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  1. And economic ills. Swift was especially insulted by projects that tried to, fix ,population and labor issues with a simple cure-all solution. A memorable
  2. Frank Hitchcock and Merle Hopes, had been accused of being offered bribes to, fix ,the game from Alvin Paris. Mayor William O'Dwyer had Jack Mara, Wellington Mara
  3. Becomes −2 or +2 then the subtree is unbalanced and needs to be rotated to, fix ,it. If the rotation leaves the subtree's balance factor at 0 then the
  4. Garments. Death tolls The exact number of victims at Auschwitz is impossible to, fix ,with certainty. Since the Nazis destroyed a number of records, immediate
  5. Did have a problem - the less time you had to think of something brilliant to, fix ,it. They got a little nervous and brought us home a day early, I think, just to
  6. Monopolies over large areas of cotton production and were thus able to, fix ,the prices paid to cultivators in order to assure profits for their
  7. Rights of Woman for the second edition, she took the opportunity not only to, fix ,small spelling and grammar mistakes but also to bolster the feminist claims of
  8. Of her weapons and metahuman restraining devices. He also despairs that he must, fix ,the things that she continuously breaks during her escapades. Allies Enemies
  9. The world. The round sung by the mice (starting with the words" We will, fix ,it ..." ) is to the tune of" Summer is acumen in ", dating from the Middle
  10. To spend our money. Climate change is a 100-year problem — we should not try to, fix ,it in 10 years. " Howard Frail wrote a book entitled The Lomborg Deception
  11. Joseph" Sport" Sullivan, with whom he had had previous dealings, that the, fix ,could be pulled off for $100,000 total (which would be equal to $ today)
  12. Solid compounds. Plants, algae,and many species of bacteria (cyanobacteria), fix , carbon and create their own food by photosynthesis. Photosynthesis uses carbon
  13. Or to support newer hardware, or a ref lashing operation might be needed to, fix ,a damaged BIOS. A BIOS may also be" flashed" by putting the file on the root
  14. Of the Innocents in response to Jesus' birth. Blackburn and Holford-Strevens, fix ,King Herod's death shortly before Passover in 4 BC which is incompatible with
  15. Ink flowed past the tip, leaking or making smears. Many inventors tried to, fix ,these problems, but without commercial success. László Biro, a Hungarian
  16. Image '. A BIOS might be ref lashed in order to upgrade to a newer version to, fix ,bugs or provide improved performance or to support newer hardware, or a
  17. To date. Autodesk even had to work with the compiler developer (Lattice) to, fix ,certain limitations to get AutoCAD to run. AutoCAD LT is a lower
  18. A time when eleven out of thirty-six states were unrepresented and attempted to, fix , by federal law," a perfect equality of the white and black races in every
  19. WD1771 floppy disc controller chip without an external" data separator ". To, fix ,this problem MCP developed a small plugin board which could be plugged into the
  20. Each binary tree. This also does not establish the order of children, but does, fix ,a specific root node. Combinatorics In combinatorics one considers the problem
  21. Built-up static electricity (Atari soldered-down the metal shielding to, fix ,the problem) while the" Atari Drop" appeared to help re-seat chips which may
  22. With respect to change in input. To be concrete, let f be a function, and, fix , a point an in the domain of f. (a, f (a) ) is a point on the graph of the
  23. N't work as hard, so I have come to a conclusion that I must hire surgeons to, fix ,the convicts. " Stabilizing the colony By 1790 the situation had stabilized.
  24. Declarations, etc. and can provide warnings and useful suggestions on how to, fix ,the error. Ada also supports run-time checks to protect against access to
  25. And the software teams at MIT scrambled to find a solution, and determined the, fix ,would involve reprogramming the flight software to ignore the false signal. The
  26. Named John H. Win introduced the" don't pass" betting option in order to, fix ,this problem, and it is this version of craps that still exists today. The game
  27. Such as software crashes; testers and developers previously identify and, fix ,these issues during earlier unit testing, integration testing, and system
  28. Per tree; over their typical 40-year lifetime, one million of these trees will, fix ,0.9 teragrams of carbon dioxide. In Canada, reducing timber harvesting would
  29. Negotiated an agreement with the Amir of Afghanistan, Abdur Rahman Khan, to, fix , the Durand Line running from Chiral to Balochistan as the boundary between the
  30. To get as much legislation written across the country to make it illegal to, fix ,games and then lobbied to do so. As a result, the commissioner's office could
  31. And unchanging, but this type of universe is not consistent with relativity. To, fix ,this, Einstein modified the general theory by introducing a new notion, the
  32. In which the ultimate aim is to produce beauty. However, one might, fix ,on non-psychological goods as the relevant effect. Thus, one might pursue an
  33. Themselves through the negro streets at dawn looking for an angry, fix ,... In October 1955,Ginsberg and five other unknown poets gave a free reading
  34. As a result of felony antitrust charges in the United States for conspiring to, fix ,air cargo prices. In November 2010,British Airways was fined €104 million by
  35. Is above a certain threshold. The precise formalization is as follows. First, fix ,a particular axiomatic system S for the natural numbers. The axiomatic system
  36. Clearly he was not a child. If we accept the date 480 for his birth, we may, fix ,the date of his abandonment of his studies and leaving home at about 500.
  37. Is not much smaller than | s |, the length of s in bits. To make this precise, fix ,a value of n. There are 2^n bit strings of length n. The uniform probability
  38. Which also serves as the phones cellular signal and Wi-Fi antenna. The current, fix ,for this issue was a" Bumper Case" for the phone distributed for free to all
  39. Is that any integer divides almost all binomial coefficients. More precisely, fix ,an integer d and let f (N) denote the number of binomial coefficients \minor
  40. Home a day early, I think, just to make sure we could have some ample time to, fix ,any problems. " There were no problems encountered during the return flight.
  41. Acknowledge that Jimmy is tied up and ready to be killed, but at least tries to, fix ,the moral problems in Mahagonny. He tries to convince them to give up their
  42. Should be resisted. # Emptiness: This stage moves beyond the attempts to, fix , heal and convert of the chaos stage, when all people become capable of
  43. Was originally installed in the Apollo 10 service module, but was removed to, fix ,a potential electromagnetic interference problem. During removal, the shelf was
  44. Series was fix ed. The White Sox lost to the Reds in eight games. Rumors of a, fix ,continued unabated through the campaign, even as the White Sox roared through
  45. Alley's run as Rebecca, she was wooed away from Cheers by the guy who came to, fix ,one of the beer keg taps – surprising for a" high-class" lady – who happened
  46. A near-synonym of 'property '. But these synonyms can at least help us to get a, fix ,on the concept we are talking about. Whenever one talks about the size, color
  47. Naive set theory might be said to be based on this notion. Although Zermelo's, fix ,allows a class to describe arbitrary (possibly" large" ) entities, these
  48. For example, tried to download and install patches from Microsoft's website to, fix ,vulnerabilities in the host system–by exploiting those same vulnerabilities. In
  49. Commercial featuring Steve Case telling people AOL was working day and night to, fix ,the problem was made. Within three years,AOL's user base grew to 10 million
  50. From shorts * The Mixed Men (1952),also published as Mission to the Stars, fix ,up * The Universe Maker (1953) (revised from 1950 story,'The Shadow Men' )

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