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  1. Complexes include tetraamminediaquacopper (II) (Cu (NH3)4 (H2O)22+),a, dark ,blue complex formed by adding ammonia to solution of copper (II) salts. It is
  2. Alexander became separated from his guides, and it is assumed that in the, dark ,his horse lost its footing. The 44-year-old king was found dead on the shore
  3. Plantations expanded. The economy of the central" Black Belt" ( named for its, dark , productive soil) was built around large cotton plantations whose owners '
  4. Surpassed by no person born of mortal parents. It is said that her face and, dark ,eyes were as charming as Aphrodite's, and that she honored her husband like
  5. The king dashed all such hopes. Alexander died in a fall from his horse in the, dark ,while riding to visit the queen at King horn in Fife on 19 March 1286 because it
  6. Valley and the counties beyond, whose richest soils are the red clays and, dark ,loads of the river valley; north of which are less fertile soils, produced by
  7. Reflective surface, is normally visible to the naked eye, and this only in very, dark ,skies when it is favorably positioned. Rarely, small asteroids passing close to
  8. Its emission spectrum, they chose a name derived from the Latin word dubious, dark ,red. Cesium In 1860,Robert Bunsen and Gustav Kirchhoff discovered cesium in
  9. He describes it in his novel, Les Misérables, as the language of the, dark ,; at one point, he says," What is argot; properly speaking? Argot is the
  10. Love-lies-bleeding),a native of India and a vigorous, hardy annual with, dark ,purplish flowers crowded in handsome drooping spikes. Another Indian annual, A.
  11. Research Argon is used, primarily in liquid form, as the target for direct, dark ,matter searches. The interaction of a hypothetical WIMP particle with the argon
  12. Of such a device in 350 BC in Problematic. Aristotle's apparatus contained a, dark ,chamber that had a single small hole, or aperture, to allow for sunlight to
  13. Classical image of an old astronomer peering through a telescope through the, dark ,hours of the night, it is very rare for a modern professional astronomer to use
  14. On the wall of a cavity, forming the" skin" of the agate, is generally a, dark ,greenish mineral substance, like celadon, delessite or" green earth "
  15. Cultivars are known, such as 'Albus' ( with white flowers),'Sapphire' (, dark ,blue flowers),'Aureus' ( leaves striped with yellow),and 'Variegates' (
  16. To the Royal Society, suggesting that the periodic variability was caused by a, dark ,body passing in front of the star (or else that the star itself has a dark er
  17. Be determined, and have been calculated to range between 104 and 105 cm−3 in, dark ,clouds. Mapping of NH3 gives typical clouds sizes of 0.1 pc and masses near 1
  18. The mood of the director's work had been growing increasingly pessimistic and, dark , with the possibility of redemption through personal responsibility now very
  19. Details of his plans, as in The Big Four where Hastings is kept in the, dark ,throughout the climax. This aspect of Poirot is less evident in the later
  20. Presence of phytomelan, a black pigment present in the seed coat, creating a, dark ,crust. Phytomelan is found in most families of the Asparagus (although not
  21. The virtual reality personage known as Zoe-A walks through New Cap City with a, dark ,hooded cloak on and is attacked by a gang of men dressed much like Alex and his
  22. Intybus-alvesgaspar1. JPG|Thorium incubus (Cichorioideae). Note the, dark ,blue another tubes and the bilabial styles. File: Aster novae-angliae.
  23. 86 – 160) described Alexander as: The strong, handsome commander with one eye, dark ,as the night and one blue as the sky. British historian Peter Green (born 1924
  24. And possible sites for future star formation. Detections of ammonia in, dark ,clouds show very narrow lines — indicative not only of low temperatures, but
  25. And oxidation in the ocean, this precursor gradually hardens, developing a, dark ,gray or black color, a crusty and waxy texture, and a peculiar odor that is at
  26. Temperatures, this calculation is fairly simple. This premise can be applied to, dark ,clouds, regions suspected of having extremely low temperatures and possible
  27. Global mean properties of ammonia gas and an ammonia ice haze. A total of 149, dark , cloud positions were surveyed for evidence of 'dense cores' by using the (J
  28. Asparagaceae s. l.),or highly reduced seeds (e.g. orchids) lack this, dark ,pigment in their seed coats. Phytomelan is not unique to Asparagus (i.e. it
  29. Having the appearance on MRI scans of 5–10 mm or smaller hypointense (, dark ,holes) patches. Such cerebral microbleeds are important since they often occur
  30. Providing the fish for Hammond’s grocery market; she is described as having ", dark , disheveled hair and large eyes ", and is a writer. Salt says she" wouldn't
  31. Material. The original classification system had three categories: C-types for, dark ,carbonaceous objects (75 % of known asteroids),S-types for stony (
  32. Lower energy levels. Thus, the atoms behave like a filter that forms a series of, dark ,absorption bands in the energy output. (An observer viewing the atoms from a
  33. Wartime conventions. High refers to his second film, The Most Beautiful, as a ", dark ,and gloomy rendition of the standard formulas of the home front genre. "
  34. Explosions. Also, astrometric results are used to determine the distribution of, dark ,matter in the galaxy. Astronomers use asymmetric techniques for the tracking
  35. Rodents, comprising the ragouts and couches. Their fur is a reddish or, dark ,color above, with a paler underside. They are herbivorous, often feeding on
  36. And Egyptians, are found exclusively among the white races; and even with many, dark ,peoples, the ruling caste or race is fairer than the rest and has
  37. Imaging. This enables anyone to control a telescope a large distance away in a, dark ,location. The observers can image through the telescopes using CCD cameras. The
  38. Small-scale effects Albedo works on a smaller scale, too. People who wear, dark ,clothes in the summer put themselves at a greater risk of heatstroke than
  39. In the two characters names, professions,written works and generally, dark ,subject, it is likely that Lovecraft's Shared provided the main
  40. Down to about 0.05. A typical comet nucleus has an albedo of 0.04. Such a, dark ,surface is thought to be indicative of a primitive and heavily space weathered
  41. To that of lead. Owing to its strong radioactivity, actinium glows in the, dark ,with a pale blue light, which originates from the surrounding air ionized by
  42. In his essays Camus presented the reader with dualism: happiness and sadness, dark ,and light, life and death, etc. His aim was to emphasize the fact that
  43. There is a very steep rocky embankment - which would have been fatal in the, dark , After Alexander's death, his strong realm was plunged into a period of
  44. Involve using ammonia as an interstellar thermometer. Observations of nearby, dark ,clouds By balancing and stimulated emission with spontaneous emission, it is
  45. Environments. The NH3/H₂ ratio has been estimated to range from 10−7 in small, dark ,clouds up to 10−5 in the dense core of the Orion Molecular Cloud Complex.
  46. Aborted 15 pregnancies in 17 years. According to Vicar it was the result of a, dark ,psychological cycle of power, rebellion and societal expectations. In Annie
  47. Tepals or stamens. * Those species which have relatively large dry seeds have a, dark , crust-like (fructose) outer layer containing the pigment phytomelan. However
  48. About 10 % of the mass of the galaxy. (The remainder of the mass is an unknown, dark ,matter. ) Nucleosynthesis Stable protons and electrons
  49. Blackness as well as whiteness in snow; how otherwise could it be turned into, dark ,water? Anaxagoras marked a turning-point in the history of philosophy. With him
  50. Color shading. Generally, a mixture of a light shade, the tone color, and a, dark ,shade is used. Cultural anthropologist Matt Thorn argues that Japanese

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