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  1. But can default. An increase in literacy has, historically,sometimes spawned a, trend ,toward abbreviation. The standardization of English in the 15th through 17th
  2. Peter B. High sees Kurosawa’s wartime cinema as part of the propagandistic, trend ,of Japan at war and as an example of many of these wartime conventions. High
  3. Were again largely Socinians not Arians. In the 18th Century the" dominant, trend ," in Britain, particularly in Latitudinarianism, was towards Arianism, with
  4. In English include those of Edward Gibbon and Benjamin Franklin. Following the, trend ,of Romanticism, which greatly emphasized the role and the nature of the
  5. Natal, Brazil and Monrovia, Liberia. The use of this term illustrates a past, trend ,towards referring to the whole continent of Africa by the name Ethiopia. The
  6. Combo compositions for big band after the bop era. After 1950,the big band, trend ,declined in number. However, several bands continued and arrangers provided
  7. Integrated farming and holistic management, as well as an increased, trend ,towards agricultural diversification. Crop statistics Important categories of
  8. Her son was born, her life was without music. In Australia, there is a growing, trend ,bringing people back to singing thanks to TV shows like Glee. As a result, a
  9. More than 6 million black people moved north. But in the 1970s and 1980s,that, trend ,reversed, with more African Americans moving south to the Sun Belt than leaving
  10. It to take advantage of the extended memory of the Apple ///. Following the, trend ,of avoiding absolute addresses, the PEEK and POKE commands were replaced with
  11. Continued until the mid-17th century. It may not be a coincidence that this, trend ,coincided with a national obsession with exotic flowers which made flower
  12. A joyous sense of closure. Complexity The development of New Comedy involved a, trend ,towards more realistic plots, a simpler dramatic structure and a softer tone.
  13. Who, by 2004,were supplanting the Democrats as a substantial third party. The, trend ,was noted that year by political scientists Dean Mensch et al. Elsewhere
  14. Australia, Canada,Japan, Brazil,Mexico, India and other markets exhibit this, trend , The industry has been observed to be cyclical in its financial performance.
  15. Industry was generally profitable, even during the Great Depression. This, trend ,continued until the beginning of World War II. Development since 1945 As
  16. He won his third Film fare Best Actor Award, looked like it might reverse this, trend , but the momentum was short-lived as his string of box office failures
  17. Right and left were represented equally in both parties. The African American, trend ,of voting for Democrats can be traced back to the 1930s during the Great
  18. Yourself from the rest of the pack ". She often wore black clothing, starting a, trend ,for similar fashion among women in the United States and Japan. Aaliyah
  19. At the expense of the traditional national airlines. There has also been a, trend ,for these national airlines themselves to be privatized such as has occurred
  20. Have been encouraged to try their hand at this genre. Fake autobiographies This, trend ,has also encouraged fake autobiographies, particularly those associated with
  21. With the number of alkyl groups on the amine. However, there is no strict, trend ,in this regard, as basicity is also governed by other factors mentioned above.
  22. Hardest businesses to manage. As in many mature industries, consolidation is a, trend , Airline groupings may consist of limited bilateral partnerships, long-term
  23. Influx of Armenians returning to Armenia have been the main reasons for the, trend , which is expected to continue. In fact Armenia is expected to resume its
  24. Exacerbated by man-made structures, have reversed the decades-long drying, trend ,and now threaten coastal areas; the average level rose 1.5 meters between 1978
  25. Bromine is brown and iodine is closer to black in color. Astatine suits the, trend ,well, having a black color. Astatine is a black solid. Its melting point is
  26. By the Ministry of Economic Development of Azerbaijan Republic. Macroeconomic, trend ,The following is a chart of trend of gross domestic product of Azerbaijan at
  27. 78.0) and blacks (72.8) had decreased to 5.2 years, reflecting a long term, trend ,of this phenomenon. The current life expectancy of African Americans as a group
  28. Prevailing industry standards for hardware, instead creating their own. This, trend ,was largely reversed in the late 1990s beginning with Apple's adoption of the
  29. MC5,as well as The Stooges, SRC,The Up, The Rationals and others. This, trend ,continued with later groups such as The Cult Heroes, although the residual
  30. Of the African languages is steadily decreasing among the urban population—a, trend ,which is beginning to spread into rural areas as well. The exact numbers of
  31. On top of the mesas, the cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde reflected a region-wide, trend ,towards the aggregation of growing regional populations into close, highly
  32. Birth rate to an elevated national rate of 117:100 reported in 2002. The, trend ,was more pronounced in rural regions: as high as 130:100 in Guangdong and
  33. Leading many to flee to neighboring countries. In order to halt this, trend , Frederick William I divided Prussia into regimental cantons. Every youth was
  34. Influence on his or her ethnographic analysis. This was part of a more general, trend ,of postmodernism that was popular contemporaneously. Currently anthropologists
  35. Rising in the next season to 49,128. The Arena has a retractable roof and set a, trend ,for other modern stadiums built in Europe in the following years. In the
  36. Forest products, fisheries,iron ore, coffee,and fruits. This is a chart of, trend ,of nominal gross domestic product of Angola at market prices using
  37. Urban area, and numerous citizens of Aarav moved into the countryside. This, trend ,might have stopped since the turn of the 21st century. Existing industrial
  38. Apart. This pattern is not seen for all airlines in all regions. The overall, trend ,of demand has been consistently increasing. In the 1950s and 1960s,annual
  39. Vehicles to be armored for their own protection also assisted this, trend , The concept of an armored SP AAG was pioneered by Hungary during World War II
  40. Of Azerbaijan Republic. Macroeconomic trend The following is a chart of, trend ,of gross domestic product of Azerbaijan at market prices with figures in
  41. Change in trend s over several years ". The pitfalls of such attempts to infer a, trend ,using just two data points (years 2003 and 2004) are further demonstrated by
  42. California became swept up in the movement, then seemingly started to lead the, trend ,itself, in,for example, the popular restaurant Chen Panics in Berkeley.
  43. Many bridges may be unable to support the weight of a main battle tank. A, trend ,toward composite armor is taking place in place of steel - composites are
  44. 62.3 % full-time and 35.1 % part-time. In recent years there has been a growing, trend ,towards part-time (which includes casual) employment, increasing from 11.6 %
  45. Made for use with mu SHU. Mu SHU purists do not always react positively to this, trend , In addition, many restaurants serving more native-style Chinese cuisines exist
  46. Had already become increasingly socialist and authoritarian, and this, trend ,continued throughout Boumédienne's government. However, Boumédienne relied on
  47. Means of group A, B and C with group D). Comparisons can also look at tests of, trend , such as linear and quadratic relationships, when the independent variable
  48. Directed a version of The Birds under the Acropolis in 1959 that established a, trend ,in modern Greek history of breaking taboos through the voice of Aristophanes.
  49. As the act of collecting information on resource usage for the purpose of, trend ,analysis, auditing,billing, or cost allocation. For example when a user uses a
  50. Was able to distinguish between 'old' and 'new' comedy by 330 BC. The, trend ,from Old Comedy to New Comedy saw a move away from highly topical concerns with

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