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  1. And packaging offered in the sale rather than the computer itself; namely (and, amongst ,others) the original packaging (with the return label showing Steve Jobs '
  2. An etiological myth explaining how Athens acquired this name was well known, amongst ,ancient Athenians and even became the theme of the sculpture on the West
  3. One in which humanity transforms itself into a benevolent super-species that, amongst ,other achievements, creates time travel to ensure its own existence. This can
  4. She is not herself from the aristocracy or landed gentry, but is quite at home, amongst ,them; Miss Marple would probably have been happy to describe herself as a
  5. Scotland) Act 1967 which provides that it is an offense for a person to, amongst ,other things, assault a constable in the execution of his duty or a person
  6. Named Atman and But. The numerous notes that he made during these years, amongst ,others on aging, were published posthumously under the title Sen ilia.
  7. And who has responsibility for a child or young person under that age, to, amongst , other things, wilfully assault that child or young person, or to cause or
  8. And destroyed by British customs. Crowley's magical and initiatory system has, amongst ,its innermost reaches a set of teachings on sex magic. Sex magic is the use
  9. Greeks to publish a written document on nature. " Therefore his texts would be, amongst ,the earliest written in prose, at least in the Western world. By the time of
  10. With violence: Section 2 of the Piracy Act 1837 provides that it is an offense, amongst ,other things, for a person, with intent to commit or at the time of or
  11. Imperial inheritance would have provoked resistance and hostility, amongst ,the republican-minded Romans fearful of monarchy. In regard to the
  12. Master of that school where he counted Ximenes and arguably, Pythagoras, amongst , his pupils. Little of his life and work is known today. According to available
  13. Seats in the National Assembly are assigned on a party-list basis, amongst ,those parties that receive at least 5 % of the total of the number of the votes
  14. Each Imam chooses his successor at his absolute and unfettered discretion from, amongst ,any of his descendants, whether they be sons or remote male issue and in these
  15. Assemblers since late 1950s for IBM 700 series and since 1960s for IBM/360, amongst , other machines) * Object-oriented programming features such as classes
  16. Maltenes as the continuous phase (though there is some disagreement, amongst ,chemists regarding its structure). One writer states that although a "
  17. In the late 12th-century Church of Wales::" for a bad custom has prevailed, amongst ,the clergy, of appointing the most powerful people of a parish stewards, or
  18. And to perform live on the most popular TV show in Sweden. This TV performance, amongst ,many others, is included in the 3½ hour documentary Frida - The DVD. Gangsta
  19. Of those who join which they were able to peaceably acquire would be shared, amongst ,all who joined, etc.) would, under anarcho-capitalism, enjoy the freedom to do
  20. After his death at Babylon in 323 BC and the subsequent division of his empire, amongst ,his generals, Ankara and its environs fell into the share of Antigens. Another
  21. Scripting language available in a standard Unix environment. It is also present, amongst ,the commands required by the Linux Standard Base specification. Implementations
  22. Tradition has maintained the elements of national distinction which are, amongst ,the marks of the true universal church, but which have been lost within Roman
  23. City, no Julius Caesar assassination, a different outcome of Aaron Burr's duel, amongst ,other stories. All episodes have been preserved. The idea of an alternate
  24. Communities such as India and Malaysia. Sikhism is found in Northern India and, amongst ,overseas Indian communities in other parts of Asia, especially Southeast Asia.
  25. Of months. Expelled American anarchists Emma Goldman and Alexander Bergman were, amongst ,those agitating in response to Bolshevik policy and the suppression of the
  26. System. Keating also proposed a GST in 1985,however due to its unpopularity, amongst ,Labor as well as the electorate, was not adopted. The party also refrained from
  27. Rates Alberta as the freest economy in Canada, and the second-freest economy, amongst ,U. S. states and Canadian provinces. Industry Alberta is the largest producer
  28. Of the region, a collection of statues and monuments, park areas, cemeteries, amongst , others. The area's industrial history is reflected in dozens of 19th- and
  29. Act 1998 (c.32) which now provides that it is an offense for a person to, amongst ,other things, assault a constable in the execution of his duty, or a person
  30. Agamemnon to return her to him. Agamemnon refused and Apollo sent a plague, amongst ,the Greeks. The prophet Catches correctly determined the source of the troubles
  31. At a distance. The observant visitor will notice green birds flying around, amongst ,the pigeons and sparrows. These are monk parakeets that have become a common
  32. Disturbances throughout the Empire in his time, in Mauritania, Iudaea, and, amongst , the Brig antes in Britannia, none of them are considered serious. It was however
  33. In the city included Walter Gropius, with his design for the US Embassy, and, amongst , others,Hero Saarinen, in his postwar design for the east terminal of the
  34. And Excise Management Act 1979 (c.2) provided that it was an offense to, amongst ,other things, assault any person duly engaged in the performance of any duty or
  35. Conscious consumer ". The Environmental Protection Agency rates Apple highest, amongst ,producers of notebook computers, and fairly well compared to producers of
  36. Issued an edict against alchemy, and the Cistercians banned the practice, amongst ,their members, which effectively removed all church personnel from the practice
  37. In relation to popular music in the mid- to late 1950s that was popular, amongst ,the nuclear disarmament and antiwar protester subculture. Folk rock songs like
  38. Poet ". Legacy and influence Crowley has remained an influential figure, both, amongst , occultists and in popular culture, particularly that of Britain, but also of
  39. Hot spots" of MND in the world. One is in the Kit peninsula of Japan, one, amongst , a tribal population in Papua New Guinea. Chamorro inhabitants from the island
  40. At Khyber Pass Copy). It is widely used by tribes in Africa like the Hammer, amongst ,others. The World Bank estimates that out of the 500 million total firearms
  41. Crowley devised a special ritual of thanksgiving. Believing that he was now, amongst ,the highest level of spiritual adepts, Crowley began to think about founding
  42. Following the two Russo-Persian Wars. The area to the North of the river Arab, amongst ,which the territory of the contemporary republic of Azerbaijan were Iranian
  43. Anthropology draw on one or more of these domains. Anthropology as it emerged, amongst ,the Western colonial powers (mentioned above) has generally taken a different
  44. Clearly defined part of Anglican theology. The group rapidly gained popularity, amongst ,Anglican intellectuals, including Vera Britain, Evelyn Under hill and former
  45. Is thousands of years in the future, and Abraham is the predominant religion, amongst ,humans, synonymous with God. In the play Les Touches (the flies) by Sartre,"
  46. The Ames Straw Poll, which gauges support for the various Republican candidates, amongst ,attendees of a fundraising dinner benefiting the Iowa Republican Party. The
  47. The Archbishop is, therefore,recognized as primus inter pares, or first, amongst ,equals even though he does not exercise any direct authority in any province
  48. President, a largely honorary position, but since 2003 the position has rotated, amongst ,a presidential team of three, directly elected by the party's individual
  49. Stress of slavery may also have played a part in the massive number of deaths, amongst ,enslaved natives. Others believe that the reportedly abundant, but starchy
  50. Allah (as a deity) differ among religious traditions. In pre-Islamic Arabia, amongst ,pagan Arabs, Allah was not considered the sole divinity, having associates and

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