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  1. And compounds were patented listing only Seaborg as the inventor. The, initial ,americium samples weighed a few micrograms; they were barely visible and were
  2. It retains the features of having an inherent vowel /a/ and having distinct, initial ,vowel letters. Pahawh Hmong is a non-segmental script that indicates
  3. Are indicated with either special diacritics or superscript forms of the main, initial ,consonants. Taney of the Maldives has dependent vowels and a zero vowel sign
  4. Shots and then does the editing. ” His active participation extended from the, initial ,concept to the editing and scoring of the final product. Script Kurosawa
  5. Radcliffe-Brown also published a seminal work in 1922. He had carried out his, initial ,fieldwork in the Andaman Islands in the old style of historical reconstruction.
  6. Arsenic at concentrations found commonly in US drinking water compromises the, initial ,immune response to H1N1 or swine flu infection according to NIEHS-supported
  7. Mandated its transfer to Juneau (the actual move took place in 1906,after, initial ,questions arose),begun to take shape with the construction of the Alaska
  8. For the teenage magazine Bravo. On the photo, every ABBA-member held a giant, initial ,letter of his/her name. After the pictures were made, Heilemann found out that
  9. With longtime friend Donald Sandra, Derleth in 1939 founded Arkham House. Its, initial ,objective was to publish the works of H. P Lovecraft, with whom Delete had
  10. Constituting the German phoneme) would be intercalated between words with, initial ,SCA- and sci- (all incidentally loanwords) instead of this graphic cluster
  11. The first time or when the Newton device is reset. Handwriting recognition In, initial ,versions (Newton OS 1. x) the handwriting recognition gave extremely mixed
  12. For. Devanagari is typically an abused augmented with dedicated letters for, initial ,vowels, though some traditions use अ as a zero consonant as the graphic base
  13. An algorithm is a step-by-step procedure for calculations. Starting from an, initial ,state and initial input (perhaps empty),the instructions describe a
  14. Theorem: Every set can be well-ordered. Consequently, every cardinal has an, initial ,ordinal. **Tarski's theorem: For every infinite set A, there is a bijective
  15. Et al. (2003: 26–28) have not used Sheila to decide whether to reconstruct an, initial ,in any given word and have not reconstructed a for Proto-Turkic even though it
  16. Z respectively. Nor is, in a dictionary of English, the lexical section with, initial ,TH- reserved a place after the letter t, but is inserted between the- and ti-.
  17. Had far more volunteers than they could effectively train and equip. After the, initial ,enthusiasm faded, reliance on the cohort of young men who came of age every
  18. 14 Middle Korean has" 6 ", which may fit here, but the required loss of, initial ," is not quite regular" ( Starting et al. 2003:224). 15 The Mongolian
  19. Recessions would increase employment in consumption sections. In addition,the, initial ,booms also cause resource reallocation, which implies an increase in
  20. Within the colonial framework established by the British soon after their, initial ,settlement of Antigua in 1623,five distinct and carefully ranked racial/ethnic
  21. Original series, beginning again with issue #500 (Dec. 2003). The 1960s The, initial ,years of the book, under Lee and Ditto, chronicled Spider-Man's nascent career
  22. Wanted her to work directly with her teacher. Telephone By 1874,Bell's, initial ,work on the harmonic telegraph had entered a formative stage with progress it
  23. Creating AFI“ to enrich and nurture the art of film in America” with, initial ,funding from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Motion Picture
  24. Eastern theater 1861–1863 Because of the fierce resistance of a few, initial ,Confederate forces at Manassas, Virginia,in July 1861,a march by Union troops
  25. You Live. Christie's stage play The Mousetrap holds the record for the longest, initial ,run: it opened at the Ambassadors Theatre in London on 25 November 1952 and as
  26. Of Alaska closest to the rest of the United States, and hence was where most, initial ,non-Native settlement occurred following the Alaska Purchase. It contains the
  27. Simultaneously to signal more than one other cell. Initial Segment The axon, initial ,segment (AIS) consists of a specialized complex of proteins which form part
  28. Climate of distrust existing during the time of its creation. From its, initial ,principal of $734,000,the fund has grown to $40 billion as a result of oil
  29. Vehicle with a range extending Wankel rotary engine to provide power after the, initial ,charge of the battery is depleted. It is the only concept of the three to have
  30. One sitting, and immediately asked Too to secure the film rights. Kurosawa's, initial ,instinct proved correct as, within a few days, three other major Japanese
  31. Flights without mishap had been accomplished. However, the AEA had depleted its, initial ,reserves and only a $15,000 grant from Mrs. Bell allowed it to continue with
  32. Metals into gold, or claim to possess secret knowledge that—with a" small ", initial ,investment—would surely lead to that goal. However, it is important to
  33. Of the insignia was developed by Jim Lovell. Lovell reportedly sketched the, initial ,design while riding in the backseat of a T-38 flight from California to Houston
  34. Had a presence in Angola for nearly five hundred years, and the population's, initial ,reaction to calls for independence was scarce. More overtly political
  35. Selection, in particular, the handicap principle The study of altruism was the, initial ,impetus behind George R. Price's development of the Price equation, which is a
  36. Of the mission. On the red number 8 are the names of the three astronauts. The, initial ,design of the insignia was developed by Jim Lovell. Lovell reportedly sketched
  37. Experiments convinced onlookers that they saw a" talking dog. " However, these, initial , forays into experimentation with sound led Bell to undertake his first serious
  38. Ahead of UTC. This is still true as of 2011-09-01. 34 seconds results from the, initial ,difference of 10 seconds at the start of 1972,plus 24 leap seconds in UTC
  39. Of other archaisms. ) However, it has also added in front of words for which no, initial ,consonant (except in some cases, as expected) can be reconstructed for
  40. A step-by-step procedure for calculations. Starting from an initial state and, initial ,input (perhaps empty),the instructions describe a computation that, when
  41. g. " Meeting ". *If the word occurs after another word ending in a vowel,the, initial ,vowel of the word is elided,e.g. " House of the director ". *If the word
  42. Save Island – Allied naval forces protecting their amphibious forces during the, initial ,stages of the Battle of Guadalcanal are surprised and defeated by an Imperial
  43. Olaf, likewise,had some characteristics of a mater elections: in, initial ,positions, it indicated a specific consonant called glottal stop (followed by
  44. 6100 cavalry and a fleet of 120 ships with crews numbering 38,000,After an, initial ,victory against Persian forces at the Battle of the Granicus, Alexander
  45. United States, arraignment takes place in two stages. The first is called the, initial ,arraignment and must take place within 48 hours of an individual's arrest.
  46. Heracles, his mission leads him into Hades. Absurdities develop logically from, initial ,premises in a plot. In The Knights for instance,Cleon's corrupt service to
  47. Growth have been paid out each year to eligible Alaskans, ranging from an, initial ,$1,000.00 in 1982 (equal to three years' payout, as the distribution of
  48. Ending in a consonant, there is a smooth transition from final consonant to, initial ,vowel,e.g. " Meeting ". *If the word occurs after another word ending in a
  49. Foreign policy matters to his Secretary of State, William Seward. Seward's, initial ,reaction to the Trent affair, however,was too bellicose, so Lincoln also
  50. For the Union, though Lee's army avoided capture. At the same time, after, initial , setbacks,Grant laid siege to Vicksburg and the Union navy attained some

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