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  1. Syria has denied supplying these weapons and views these claims as an Israeli, excuse ,for an attack. Leaked cables from American diplomats suggest that the United
  2. State used the death of Stefan Radio as proof of Serbian hegemony, and as an, excuse ,for their treatment of Serbs, however many leading CPP figures were imprisoned
  3. Stiff by ordinary life and therefore will not abandon it quickly and on any, excuse , While, like Bilbo Baggins, he may be eager for adventure, he is also usually
  4. Invasion of private property, be it ever so minute, is a trespass ... If no, excuse ,can be found or produced, the silence of the books is an authority against the
  5. Rebelled, having both been defeated. However, the communist threat served as an, excuse ,for Vargas to preclude elections launching another coup d'état in 1937
  6. Dual-covenant theology, based on warnings by Jesus to Jews not to use him as an, excuse ,to disregard it, and they support efforts of those such as Messianic Jews (
  7. Of history has a lot of dangerous friends nowadays, to whom it serves as an, excuse ,for not studying history. Just as Marx used to say, commenting on the French "
  8. There are any number of lengthier periphrases for excretion used to, excuse ,oneself from company, such as to powder one's nose, to see a man about a dog (
  9. In 1705,Lobbing Khan of the Hosted used the sixth Dalai Lama's escapades as, excuse ,to take control of Tibet. The regent was murdered, and the Dalai Lama sent to
  10. Defense; some see it as relating to lack of mens rea; others see it as an, excuse , There are different definitions of legal insanity, which is a legal term of
  11. Believe the programs shown to be of great quality, while others see it as an, excuse ,to free up more room for a deluge of property programs or less respectable
  12. The idea of a contract between King and people was advanced to the Pope as an, excuse ,for Bruce's coronation whilst John de Balliol still lived in Papal custody.
  13. Not having been enrolled in the census, that service in the army was a valid, excuse ,for absence. After the censors had received the names of all the citizens with
  14. Property damage caused by climate change has been used as part of a" lawful, excuse ," defense in court. Both The Daily Telegraph and The Guardian described the
  15. Abraham Lincoln and General-in-Chief Henry W. Hillock, who were looking for an, excuse ,to get rid of him, immediately accepted. They replaced Hooker early on the
  16. Evidence of madness. Claudius, now fearing for his life, finds a legitimate, excuse ,to get rid of the prince: he sends Hamlet to England on a diplomatic pretext
  17. Replied that he didn't know anything about it," but that is not a very good, excuse , for my friends tell me it has not deterred me from writing on other subjects.
  18. Killed Room and the top SA leaders using their notorious homosexuality as an, excuse , The SS became an independent organization under the command of the
  19. Stagecraft, and trickery. The desire to be the center of attention, having an, excuse ,to violate their own fear suppressors and the pressure to please are thought to
  20. The values one holds. This entails that a reference to common values doesn't, excuse ,the individual's actions: Even though these are the values of the society the
  21. Of 1733 the French army was ready for war: all that was needed was the, excuse , War of the Polish Succession In 1733 the Polish King and Elector of Saxony
  22. 22 press release, Human Rights Watch condemned Hamas, stating:" There is no, excuse ,for calling civilians to the scene of a planned attack. Whether the home
  23. Augustus had performed the same games less than a century prior. Augustus ', excuse ,was that the interval for the games was 110 years, not 100,but his date
  24. Either inventing his own reason for being interested in the case or a family, excuse ,for pursuing a line of questioning.:" To this day Harold is not quite sure
  25. The same page to represent different eggs or embryos. In 1891 Hacker made the, excuse ,that this" extremely rash foolishness" had occurred in undue haste but was "
  26. Stein Gareth (aka 'Eponymous' ). Ohlin's suicide note read" Please, excuse ,all the blood" and included an apology for firing the weapon indoors. Before
  27. Eats the food made for the party. Lin arrives at Agnes's house, mainly as an, excuse ,to avoid going to a different party, where there will be a boy (Johan) (
  28. Excuse me; can be used sarcastically (depends on the tone); excuse LE mot!:, excuse ,the word!; if a certain word has negative connotations (for example, a
  29. Militarily before it could incite a revolt; using the assassination as an, excuse , they presented a list of ten demands called the July Ultimatum
  30. Election schedules in 2010; the move was seen by the opposition as an, excuse ,to extend Mugabe's term as president until 2010. Morgan Tsvangirai was badly
  31. 14 Forces stated in response that Hezbollah was simply looking for another, excuse ,to hold on to its arms. Lebanese MP Antoine Zara said that the issue is
  32. Charter rather than more recent Hamas statements may be using the Charter as an, excuse ,to ignore Hamas. Mohammed Niger of American University comments on the Charter
  33. Behind him by attacking the British. Using the civil unrest in India as an, excuse ,to move troops to the Durand Line, Afghan troops crossed the border at the
  34. French for" study. "; étui: small ornamental case for needles or cosmetics;:, excuse ,me; can be used sarcastically (depends on the tone); excuse LE mot!: excuse
  35. Songs: According to the grammarian Athens, Alcaeus made every occasion an, excuse ,for drinking, and he has provided posterity several quotes in proof of it.
  36. Of the Ninth Symphony by Furtwangler was brought forward as the perfect, excuse ,for the change. Use as anthem During the division of Germany in the Cold War
  37. Nazi Germany mounts a staged attack on the Gleiwitz radio station, creating an, excuse ,to attack Poland the following day thus starting World War II in Europe. *1940
  38. To engineer an Israeli attack on Egypt that would give Britain and France an, excuse ,to intervene militarily and retake the canal. Eden infuriated his US
  39. Expressly stated, so that the writer of the supplement to Tertullian had some, excuse ,for confusing him with" the Supreme God. " As an Eon With the availability of
  40. Doctrine, other than those of the universal church; accusing this of being an, excuse ,not to undertake systematic doctrine at all. Contrariwise, Sykes notes a high
  41. In spades … The terrified woman later 'wins' by killing Tarantino, but that, excuse ,does not rescue this at all. I wrote every note of that song and this is not
  42. And that it was being driven in excess of the proper speed without any lawful, excuse , Example One example is compensation arising out of a road accident. In reality
  43. About history. To their great annoyance, the materialist outlook was used as an, excuse ,for not studying history. In the 1872 Preface to the French edition of Was
  44. 1992,with help from the UN Office of Electoral Affairs. After using the, excuse ,of alleged irregularities to suspend the results of the elections as a pretext
  45. S5 Criminal Damage Act 1971 it may be argued that the defendant has a lawful, excuse ,to damaging property during the defense and a defense under s3 Criminal Law Act
  46. Bacon replied that he had nothing against the Popes, that he merely" wanted an, excuse ,to use these colors, and you can't give ordinary clothes that purple color
  47. Of taste given the demand for children's books. He concluded that" the only, excuse ,which I have yet discovered for writing anything is that I want to write it;
  48. Then the Goths had waged, using Justa's letter as his sole" legitimate ", excuse , Depictions in popular culture * Galley Placid is represented in the BBC's
  49. Poet was confused, or invented the addition of the necklace to give him an, excuse ,to drag in a mention of Organic. In any case, the necklace given to Beowulf
  50. Ordered the closure of the Sale DES Eats where the Assembly met, making an, excuse ,that the carpenters needed to prepare the hall for a royal speech in two days.

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