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  1. Petitio and called the axioms notions communes but in later manuscripts this, usage ,was not always strictly kept. Historical development Early Greeks The
  2. Arabic fashion, with units and tens reversed from the modern English, usage , For example,24 is said" four and twenty" just like in the German language (
  3. Where a non-linear isomer exists. Although this is not strictly necessary,the, usage ,is still common in cases where there is an important difference in properties
  4. Births and stillbirths are generally not considered to be miscarriages although, usage ,of these terms can sometimes overlap. Only 30 to 50 % of conceptions progress
  5. Acquired pejorative connotations. This marked a full circle shift in, usage , from an era just decades earlier when" Jew" was used as a pejorative term.
  6. Mark which was published in 1638. The government of Malaysia in 2007 outlawed, usage ,of the term Allah in any other but Muslim contexts, but the High Court in 2009
  7. Also offers detailed information about the emissions, materials,and electrical, usage ,of each product. In June 2009,Apple's iPhone 3GS was free of PVC, arsenic
  8. And analyzes its component parts: theory, sounds and their meaning, utterance, usage , word origins, the history of words, the meaning of words and word combinations
  9. Century BC. Achaemenid's administration of Bactria and Indiana. Its widespread, usage ,led to the gradual adoption of the Aramaic alphabet for writing the Hebrew
  10. The Civil War was a significant force in the eventual dominance of the singular, usage ,by the end of the nineteenth century. In recent years, historians have stressed
  11. By an is the operation a: G → G given by a (g) = aga−1 (or a−1ga;, usage ,varies). One can easily check that conjugation by an is a group automorphism.
  12. Systems of Central and East Asia. This is primarily due to the widespread, usage ,of the Aramaic language as both a lingua franca and the official language of
  13. At the cost of increased ambiguity. The first ahead to gain widespread, usage ,was the Phoenician ahead. Unlike other contemporary scripts, such as Cuneiform
  14. For more than four centuries, the contemporary controversy was triggered by, usage ,of Allah by the Roman Catholic newspaper The Herald. The government has in turn
  15. The terms Asphalt or Bitumen should be confused with tar or coal tars. Modern, usage ,In British English, the word 'asphalt' is used to refer to a mixture of
  16. His personal tutor, teaching him more about ceremonial magic and the ritual, usage ,of drugs. However, in 1900,Bennett left for Ceylon (modern Sri Lanka) to
  17. Complexity of verb formation that they induce. (Note, however,that their, usage ,in constructing vocabulary is somewhat different, since the same root can be
  18. Turks in 1073,the city became known in many European languages as Angora,a, usage ,which continued until its official renaming to" Ankara" under the Turkish
  19. As noted on the label is the staining of the teeth will occur for prolong, usage , Compounding Custom mouthwashes, called " magic mouthwash" may be prescribed
  20. In English. The current Arabic name for alcohol is, re-introduced from western, usage , Was the name given to the very fine powder, produced by the sublimation of the
  21. Costs upon society through pesticides, nutrient runoff, excessive water, usage , and assorted other problems. A 2000 assessment of agriculture in the UK
  22. Definition of algorithm that suits both concrete (in some sense) and abstract, usage ,of the term. Formalization Algorithms are essential to the way computers
  23. The word from Spanish in the early 18th century. In more modern English, usage , the term" adobe" has come to include a style of architecture popular in the
  24. Equal" ) has to be well established first, or a purely formal and syntactical, usage ,of the symbol =\, has to be enforced, only regarding it as a string and only a
  25. Week as November every year. Other names * In Arabic, the month is called or;, usage ,varies from place to place and person to person. * In Bosnian, the month is
  26. Greek *ἀρχιπέλαγος) was the proper name for the Aegean Sea and, later, usage , shifted to refer to the Aegean Islands (since the sea is remarkable for its
  27. The India scripts in 1997 by William Bright, following South Asian linguistic, usage , to convey the idea that" they share features of both alphabet and syllabify "
  28. Was in use in all shops and markets throughout the former Soviet Union, and the, usage ,of it was taught in most schools until the 1990s. Even the 1874 invention of
  29. Modulation (DSB-AM). Amplitude modulation is inefficient in terms of power, usage , At least two-thirds of the power is concentrated in the carrier signal, which
  30. It, to animate and encourage them. The term when adopted into ecclesiastical, usage ,retained much of its original significance. An allocation of the Pope often
  31. By these missions, other synonyms for astronaut have entered occasional English, usage , For example, the term stationary (French spelling: spationaute) is sometimes
  32. To switch to other herbicides. Some studies also link widespread glyphosate, usage ,to iron deficiencies in some crops, which is both a crop production and a
  33. Austrian and German varieties differ in minor respects (e.g., spelling,word, usage ,and grammar) but are recognizably equivalent and largely mutually intelligible
  34. Include bigotry against other Semitic-language peoples such as Arabs, but such, usage ,is not widely accepted. Both terms anti-Semitism and antisemitism are in common
  35. Its being a former Portuguese colony. The indigenous languages with the largest, usage ,are Ubuntu, Kimbundu, and Kimono, in that order. Portuguese is the official
  36. Dick in his novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, has seen some further, usage , such as within the TV series Total Recall 2070. Projects Japan The Intelligent
  37. Can be attributed to the Jewish religion and/or ethnicity. " Evolution of, usage ,as a term In 1879,Wilhelm Mary founded the Antisemiten-Liga (Antisemitic
  38. Higher but vary widely depending on transportation costs, seasonal, usage , peaks,nearby petroleum development infrastructure and many other factors.
  39. Are now common place consumer items and inexpensive intelligent toys. In common, usage , the term" AI" no longer seems to apply to off-the-shelf solved
  40. Or concept has an inherently diffuse meaning based on widespread or informal, usage , This is often the case, for example, with idiomatic expressions whose
  41. May be classified by different criteria, such as lift type, propulsion, usage , and others. History Flying model craft and stories of manned flight go back
  42. There are many official terms that differ in Austrian German from their, usage ,in most parts of Germany. These include Manner (January) rather than January
  43. To 30 hours (MP2100 with two 20 MB Linear Flash memory PC Cards, no backlight, usage ,) and up to 24 hours with backlight on. While adding more weight to the
  44. Inherent ambiguity of many control characters, combined with their historical, usage , created problems when transferring" plain text" files between systems. The
  45. But this term has fallen into disuse. " Jap animation" saw the most, usage ,during the 1970s and 1980s,but the term" anime" supplanted it in the
  46. Throughout the 19th century by most U. S. chemists was aluminum, but common, usage ,is less clear. The aluminum spelling is used in the Webster's Dictionary of
  47. In his 1766 Alchemical Catechism, Théodore Henri de Tschudi denotes that the, usage ,of the metals was a symbol: During the renaissance, alchemy broke into more
  48. Jew-hatred" ), and that has been its normal use since then. Etymology and, usage ,Usage Despite the use of the prefix anti-, the terms Semitic and anti-Semitic
  49. Watch anime? "," How much anime have you collected? "). However, in casual, usage ,the word also appears as a count noun. Anime can also be used as a supportive
  50. Or syllabify to refer to the family of scripts called West Semitic. In popular, usage , beads often contain the word" alphabet" in their names, such as" Arabic

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