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  1. Those who have murdered, robbed while armed with automatic pistol or machine, gun , kidnapped children, despoiled the poor of their savings, misled the public in
  2. As well as soldiers that have been fighting the cartels since 2006. A major, gun ,battle between 18 gun men and soldiers took place in the summer of 2009 in the
  3. Disguised as an impoverished veteran, wandering the streets in search of the, gun ,thief; it employed actual documentary footage of war-ravaged Tokyo
  4. And ISU-152 on the new IS heavy tank chassis. The primary German assault, gun ,was the Sturmgeschütz III (Tug III). Armed with a high-velocity dual-purpose
  5. Nature, an offensive weapon. Being a protective encasement with at least one, gun ,position, it is essentially a pillbox or small fortress (though these are
  6. In Italy, a number of American tank destroyer units were used in the assault, gun ,role for infantry support. The ARE version of the Churchill Tank was armed
  7. Reminiscent of the use of tank destroyers by the US military in the assault, gun ,role during WWII. A tank destroyer is a type of armored fighting vehicle armed
  8. WWII. A tank destroyer is a type of armored fighting vehicle armed with a, gun ,or missile launcher, and is designed specifically to engage enemy armored
  9. Terrorist group Abu SAAF was killed, along with five of his men, during a, gun ,battle with government troops in the southern Philippines. Hammurabi Sale and
  10. Infantry carrying, reconnaissance or specialist roles may have only a machine, gun ,for self-defense (or no armament at all),whereas heavy self-propelled
  11. 1997,Discography by Mark Roster, ISBN 0-7475-3163-3 An assault gun is a, gun ,or howitzer mounted on a motor vehicle or armored chassis, designed for use in
  12. Sturmgeschütz III (Tug III). Armed with a high-velocity dual-purpose 75 mm, gun , late production Tug III variants blurred the line between assault gun s and
  13. Spokesman. 2007 * January 17 - Abu SAAF leader, Abu Sulaiman is killed in a, gun ,battle against the Philippine Army in Solo. * July 11 - Eight Filipino
  14. To be a move toward wheeled vehicles fitting a" tank destroyer" or" assault, gun ," role, with the US testing the M1128 Stryker MGS. The Centaur Wheeled Tank
  15. Later in the book after being shot point-blank in the stomach with a flare, gun , As he was dying" quite conscious and in terrible pain ", he gave his boots
  16. Corner, torch,exit (as in" exit the lobby" ), factor (in mathematics), gun , ( " shoot" ), author (which disappeared in English around 1630 and was
  17. Historically the custom-built fully armored assault gun s usually mounted the, gun ,or howitzer in a fully enclosed case mate on a tank chassis. The use of a
  18. Of the fallacy embedded into conversation.: A: All Republicans are against, gun ,control.: B: That's not true. My uncle's against gun control, and he's not a
  19. Republicans are against gun control.: B: That's not true. My uncle's against, gun ,control, and he's not a Republican. B attempts to falsify A's conditional
  20. As a result, armies sought a cartridge and rifle combining submachine, gun ,features (large-capacity magazine, selective-fire ) with an intermediate-power
  21. M (380 yd). This" point-blank range" setting allows the shooter to fire the, gun ,at any close target without adjusting the sights. The field adjustment
  22. Tanks whose only significant modification was the replacement of the main, gun ,with a howitzer. Among these was the M4 (105),a M4 Sherman tank armed with a
  23. Clearances between moving parts, and tapered cartridge case design allow the, gun ,to endure large amounts of foreign matter and fouling without failing to cycle.
  24. PLC, London 1997,Discography by Mark Roster, ISBN 0-7475-3163-3 An assault, gun ,is a gun or howitzer mounted on a motor vehicle or armored chassis, designed
  25. Of being based on the same chassis: Murder was straightforwardly an anti-tank, gun ,on tracks whereas Better traded some firepower (its PAK 39,designed to
  26. Were the Panzerjäger (" tank hunters" ) which took an existing anti-tank, gun ,and mounted it on a convenient chassis to give mobility, usually with just a
  27. Not within? " He then walked calmly into the courthouse, was threatened with a, gun , and turned back," but without hastening a step ", according to Higgins on. In
  28. Many of these laws are based. " *Concerning the Second Amendment, specifically, gun , control," the ACLU interprets the Second Amendment as a collective right.
  29. However, to remember that the Sheridan was not developed as an assault, gun , but as a light reconnaissance vehicle. Currently, there appears to be a move
  30. The Simpsons premieres as a short cartoon on The Tracey Pullman Show *1989 – A, gun ,turret explodes on the, killing 47 sailors. *1993 – The 51-day siege of the
  31. Vehicles and tactics. Some were little more than stopgap solutions, mounting a, gun ,on a tracked vehicle to give mobility, while others were more sophisticated
  32. Guns. The Soviets went on to develop an improved air-droppable assault, gun , the ASU-85,which served through the 1980s,while their SU-100 remained in
  33. Seen the emergence of gun -armed wheeled vehicles, sometimes called protected, gun ,systems, that are tank destroyers in all but name. World War II Dedicated
  34. Film director *1940 – James Brady, American White House Press Secretary and, gun ,control activist * 1940 – Gary Gaelic, American race car driver (d. 1984)
  35. Be needed to disprove A's assertion are examples of Republicans who support, gun ,control. Andrei Arsenyevich Tchaikovsky (; April 4,1932 – December 29, 1986)
  36. Since emerged to a generally accepted pattern. This features a main artillery, gun , mounted in a fully rotating turret atop a tracked automotive hull, with
  37. Allegedly adopted the German grapheme ö and ü, and where a word like tube,", gun ,", would come after tub," salt ", in the dictionary. The Danish and Norwegian
  38. The Taliban and the Northern Alliance and were also exported to Pakistan. The, gun ,is now also made in Pakistan's semi-autonomous areas (see more at Khyber Pass
  39. A fully enclosed case mate on a tank chassis. The use of a case mate instead of a, gun ,turret limited these weapons field of fire, but provided a simpler construction
  40. M56 from service within the US military was the M551 Sheridan. The Sheridan's, gun ,was a low-velocity weapon suitable in the assault role, but with the addition
  41. Based on caterpillar track carrying either a large howitzer or other field, gun ,or alternatively a mortar or some form of rocket or missile launcher. They are
  42. In the anti-tank role. The only vehicle with the qualities of an assault, gun ,to be fielded after the removal of the M50 and M56 from service within the US
  43. B attempts to falsify A's conditional statement (" if Republican then against, gun ,control" ) by providing evidence he believes would contradict its implication.
  44. The back of the arrow is closer to the dominant eye, and is commonly called ", gun ,barreling" ( referring to common aiming techniques used with firearms). When
  45. Based on Winston Churchill, try to seize power, the utopians simply point a ray, gun ,at them and send them on to someone else's universe. Wells describes a
  46. Mississippi. *1881 – In Dodge City, Kansas,Bat Master son fights his last, gun ,battle. *1908 – Natural Bridges National Monument is established in Utah. *1912
  47. Funnies). Postwar use In the post-WWII era, vehicles fitting into an" assault, gun ," category were developed as a light-weight, air-deployable,direct fire weapon
  48. Soldiers were killed, nine others injured and six missing following a, gun ,battle against Abu SAAF soldiers, supported by armed villagers in the
  49. The shoulder during the Battle of Bryan. After tinkering with a submachine, gun ,design, he entered a competition for a new weapon that would chamber the
  50. BMD-1 Air Defense Artillery *M-1939 37 mm self-propelled automatic air defense, gun ,ATOM General Purpose Air Force See National Air Force of Angola Notes

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