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  1. Extended those efforts to controls on conflict diamonds, the primary source of, revenue ,for UNITS. At the same time, Angola has promoted the revival of the Community
  2. Grounding of aircraft, American announced capacity cuts and fees to increase, revenue ,and help cover high fuel prices. The airline increased fees such as a $15
  3. The government to strengthen its macroeconomic management, including increasing, revenue ,collection, improve the investment climate, and accelerate the privatization
  4. Ranked as the second-largest insurance broker in the world based on brokerage, revenue , Aon is known internationally as the principal sponsor of the English Premier
  5. 2010,source: Airline Business August 2011,Flight global Data Research Ticket, revenue ,Airlines assign prices to their services in an attempt to maximize
  6. Revenue (in nominal coins) that it had done previously. Seeking to increase, revenue ,and reduce expenses, Andronikos II raised taxes and reduced tax exemptions, and
  7. Deprived him of control of the mint (then one of the most lucrative sources of, revenue ,for the Polish kings),curtailed his prerogatives, and generally endeavored to
  8. Defence, automotive,food and wine processing and industrial sectors. The, revenue ,of Adelaide's electronics industry has grown at over 15 % per annum since 1990
  9. Its best non-holiday quarter (Q1 FY 2009) during the recession with a, revenue ,of $8.16 billion and a profit of $1.21 billion. After years of speculation and
  10. Rich should contribute to the public expense, not only in proportion to their, revenue , but something more than in that proportion" Smith even specifically named
  11. Of GDP, over 90 percent of export revenue , and over 80 percent of government, revenue , History Kingdom of Portugal's explorers and settlers, founded trading posts
  12. Gaming (pull tabs) taxes, tire taxes and fuel transfer taxes. A part of the, revenue ,collected from certain state taxes and license fees (such as petroleum
  13. With the Edomites and Mobiles, trade along this route gave them considerable, revenue , Circa 950 BCE Amman showed rising prosperity, due to agriculture and trade
  14. Of Medicine by investor and attorney Neil Simon in 2003,a new source of, revenue ,was established. The university employs many local Antiguans and the
  15. And distribution of basic commodities and foodstuffs, and under-reporting, revenue ,to avoid paying taxes. Despite pronouncements at the highest levels of
  16. Home to the headquarters of Google's Ads program—the company's primary, revenue ,stream. Pfizer, once the city's second-largest employer, operated a large
  17. To ensure the macroeconomic stability, transparency in the management of oil, revenue , and the safeguarding of resources for future generations. American, a
  18. a million in annual revenue through various sources like taxes, customs and land, revenue , et al. from 24 provinces. A pound sterling was exchanged at 10 rupees then.
  19. The risk and insurance brokerage segment accounted for 82 % of total, revenue ,from continuing operations in 2007,and the consulting segment accounted for 18
  20. In proportion to their respective abilities; that is, in proportion to the, revenue ,which they respectively enjoy under the protection of the state. " Moreover, in
  21. Of deep-water offshore oil fields. Oil sales generated USD 1.71 billion in tax, revenue ,in 2004 and now makes up 80 % of the government's budget, a 5 % increase from
  22. With which to compel the States to comply with requests for either troops or, revenue , At times, this left the military without adequate funding, supplies or even
  23. To 1,726; 1,300 jobs to 4,000 jobs; and 3,325 products to 16,495 products. Tax, revenue ,also increased from $400 million to $700 million. Transportation Alberta has
  24. They accommodate workers by providing them with income well in advance of the, revenue ,from the output they helped to produce. Böhm-Bawerk's theory equates capital
  25. 11 %),and Joint Services such as Fire and Police (10 %). 22 % of, revenue ,is raised locally through the Council Tax. Average Band D Council Tax is the
  26. a million, which they could not easily finance; over half the French national, revenue ,went to debt service in the 1780s. The debt crisis became a major enabling
  27. Handed over to Air France a few weeks later on 10 May 1974. The A300B2 entered, revenue ,service on 23 May 1974 between Paris and London. * A300B2-200: 142 Metric Ton
  28. Prices): NA % (2003 est. ) Budget: revenue s: $155.4 million (37 % in local, revenue ,and 63 % in US grants) expenditures: $183.6 million (FY07) Agriculture -
  29. Precipitously while the state treasury accumulated less than one seventh the, revenue ,(in nominal coins) that it had done previously. Seeking to increase revenue
  30. To be competitive in 1933 and 1934 under manager Bill McKenzie, but Fuchs ', revenue ,was severely depleted due to the Great Depression. Looking for a way to get
  31. In 1984,the relatively unsophisticated Apple II series was Apple's primary, revenue ,source for most of the following decade. At its peak, it was a
  32. And oil make up 60 percent of Angola's economy, almost all the country's, revenue ,and are its dominant exports. Growth is almost entirely driven by rising oil
  33. Sector, which accounts for over 50 percent of GDP, over 90 percent of export, revenue , and over 80 percent of government revenue . History Kingdom of Portugal's
  34. The greatest value; every individual necessarily labors to render the annual, revenue ,of the society as great as he can. He generally, indeed,neither intends to
  35. Was the twelfth highest earning football club in the world with an estimated, revenue ,of €127 million. In April 2008,after months of speculation, George Soros was
  36. The Department of Revenue Tax Division reports regularly on the state's, revenue ,sources. The Department also issues an annual summary of its operations
  37. Mobility in and around the Austin area and are significantly exceeding their, revenue ,projections. Airports Austin's airport is Austin-Bergstrom International
  38. Had 237 retail shops in China,160,000 direct sales agents, and US$3 billion in, revenue , Brands Amway's product line grew from LOC, with the laundry detergent SA8
  39. By market capitalization and the largest technology company in the world by, revenue ,and profit. Established on April 1,1976, in Cupertino, California,and
  40. Tales from their experiences in Alberta's wilderness. Taxation The province's, revenue ,comes mainly from royalties on non-renewable natural resources (30.4 %)
  41. Himself committed any fraud or manipulated any surreptitious entry in the, revenue ,records ". After receiving a positive verdict in Burbank case, Amitabh
  42. Meal. Sales and excise taxes in Alabama account for 51 % of all state and local, revenue , compared with an average of about 36 % nationwide. Alabama is also one of the
  43. Now almost half of GDP and 90 % of exports, at. Diamonds provided much of the, revenue ,for Jonas Savimbi's UNITS rebellion through illicit trade. Other rich
  44. And soybeans. Banks loaned money to support what they saw as a stable source of, revenue , Taxation Arkansas imposes a state income tax with six brackets, ranging from
  45. Textiles, glass,cosmetics, and needles and pins. Its most important source of, revenue , the textile industries, have been dead for almost half a century now.
  46. Organizations. The Afghan Ministry of Finance is focusing on improved, revenue ,collection and public sector expenditure discipline. For example, government
  47. Until 2001. The success of the Powerboat and other products brought increasing, revenue , During this time Apple experimented with a number of other failed consumer
  48. Was 90,543 mi²; its population in 1901 was 50,073,759. It enjoyed an estimated, revenue ,of £90,029,000. Early modern AP In Colonial India, Northern Cir cars became part
  49. Emperor Aurangzeb's exchequer raised a record £100 million in annual, revenue ,through various sources like taxes, customs and land revenue , et al. from 24
  50. Of Arkansas, including Walmart (the world's the largest public corporation by, revenue ,in 2007),J. B. Hunt and Tyson Foods. This area of the state has experienced

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