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  1. Is the Andy Warhol Museum of Modern Art, established in 1991 by Warhol's, brother ,John Warhol, the Slovak Ministry of Culture, and the Warhol Foundation in New
  2. Birth and one deceased, leaving Kurosawa to grow up with three sisters and a, brother , In addition to promoting physical exercise, Isamu Kurosawa was open to western
  3. Home in Philadelphia and is completely dependent on him. He is resentful of his, brother ,'s charity. *Dwight Sanders owns Sanders Aircraft, a producer of high-quality
  4. Barbarossa (" Redbird" ) brother s – Hardin (Hazer) and his older, brother ,RUC Was – who took control of Algiers in the early 16th century and turned it
  5. Is that of Hugh Blair of Morgue, as detailed in a 1747 court case in which his, brother ,successfully petitioned to annul Blair's marriage to gain Blair's inheritance
  6. Andrew Huxley also became outstanding biologists. Aldous had another, brother , Noel Trevelyan (1891–1914),who committed suicide after a period of clinical
  7. With inventing the first practical telephone. Bell's father, grandfather,and, brother ,had all been associated with work on elocution and speech, and both his mother
  8. The two surviving children of Jed Stares; together with their since-deceased, brother ,Eric, they instituted a communistic payment-and-benefits program at Twentieth
  9. The construct state, the nominative is used everywhere, hence " father of ",", brother ,of ". ) **Feminine plural endings in verbs and critic suffixes will often drop
  10. Explosives and still used as a rocket propellant. The Prizes In 1888 Alfred's, brother ,Ludwig died while visiting Cannes and a French newspaper erroneously published
  11. Book, published in German, and had laboriously translated it, he and his older, brother ,Melville built their own automaton head. Their father, highly interested in
  12. And his brother Arum in 1517. After the death of RUC Was in 1518,his, brother ,succeeded him. The Sultan Selim I sent him 6,000 soldiers and 2,000 janissaries
  13. Halo took the 13-year-old Akira to view the devastation. When the younger, brother ,wanted to look away from the human corpses and animal carcasses scattered
  14. Northumbria and Huntington (died 1178) * Ada of Maria, satrap deposed by her, brother ,Dries and restored by Alexander the Great * Ada, sister of Charlemagne, for
  15. Owing to the common conception that Paris was a coward and not the man his, brother ,Hector was, and Achilles remained undefeated on the battlefield. His bones were
  16. To stainless steel). He lives in Philadelphia with his wife Lillian, his, brother , Philip,and his elderly mother, all of whom he supports. Hank Rear den knows
  17. The following year, he attended the University of Edinburgh; joining his older, brother ,Melville who had enrolled there the previous year. In 1868,not long before he
  18. Oxford Poetry and later graduated (B. A.) with first class honors. His, brother ,Julian wrote, I believe his blindness was a blessing in disguise. For one thing
  19. Bell to arrange for the sale of all the family property, conclude all of his, brother ,'s affairs (Bell took over his last student, curing a pronounced lisp),and
  20. Hellebore in Stockholm, killing five people. Among them was Alfred's younger, brother ,Emil. Though Nobel remained unmarried, his biographers note that he had at
  21. Philip Rear den is the younger brother of Hank Rear den. He lives in his, brother ,'s home in Philadelphia and is completely dependent on him. He is resentful of
  22. A Story I Don't Want to Tell. " Only four months later,Kurosawa's eldest, brother ,also died, leaving Akira, at age 23,the only one of the Kurosawa brother s
  23. Deign, whom he does not yet know and whom he blames for what are, in fact, her, brother , 's policies which directly threaten his business. When the government passes
  24. Can. She dotes on her weak son Philip Rear den. *Philip Rear den is the younger, brother ,of Hank Rear den. He lives in his brother 's home in Philadelphia and is
  25. Suicide. Kurosawa has commented on the lasting sense of loss he felt at his, brother ,'s death and the chapter of his autobiography that describes it—written nearly
