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  1. Magazine Iskusstvo King was devoted to Tchaikovsky. In their obituaries, the film, committee ,of the Council of Ministers of the USSR and the Union of Soviet Film Makers
  2. The Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1945. According to the rules of the Nobel, committee ,a maximum of three people may share the prize. Fleming's Nobel Prize medal was
  3. Committee begins investigations of Americans who have aided the View Cong. The, committee ,intends to introduce legislation making these activities illegal. Anti-war
  4. Refer to an employment agency, labor organization, or joint labor-management, committee , and is generally an employer engaged in interstate commerce and having 15 or
  5. Of Independence, the Second Continental Congress resolved to appoint a, committee ,of 13 to prepare a draft of a constitution for a union of the states. The final
  6. Could be held only once in a lifetime. The Boyle also served as an executive, committee ,for the assembly, and oversaw the activities of certain other magistrates. The
  7. For Information Interchange (ASCII) was developed under the auspices of a, committee ,of the American Standards Association, called the X3 committee , by its X3.2 (
  8. In Aruba to inform and prepare the people of Aruba for independence. In 1976,a, committee ,appointed by Cross introduced the national flag and anthem as the symbols of
  9. Charles H. Percy jointly wrote an" Additional Views" section appended to the, committee ,report, expressing a bit more strongly that the Phillips review should have
  10. Charles Grad dick. The state Democratic Party is five-member election contest, committee ,invalidated the primary election result claiming that thousands of Republicans
  11. Of Independence, drafted largely by Thomas Jefferson and presented by the, committee , was slightly revised and unanimously adopted by the entire Congress on July 4
  12. For not bringing this or other serious situations to the attention of the, committee , " Freshman Senators Edward Brooke and Charles H. Percy jointly wrote an "
  13. Which hosts the famous ATP Tournament once a year. Awards Since 1950,a, committee ,of Aachen citizens annually awards the Karlspreis (German for ‘ Charlemagne
  14. Discounted in studies of the question. Seaman's' establishment of the Gloving, committee ,in July 1961 represented a turning point in NASA's mission mode decision.
  15. To the national government. On June 12, 1776,a day after appointing a, committee ,to prepare a draft of the Declaration of Independence, the Second Continental
  16. Had included in The Malay Archipelago. Mill asked him to join the general, committee ,of his Land Tenure Reform Association, but the association dissolved after Mill
  17. Pascal. Algol-W was intended to be the next generation ALGOL but the ALGOL 68, committee , decided on a design that was more complex and advanced rather than a cleaned
  18. Code typically makes a long part of the transmission unreadable. The standards, committee ,decided against shifting, and so ASCII required at least a seven-bit code. The
  19. Of governmental advisory boards, known as Shanghai/審議会 in Japanese. One such, committee ,operated in the late 1990s,and its work resulted in the 1997 Ainu Culture Law.
  20. Recognized that the mode decision was an important part of this question. The, committee ,recommended in favor of a hybrid COLOR mode, but its consideration of FOR —
  21. Himself leader and makes changes. Meetings will no longer be held; instead,a, committee ,of pigs will run the farm. Using a young pig named Squealer as a mouthpiece
  22. Represented a turning point in NASA's mission mode decision. While the ad-hoc, committee ,was intended to provide a recommendation on the boosters to be used in the
  23. The committee believes it should have been informed of the situation. The, committee ,does not object to the position of the Administrator of NASA, that all details
  24. But by the fact of his having deliberately and against the whole voice of the, committee ,of his section of the British Association, brought about a discussion of on
  25. Of the Book in written format. After initial hesitation, Abu Bakr made a, committee ,headed by AYD in Habit which included the memorizers of the Qur'an and Umar
  26. On Eugenics, under the auspices of the American Breeders Association. The, committee ,unequivocally extended the principle to man. From 1912 until 1918 he was the
  27. No deputy older than 40. Over these departments was a central planning, committee ,headed by Speer, which took increasing responsibility for war production, and
  28. Volunteering information which led to the disclosure of Phillips' memo. The, committee ,noted in its final report NASA's testimony that" the findings of the Phillips
  29. Auspices of a committee of the American Standards Association, called the X3, committee , by its X3.2 (later X3L2) sub committee , and later by that sub committee 's
  30. Acolytes. In 1952,he was brought before a United States Senate investigative, committee , Martin Gardner devoted an entire chapter of Fads and Fallacies in the Name of
  31. Field, and early EBCDIC, more than 64 codes were required for ASCII. The, committee ,debated the possibility of a shift key function (like the Ballot code),which
  32. Many special signs commonly-used as separators were placed before digits. The, committee ,decided it was important to support upper case 64-character alphabets, and
  33. For the parentheses. The @ symbol was not used in continental Europe and the, committee ,expected it would be replaced by an accented À in the French variation, so the
  34. Of the 13 was excellent. " Both John Backus and Peter Nair served on the, committee ,which created ALGOL 60 as did Wally Furze, who later created Logo. ALGOL 60
  35. To propose independence, and he did so on June 7,1776. On the 11th a, committee ,was created to draft a document explaining the justifications for separation
  36. Is generally considered the first). History ALGOL was developed jointly by a, committee ,of European and American computer scientists in a meeting in 1958 at ETH Zurich
  37. With foreign governments. Drafting The Second Continental Congress appointed a, committee ,to draft the Articles in June 1776 and sent the draft to the states for
  38. Decided against shifting, and so ASCII required at least a seven-bit code. The, committee ,considered an eight-bit code, since eight bits (octets) would allow two
  39. Texts in the possession of various Sahara, Zayd in Habit and members of his, committee ,verified the reading by comparing with those who had memorized the Qur'an.
  40. Close this initiative. After carrying out a routine review, the faculty review, committee ,said that the initiative had not met its research and teaching standards.
  41. First occurred in the fall of 1867. On November 21, 1867,the House Judiciary, committee ,produced a bill of impeachment that consisted of a vast collection of
  42. Cinema who had died in the preceding 12 months, a selection compiled by a small, committee ,of Academy members. This segment has drawn criticism over the years for the
  43. Missions of Paris" who was looking for a medical doctor. However,the, committee ,of this French Missionary Society was not ready to accept his offer
  44. Character matching and the construction of keyboards and printers. The X3, committee , made other changes, including other new characters (the brace and vertical
  45. The contractor later made significant progress in overcoming the problems,the, committee ,believes it should have been informed of the situation. The committee does not
  46. Is now the Gabon, in Africa (then a French colony). He refused to attend a, committee ,to inquire into his doctrine, but met each committee member personally and was
  47. Two are occasionally retronamed ANSI X3.4-1967,and ANSI X3.4-1968). The X3, committee , also addressed how ASCII should be transmitted (the least significant bit first)
  48. Require all data transmission to send eight bits when seven could suffice. The, committee ,voted to use a seven-bit code to minimize costs associated with data
  49. He refused to attend a committee to inquire into his doctrine, but met each, committee ,member personally and was at last accepted. By concerts and other fund-raising
  50. In the region to 68. Artur Aghabekian, chairman of the Armenian parliament's, committee ,on defense and security, cited the need to double the forces to help Kosovo

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