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  1. Royalties was an accounting mistake, they were upset that Bianca failed to, inform ,the band of the mistake after he and his co-workers discovered it. Bianca
  2. To urge him to this great enterprise. Some lines of the Roman poet Claudia, inform ,us that he heard a voice proceeding from a sacred grove," Break off all delays
  3. And Financial Committee inform ed about the implementation of the agreements and, inform ,the Committee prior to changes of the parity between the euro and the CFA and
  4. Have any particular targeted audience in mind and intended to simply educate or, inform ,whoever views or plays the game. Development Video game development and
  5. Plan. The coded signal '31 May G. G.2490' was transmitted to the fleet to, inform ,them the Skagerrak attack would start on 31 May. The pre-arranged signal to the
  6. Is a formal reading of a criminal complaint in the presence of the defendant to, inform ,the defendant of the charges against him or her. In response to arraignment
  7. Women ACM-W, the ACM's committee on women in computing, is set up to support, inform , celebrate, and work with women in computing. Dr. Anita Borg was a great
  8. In this case the controller would make no further requests and immediately, inform ,the appropriate authorities. A complete lack of a response would also be taken
  9. Him, were engaged in active opposition to Baha'is, and Shogi Effendi did, inform ,Baha'is that they should avoid contact with the descendants of Aral, writing
  10. Order is topic–focus, meaning that in neutral sentences (such as sentences to, inform ,someone of a fact or event) the topic is stated first, then the focus. In such
  11. COBOL 85. Joseph T. Trophy, CIO,Travelers Insurance, spearheaded an effort to, inform ,users of COBOL of the heavy reprogramming costs of implementing the new
  12. To periodically review the science on dioxin and herbicides used in Vietnam to, inform ,the Secretary of Veterans Affairs about the strength of the scientific evidence
  13. Him, and he comes to respect and admire the producers. He is shot attempting to, inform ,Hank Rear den about a government plot, but does succeed in warning Rear den just
  14. In 1996. 1990–present The experience of having made Spinal Tap would directly, inform ,the second phase of his career. Starting in 1996,Guest began writing
  15. Activities and then concealed them from officials whom they had a duty to, inform ,.: Governmental officials -- including those whose principal duty is to enforce
  16. Copy prepared (the one in the National Archives),and that delegates should, inform ,the secretary of their authority for ratification. On July 9,1778,the
  17. The defendant must have been advised by a competent lawyer who was able to, inform ,the individual that his best decision in the case would be to enter a guilty
  18. Early 2011,American hip-hop artist Kanye West updated his Twitter account to, inform ,followers that he recently added the bassoon to an as-of-yet unnamed song. The
  19. Living around Yard. Hajji Mira Quasi sent a messenger to Batman Mira to, inform ,him of the spuriousness of Hasan Ali Shah's documents and a battle between
  20. Between comparative law and these other legal fields, comparative law helps, inform ,all of these areas of normatively. For example, comparative law can help
  21. A result, it could be argued that there is a moral imperative for an agent to, inform ,himself as much as possible about a situation before judging the appropriate
  22. Hours earlier and were to take effect the following day,to allow time to, inform ,the border guards—however, nobody had inform ed Schabowski. He read the note out
  23. Russia's favor, history diverges; brief summaries at the beginning of the game, inform ,the player of the Communist bloc's complete takeover of Europe by 1953,a
  24. Attended services at Saint Vincent Ferret. His religious views and the way they, inform ,his work have since become a subject of study, and a body of religious-themed
  25. Gather all inform ation in one location (D rounds),solve the problem, and, inform , each node about the solution (D rounds). On the other hand, if the running
  26. Archaeoastronomical claim is right or wrong because the inform ation doesn’t, inform ,the current interpretive questions. " Nonetheless the study of alignments
  27. Clung, in rescuing their victims. Upon returning home, the pilgrim hastened to, inform ,the abbot of Clung, who then set 2 November as a day of intercession on the
  28. Focus groups convene at the conference to serve as a" think tank" to, inform ,practice of community college board of trustees, presidents,and policymakers.
  29. A federation and a second class nationality. " Mexico Cross worked in Aruba to, inform ,and prepare the people of Aruba for independence. In 1976,a committee
  30. The aircraft is not being hijacked, the pilot should not squawk 7500 and should, inform ,the controller accordingly. A pilot under duress may also elect to respond that
  31. Areas in which it performs the classical tasks of diplomacy: represent, inform ,and negotiate. Foreign policy priorities are established by the President.
  32. Was an accounting mistake, but insist that Bianca was wrong in failing to, inform ,the band directly. Details about this issue remain scarce. The band also
  33. Tourist Lauren Faille. The government has been criticized for failing to, inform ,tourists of the crocodile sanctuary and danger, while simultaneously promoting
  34. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series) about Botswana that entertain as well as, inform ,the reader about the culture and customs of Botswana. Music Tswana music is
  35. Vehicle in search of help. Travelers through very remote areas should always, inform ,a reliable person of their route and expected destination arrival time, and
  36. To be done discreetly; if a player is detected while counting, the casino may, inform ,them that they are no longer welcome to play blackjack there, or they may be
  37. Are not independent for Wollstonecraft; rather, she believes that they should, inform ,each other. For Wollstonecraft, as for the important 18th-century philosopher
  38. Amount of booty was collected. Mutant in Paris went to Medina to, inform ,Caliph Abu Bakr about his success and was appointed commander of his people
  39. Online mailing list. An email dated October 18 read:" Although we regret to, inform ,you that Hot Sauce Committee Part 1 will continue to be delayed indefinitely
  40. Queue to guarantee them a hot ticket item, and canvass queued-up shoppers to, inform ,them of inventory limitations. Canada's Boxing Day has often been compared
  41. Taking an over the counter or prescribed medication. Such patients must also, inform ,emergency room personnel and keep inform ation with their identification
  42. Techniques used to promote commercial goods and services can be used to, inform , educate and motivate the public about non-commercial issues, such as HIV/AIDS
  43. Of institutions and organizations which provide community college research to, inform ,practice and policy. For background on U. S. community college libraries, see "
  44. The special attention of the devotee. They are didactic in nature, meant to, inform ,the community about the Buddha's teachings and life through successive births.
  45. Karma replied that he needed to consult his with comrades on this issue and, inform ,Beyond later. However, he never returned and did not serve in Daoud's
  46. Businesses in China) these bodies are described as" creatures of statute" to, inform ,readers of their origins and format although the national governments that
  47. Court adopted Twitter to display items on the day planner of the ministers, to, inform , the daily actions of the Court and the most important decisions made by them.
  48. Of the fetus' father before aborting the fetus, that abortion providers, inform ,patients of the supposed health risks of the procedure, and that multiple
  49. From above. A modified ROM replaced the BASIC interpreter with a boot screen to, inform ,the user to insert a cartridge. It was designed to rival the Nintendo
  50. Fired in anticipation of the book's publication, wrote to branch churches to, inform ,them of the book's history. Many Christian Scientists thought the book

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