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  1. Sister of Honey and Ashley Wilkes. India is plain. Ralph Thompson, a book, reviewer ,for the New York Times, was critical of the length of the novel, and wrote in
  2. Alternate histories or to be used as a deus ex machina. One science fiction, reviewer ,in Strange Horizons called alien space bats" everyone’s favorite SF plot
  3. MacLeod (the guest of honor for the convention). He was a semiregular music, reviewer ,for Marc Riley's Rocket Science radio show on BBC 6 Music. He was the subject
  4. Jena University:" Was Etruskische (...) ALS Semitic Space risen ". A, reviewer ,concluded that Sticker brought forward every possible argument which would
  5. Facade with a nakedly honest, tears-on-cheek 'Send in the Clowns. '" The AP, reviewer ,wrote" Devotees of Stretch, who earned her Sondheim stripes singing, memorably
  6. Is made evil. It does not often happen in Gothic novels and therefore this, reviewer ,has problems buying it. Furthermore, this reviewer seems to be so accustomed to
  7. Critic Throughout his life Orwell continually supported himself as a book, reviewer , writing works so long and sophisticated they have had an influence on literary
  8. Of the health risks of passive smoking. He was involved in 1994 as writer and, reviewer ,of a report on the issue by the Alexis de Tocqueville Institution, where he was
  9. Throbs with love, regret and desire. " But of the specific production,the, reviewer ,went on to note:" But Nunn's production, on one of those hermetic sets
  10. And riffing that abound, as well as vocal screams and growls" by All music, reviewer ,Greg Plato. Continental European grind core European groups, such as Anetholes
  11. Strauss, as noted, hailed Elgar as a progressive composer; even the hostile, reviewer ,in The Observer, unimpressed by the thematic material of the First Symphony in
  12. To: low-tech futurism that rocks. " Entertainment Weekly gave the album a B+;, reviewer ,Tom Sinclair wrote," Reznor's pet topics (sex, power,S&M, hatred
  13. According to Hans Richter, Dada was not art, it was" anti-art ". A, reviewer ,from the American Art News stated at the time that" Dada philosophy is the
  14. Positive reviews from a few publications, including praise from the noted book, reviewer ,John Chamberlain,Rand's nonfiction received far fewer reviews than her novels
  15. The rewards, such as they are, that the contemporary social order offers. " The, reviewer ,also praised Thompson as a" spirited, witty,observant and original writer;
  16. In reviewing the 2008 Meier Chocolate Factory production, The Telegraph, reviewer ,wrote that" Sondheim's lyrics are often superbly witty, his music here
  17. Of the Rights of Brutes: if women have rights, why not animals too? One, reviewer ,comments this" ingenious poem" with its" playful sallies of sarcastic wit "
  18. Rotten Tomatoes, it received an 89 %" freshness" rating and a 7.1/10 average, reviewer ,rating out of 110 reviews. The New York Times Lawrence Van Elder called it "
  19. Not so clear. All the factors are considered and balanced in each case: a book, reviewer ,who quotes a paragraph as an example of the author's style will probably fall
  20. Monthly gave Throne Cross a Gold Award, scoring it 10/10/9.5 in their three, reviewer ,format; the first review declared the game to be" a masterpiece, plain and
  21. Motivated by the high excess heat reported and by the insistence of the initial, reviewer , Stephen E. Jones, that nuclear fusion might rationalize the data. Hydrogen and
  22. Consensual storytelling that once drew universes out of ASCII. " GameS pot, reviewer ,Denny Akin called the factions and their abilities Alpha Centaurs" most
  23. That only two copies had sold, they were not discouraged. The Athena, reviewer ,praised Ellis Bell's work for its music and power, and the Critic reviewer
  24. Novels and therefore this reviewer has problems buying it. Furthermore, this, reviewer , seems to be so accustomed to the idea of only one evil villain that they state
  25. Also complained about the size of Zeus Ex's save files. An Adrenaline Vault, reviewer ,noted that," Playing through the entire adventure, he accumulated over 250 MB
  26. Was a positive review in The New York Times that Rand greatly appreciated. The, reviewer ,called Rand" a writer of great power" who wrote" brilliantly, beautifully
  27. In interviews and promotional appearances (having been described by, reviewer ,Warren Ether edge as," rude, condescending and intolerable" ), as well as with
  28. Many Americans held that black Americans were unequal as citizens. Veteran film, reviewer ,Roger Ebert wrote, Despite some similarities between the Congressman Stone man
  29. Festival, it was razzed by critics in“ the atmosphere of a soccer match ”. One, reviewer ,declared that Fellini had“ not the slightest aptitude for cinema direction ”.