  26. Served the next year as an instructor at Somerset College, Bath,England, his, brother , 's condition deteriorated. Edward would never recover. Upon his brother 's
  27. Originally buried. Four years later, a doctor of the town named Plato and his, brother ,Antioch us also became celebrated martyrs under Galleries. Herodotus of Ankara is
  28. 1059. When his uncle Suffix died he was succeeded by Suleiman, Alp Arslan's, brother , Alp Asian and his uncle Qualmish both contested this succession. Alp Asian
  29. Sparrow and her husband Thomas. Lucy Hanks married Henry Sparrow, Thomas ', brother , Soon after that, she placed Nancy with her sister, Elizabeth,and Thomas, who
  30. Atlas (Transformers),a Transformers character * Atlas (Castro Boy),the, brother ,and recurring rival of Castro Boy in the Anime and later TV series * In PS 238
  31. Attending the wedding of his daughter by Olympias, Cleopatra,to Olympias's, brother , Alexander I of Virus, Philip was assassinated by the captain of his bodyguard
  32. His brother 's condition deteriorated. Edward would never recover. Upon his, brother ,'s death, Bell returned home in 1867. His older brother Melville had married
  33. Mute" girls who made remarkable progress under his tutelage. While his older, brother ,seemed to achieve success on many fronts including opening his own elocution
  34. Troy three times before Athena, in the form of Hector's favorite and dearest, brother , Deifies, persuaded Hector to stop running and fight Achilles face to face.
  35. The death of Regina (also known as RUA or Riga) in 434 left the sons of his, brother ,Mundane, Attila and Bled (Bud),in control of the united Hun tribes. At the
  36. The zoologist, agnostic and controversial (" Darwin's Bulldog" ). His, brother ,Julian Huxley and half- brother Andrew Huxley also became outstanding biologists
  37. Region. Airways died of a natural cause in 1715 and was succeeded by his, brother ,Abdul Aziz followed by his son Mahmud. In 1722,Mahmud led an Afghan army to
  38. Was invaded by the Persians but was successfully fought off by Fate Khan, brother ,of Dost Mohammad Khan. The Sikhs, under Transit Singh, invaded Afghanistan's
  39. Back, and forced to undergo many interrogations and hardship before he, and his, brother , and various companions were put to death. The remains of the church of St.
  40. Late 1867,his health faltered mainly through exhaustion. His younger, brother , Edward" Ted," was similarly bedridden, suffering from tuberculosis. While
  41. Another major childhood influence was Halo Kurosawa,Akira's older, brother ,by four years. In the aftermath of the Great Kant earthquake of 1923,which
  42. Division of his legacy, specifically which vassal kings would belong to which, brother , As a consequence they were divided, defeated and scattered the following year
  43. In Lambada, east of Delphi, Trophonius, another son of Apollo, killed his, brother ,and fled to the cave where he was also afterwards consulted as an oracle
  44. Vice-President in Charge of Operations for Haggard Transcontinental, under her, brother , James Haggard. However, due to James' incompetence, it is Deign who is
  45. Heir, while Alexander was only half Macedonian. Whom he dropped off with her, brother ,in Dodoma, capital of Virus. He carried on to Elyria, The following year, the
  46. Civil/NP"> War"/> While traditionally American films of the Civil War feature ", brother ,versus brother " themes name "/IN"> google85"/> film treatments of the war are
  47. Never recover. Upon his brother 's death, Bell returned home in 1867. His older, brother ,Melville had married and moved out. With aspirations to obtain a degree at the
  48. Algeria was made part of the Ottoman Empire by Hardin Barbarossa and his, brother ,Arum in 1517. After the death of RUC Was in 1518,his brother succeeded him.
  49. While traditionally American films of the Civil War feature" brother versus, brother ," themes name "/IN"> google85"/> film treatments of the war are evolving to
  50. The oblique form used everywhere. (However, in words like" father" and ", brother ," with special long-vowel case endings in the construct state, the nominative

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