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  1. Different, because human actions are raising the level, and we are starting to, observe ,the temperature response. Present levels greatly exceed the range found in the
  2. Of malicious applets. To illustrate this method, AppletGuard was used to, observe ,and control any applet in a browser successfully.
  3. There is a bound B to the number of symbols or squares which the computer can, observe ,at one moment. If he wishes to observe more, he must use successive
  4. Of neutrality upon the outbreak of World War II. Bulgaria was determined to, observe ,it until the end of the war; but it hoped for bloodless territorial gains
  5. East, and Ancient Greece. He was an early proponent of science and tried to, observe ,and explain different aspects of the universe, with a particular interest in
  6. And the Old Catholic Churches also celebrate it. The Eastern Orthodox churches, observe ,several All Souls' Days during the year. The Roman Catholic celebration is
  7. Christian Church. They differ from the parent body mainly in two points. They, observe ,feet washing as a rite of the church, and they teach that reclaimed backsliders
  8. With their current practical limitations while the monks have to, observe ,them very strictly. With consistent practice, it will be possible to overcome
  9. To the string landscape" ... may explain how the constants of nature that we, observe ,can take values suitable for life without being fine-tuned by a benevolent
  10. Weight Profiling (LWP),providing internal hardware monitor with runtimes, to, observe , information about executing process and help the re-design of software to be
  11. Of his PhD work. High-energy X-rays were applied to ionize gas particles and, observe ,photoelectric electrons. Observation of electron tracks independent of the
  12. Types—conditional GOT, unconditional GOT, assignment,HALT. Cement and Kurtz, observe ,that while" undisciplined" use of unconditional Goths and conditional IF-THEN
  13. Through a sequence of rooms and while there either mark or erase a paper or, observe ,the paper and make a yes-no decision about the next instruction. Alan Turing's
  14. Modified tests can include liver S9 fraction to help recreate the system and, observe ,whether the parent molecule's metabolites formed in the hepatic system are
  15. Is a necessity because living observe rs wouldn't be able to exist, and hence, observe ,the Universe, were these laws and constants not constituted in this way. The
  16. Speed and direction, the patrol should vary these, with occasional stops to, observe ,both the route ahead, and changes behind. Units should move in such a way that
  17. Properties to the objective world. However, this presupposes that we could, observe ,that the objective world has material properties. But this is absurd, for
  18. Contrary to pose and solve problems and, neglecting surface disturbances, to, observe , the long and medium-term evolution of economy, society and civilization. The
  19. Services. Both Bell Mobility and Telus Mobility had announced that they would, observe ,the same shutdown guidelines as in the United States, and decommissioned their
  20. And an estimated 1 million trees were planted that day. Many countries now, observe ,a similar holiday. Though usually observe d in the spring, the date varies
  21. Focusing less on observing the night sky if the membership is less able to, observe ,due to factors such as light pollution. It is common for local societies to
  22. He and Astronomer Royal Frank Watson Dyson organized two expeditions to, observe ,a solar eclipse in 1919 to make the first empirical test of Einstein’s theory:
  23. 1908,professors and lecturers of Saint Petersburg University were ordered to, observe ,their students. Markov initially refused to accept this decree and wrote an
  24. Field, the ions will be greatly magnified. This magnification is sufficient to, observe ,field variations due to individual atoms, thus allowing in field ion and field
  25. Further experience takes these equal chances, and forces the imagination to, observe ,that certain chances arise more frequently than others. These gentle forces
  26. And colonization. Alfred, in 893 or 894,took up a position from which he could, observe ,both forces. While he was in talks with Hasten, the Danes at Apple One broke
  27. I shall make no other comments on this ingenious passage, than just to, observe , that it is the philosophy of lasciviousness. " A mere page later, after
  28. Stone man and his mulatto protégé, Silas Lynch, go to South Carolina in 1871 to, observe ,the situation first hand. Black soldiers parade through the streets. During the
  29. In order to image and identify them, generating magnifications sufficient to, observe ,individual atoms as they are removed from the sample surface. Through coupling
  30. Provide such a system. If you were to go outside on a clear night you would, observe ,the stars spinning around the celestial pole. This point is +90° if you are
  31. Science:" why do the fundamental laws of physics take the particular form we, observe ,and not another? " Since Carter's 1973 paper, the term" Anthropic Principle "
  32. On Sunday, although there is a growing number of Seventh-day Adventists who, observe ,the Sabbath on Saturday. The national Carnival held each August commemorates
  33. In 317 BC he returned with an army of mercenaries under a solemn oath to, observe ,the democratic constitution which was then set up. Having banished or murdered
  34. Theory says it is possible, whereas Miles rejected it as being“ impossible to, observe ,in practice. ” Additionally, Mises and his students argued, building on Czech
  35. Is displaced by approximately 3 arc minutes from the direction in which we, observe ,it. Modern figures give a proper motion of 7 arc seconds/year, distance 30 light
  36. Would be rotationally flattened, they had insufficient data to experimentally, observe ,its ob lateness. Altair was later observe d to be flattened by infrared
  37. Heisenberg held that the path of a moving particle has no meaning if we cannot, observe ,it, as we cannot with electrons in an atom. In the quantum picture of
  38. From Germany in the heart of" Tartary" ( at Talks),and was compelled to, observe ,the ceremony of passing between two fires, as a bringer of gifts to a dead Khan
  39. Science were not well known in England. He also conducted an expedition to, observe ,the Solar eclipse of 29 May 1919 that provided one of the earliest
  40. Which focused on the daily patrols deployed by the Western powers to, observe ,the situation along the Berlin Wall and the fortifications on the GDR border. A
  41. Americas; likewise, the German usages U. S. -Americanism and U. S. -Afrikaner, observe ,said cultural distinction, solely denoting U. S. things and people. It is
  42. Sufi shaykh by himself and only 27 years old. He not only guided Aurangzeb to, observe ,the Islamic law properly, he was also the source of most of the Islamic rules
  43. Which Aristotle describes breaking open fertilized chicken eggs at intervals to, observe ,when visible organs were generated. He gave accurate descriptions of ruminants
  44. Telus Mobility, who operated AMPS networks in Canada, announced that they would, observe ,the same timetable as outlined by the FCC in the United States, and as a result
  45. Activities. Amateur astronomy objectives Collectively, amateur astronomers, observe ,a variety of celestial objects and phenomena. Common targets of amateur
  46. And the consequent change in aberration would be extremely difficult to, observe , Therefore, this so-called secular aberration is usually ignored when
  47. Accessible and interpretive trails. Hikers, bikers and horseback riders can, observe ,the abundance of prairie plants and wildlife of the area up-close.; Boating The
  48. Or squares which the computer can observe at one moment. If he wishes to, observe ,more, he must use successive observations. We will also suppose that the number
  49. During the famine in Egypt in 597 AH (1200 AD),he had the opportunity to, observe ,and examine many skeletons. This was one of the earliest examples
  50. Scientists led by the University of Leeds used a robotic 'yellow submarine' to, observe ,detailed flows within an 'undersea river' for the very first time. Submarine

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