  30. 1981,to be well received by fans, but less so by the critics. Rolling Stone, reviewer ,J. D. Confiding gave the album one star, claiming " Mob Rules finds the band as
  31. Into English—by John D. Rutherford and by Edith Grossman. One New York Times, reviewer ,called Grossman's translation a" major literary achievement" and another
  32. Angels: The Strange and Terrible Saga of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs in 1966. A, reviewer ,for The New York Times praised it as an" angry, knowledgeable,fascinating and
  33. Was both a critical and popular success, and The Fountainhead was hailed by a, reviewer ,in The New York Times as" masterful ". Rand's novels were derided by some
  34. And as measured by the Appreciation Index. In 2007,Caitlin Moran, television, reviewer , for The Times, wrote that Doctor Who is" quintessential to being British. "
  35. The lyrics are" breathtaking ". In its review of the 1989 London revival,the, reviewer ,for The Guardian wrote that the" production also strikes me as infinitely
  36. Among our musical theater's very finest achievements. " The Time Magazine, reviewer ,wrote of the 2001 Broadway revival:" Even in its more modest incarnation
  37. As kiddie porn. " Rolling Stone awarded the album four out of five stars;, reviewer ,Jonathan Gold praised the album as" music that pins playback levels far into
  38. Reviewer praised Ellis Bell's work for its music and power, and the Critic, reviewer ,recognized" the presence of more genius than it was supposed this utilitarian
  39. Might just as well not have been there. This was not fiction. Reception Galaxy, reviewer ,Goff Conklin placed the novel" among the great works of the imagination
  40. Was one of the first games concurrently released on CD-ROM and floppy disk. The, reviewer ,enjoyed the game's humor and interface, and praised the designers for removing
  41. 1746–1748). From 1748 to 1760 he lived in Leipzig and Berlin and worked as, reviewer ,and editor for, amongst others, the Vossische Dating. In 1752, he took his
  42. Europe that led to Henry being dubbed a“ bad boy goodwill ambassador” by a NY, reviewer , 2002 saw Rollins guest star on an episode of the sitcom The Drew Carey Show as
  43. Under $3 million domestically, but was well received by critics, with one, reviewer ,commenting that the film was" not Brooks at his best, but still amusing ". His
  44. Something original amongst the other numerous cookie-cutter anime shows. " One, reviewer ,cites the extensive homages as one of the series problems and calls to
  45. Attributes" Another critic of the show was Richard Ingram's, then television, reviewer ,for The Spectator. Cheese got his revenge by naming one of the guests in the
  46. Calling Audra McDonald the best Carrie he has heard). The New York Times, reviewer , Lewis Nichols, stated that" Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein 2d,who can
  47. Had it been edited down to say,500 pages, but there speaks the harassed daily, reviewer ,as well as the would-be judicious critic. Very nearly every reader will agree
  48. In reality, he had many friends but kept his needs to a minimum. Another, reviewer , Harold Bloom, wrote:" As a teacher of reality, he practiced his own wisdom
  49. Of hand-to-hand fighting, and received accolades for the realism portrayed. One, reviewer ,for The Manchester Guardian newspaper, however,was not impressed, finding the
  50. July 2010. Reviews for the two stars were generally positive. The New York Post, reviewer ,wrote that" They -- especially Peters -- have transformed the entire show.

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