows of small pits, tombs for the servants
  27. Rows of small pits, tombs for the servants of the pharaoh surround the royal, chamber , many dozens of such burials being usual. Some offerings included
  28. B to the crematorium in an ambulance and then empty the canister into the gas, chamber , The Hygiene Division was under the control of the Auschwitz Medical Corps
  29. It was then converted into an air-raid shelter for the use of the SS. This gas, chamber ,still exists, together with the associated crematorium, which was reconstructed
  30. Great prestige as a composer and conductor, particularly of opera, but also of, chamber ,and sacred music. Among the most successful of his 37 operas staged during his
  31. Sonderkommandos removed gold teeth from the corpses of gas, chamber ,victims; the gold was melted down and collected by the SS. The belongings of
  32. File: Auschwitz-2. JPG|Auschwitz I in winter File: Auschwitz I gas, chamber ,memorial. JPG|Interior of the gas chamber of Auschwitz I File: Auschwitz I
  33. Site at the crematorium. In all, there were usually four SS personnel per gas, chamber , led by a non-commissioned officer, who oversaw around one hundred Jewish
  34. Elements from several periods into a single complex: for example the gas, chamber ,at Auschwitz I (which had been converted into an air-raid shelter for the SS)
  35. Conducting a test of the Gemini space suit with a colleague in a pure oxygen, chamber ,at Brooks Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas,when a fire broke out
  36. A gas chamber and crematorium were constructed by converting a bunker. This gas, chamber ,operated from 1941 to 1942,during which time some 60,000 people were killed
  37. Of his son Edward the Elder depicts Alfred as hearing one such appeal in his, chamber , while washing his hands. Asset represents Alfred as a Solomon judge
  38. That cosmonaut Valentin Bondarenko died after a fire in a high-oxygen isolation, chamber ,on March 23, 1961,less than three weeks before the first Boston manned space
  39. Gates in search of Alhazred's burial site. He indeed finds Alhazred's burial, chamber ,and learns of his fate. Shared had been kidnapped in Damascus and brought to
  40. Pieces found. The noble statuette of Cheops in ivory, found in the stone, chamber ,of the temple, gives the only portrait of this great pharaoh. The temple was
  41. A small chance of exploding when burned for long periods unless its combustion, chamber ,was" coated" first. Burning the engine for a short period would accomplish
  42. To take a shower and undergo delousing. The victims would undress in an outer, chamber ,and walk into the gas chamber , which was disguised as a shower facility
  43. Anderson found that cosmic-ray collisions produced these particles in a cloud, chamber ,— a particle detector in which moving electrons (or positrons) leave behind
  44. Head of government. The Algerian parliament is bicameral, consisting of a lower, chamber , the National People's Assembly (APN),with 380 members; and an upper
  45. Flexing the thrust frame by. The engine shutdown was triggered by sensed thrust, chamber ,pressure fluctuations. Smaller Pogo oscillations had been seen on previous
  46. Injured when testing a Mercury cabin / spacesuit atmosphere system in a vacuum, chamber , The problem was found to be nitrogen-rich (oxygen-poor) air leaking from the
  47. Blinded him, severed his tongue and executed him. Although the entrance to the, chamber ,warns against disturbing him, Shrewsbury opens Alhazred's sarcophagus anyway
  48. Combustion engines, as they vaporize easily on entry into the combustion, chamber ,without forming droplets, which would impair the uniformity of the combustion.
  49. Years, and about 5 % after 32 years. The radiation passes through an ionization, chamber , an air-filled space between two electrodes, and permits a small, constant
  50. Their spacecraft in the Operations and Checkout Building altitude (vacuum), chamber , on October 18 and 19, 1966,and the backup crew of Shirr, Eisele and

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