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  1. Restricted from saving seed for subsequent plantings, which forces farmers to, buy ,new seed every year. Since seed saving is a traditional practice for many
  2. Also be purchased with Advantage miles. As of December 2010,passengers can, buy ,a 24-hour pass for $59. Flagship Lounge Though affiliated with the Admirals
  3. Independent yeoman farmers and not be bought out by rich slave owners who would, buy ,up the best land and work it with slaves, forcing the white farmers onto
  4. Insurance commitments. On July 12, 2010,Aon announced that it has agreed to, buy ,Lincolnshire, Illinois,based Hewitt Associates for $4.9 billion in cash and
  5. Type of advertising is unpredictable and innovative, which causes consumers to, buy ,the product or idea. This reflects an increasing trend of interactive and "
  6. Commodore and Amiga Having heard rumors that Trammel was negotiating to, buy ,Atari, Amiga Corp. entered in to discussions with Commodore. The discussions
  7. Act into law in 1830. The Act authorized the President to negotiate treaties to, buy ,tribal lands in the east in exchange for lands further west, outside of
  8. A business market for the Apple II, and gave home users an additional reason to, buy ,an Apple II—compatibility with the office. By the end of the 1970s,Apple had a
  9. Senior management of Atari, Warner had been in talks with Travel Technology to, buy ,Atari's Consumer electronics and Home Computer divisions. Negotiating up until
  10. Secretly added funds. Each country spent one million" lives tourists" to, buy ,munitions. A dummy corporation run by Pierre Beaumarchais concealed their
  11. The NYSE and its corresponding futures contract on OCX are out of sync, one can, buy ,the less expensive one and sell it to the more expensive market. Because the
  12. Is the process of reaching the target market and convincing them to go out and, buy ,the product. Advertising theory *Hierarchy of effects models It clarifies the
  13. For AGP card owners who want a new motherboard but do not want to be forced to, buy ,a PCIe graphics card as well (most new motherboards do not provide AGP slots
  14. Hunt, son and heir of Texas millionaire oilman H. L. Hunt. Hunt offered to, buy ,the Cardinals and move them to Dallas, Texas,where he had grown up. While Hunt
  15. Along with the Indian-made helicopter HAL Drug. In 2004,India agreed to, buy ,the Admiral Gershon from Russia for US$1.5 billion. It is named INS
  16. That the book was incomprehensible, and it was unlikely that anyone would ever, buy ,a copy. In a fit of temper Arthur Schopenhauer told her that his work would be
  17. Three days of access to the PARC facilities in return for the option to, buy ,100,000 shares (800,000 split-adjusted shares) of Apple at the pre-IPO price
  18. Hahn was able to concentrate americium from smoke detectors after managing to, buy ,a hundred of them at remainder prices and also stealing a few. There have been
  19. Where local legislature allows such purchases, international investors, buy ,thousands of hectares of farmland or raw land at prices of a few hundred US$
  20. On a pontoon bridge. Initially on the advice of his mother, he attempted to, buy ,the German tribes off,to gain time. Whether this was a wise policy or
  21. James A. Barrel, who had refused to pay the balance on his pledge to, buy ,shares in the railroad on the grounds that the company had changed its original
  22. And distribution. On March 6,2008,InnoGames made an offer to Atari Inc. to, buy ,out all remaining public shares for a value of $1.68 per share, or $11 million
  23. fæɪʔ. *The vowel in" high" may be ɑɪ for those with the Broad accent, so ", buy ," might sound like" boy" in the foreign ear. This is a direct influence from
  24. Can’t sell themselves but, are told over and over again, they need to, buy ,in order to succeed. " It was also revealed that an Amway recruiter featured in
  25. Of Any. The former tells the story of a noble who is robbed on his way to, buy ,cedar from Lebanon and of his struggle to return to Egypt. From about 700 BC
  26. Greatly enhancing the machine's salability and perceived value (no need to, buy ,a prohibitively expensive, even if exceptionally crisp and clear, monitor ).
  27. Of everything the tourists desired, especially love. In the end, nobody could, buy ,true happiness; Alaska Wolf Joe and Jacob Schmidt died, the city is burning
  28. In half a century. In return, Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika agreed to, buy ,$7.5 billion worth of combat planes, air-defense systems and other arms from
  29. Production, purchase and requisition; in one letter, a request for money to, buy ,5,000 mod ii (measures) of braces (a cereal used in brewing) shows that the
  30. As, within a few days, three other major Japanese studios also offered to, buy ,the rights. Too prevailed, and Kurosawa began pre-production on his debut work
  31. S main character Pseudos. A slave belonging to Hero, Pseudolus wishes to, buy , win, or steal his freedom. One of the neighboring houses is owned by Marcus
  32. To another famous American fan, Steven Spielberg, who convinced Warner Bros. to, buy ,the international rights to the completed film. This made it easier for
  33. Arbitrage tends to reduce price discrimination by encouraging people to, buy ,an item where the price is low and resell it where the price is high, as long
  34. The Caribbean (including the Dominican Republic),American Airlines offers a, buy ,on board program offering sandwiches and snacks for purchase. Flights two hours
  35. Sundae ". * Fashion: Warhol is quoted for having said:" I'd rather, buy ,a dress and put it up on the wall, than put a painting,wouldn't you? " One of
  36. Of some sort in exchange, so it is often to the advantage of the consumer to, buy ,the most efficient thermostat possible. Equipment capacity Air conditioner
  37. Carnegie offered to donate $20 million USD to the Philippines, so they could, buy ,their independence. *Carnegie, Pennsylvania,and Carnegie, Oklahoma,were named
  38. Interchangeably, remarks that, for example, the final glides of English par and, buy ,differ from French par ('through' ) and Braille ('tub' ) in that, in the
  39. In greater quantities and raise wages to workers. To this end, he needed to, buy ,out Carnegie and several other major producers and integrate them into one
  40. Assets. When a significant enough premium appears, an arbitrageur will, buy ,the underlying securities, convert them to shares in the ETF, and sell them in
  41. A market and build a harbor. King John of England gave the Abbey permission to, buy ,and sell goods anywhere in England (except London) toll-free. The Abbey
  42. Communications for an estimated $28 – $32 million, using part of the money to, buy ,the Folgers Mansion. Nolan continued to have disagreements with Warner
  43. The Dharma Bums, describing how change was collected from audience members to, buy ,jugs of wine, and Ginsberg reading passionately, drunken,with arms
  44. Nothing, God then lets Jimmy have his say. Jimmy realizes that money did not, buy ,him happiness or freedom, and he has learned his lesson. However, God does not
  45. Financially struggling Japan Airlines. AMR is not the only company planning to, buy ,a stake in the airline: rival Delta Air Lines is also looking into investing in
  46. And he made three trips to the library a week. He would save his money to, buy ,books (his personal library exceeded 12,000 later on in life). Some of his
  47. Offered $20 million USD to the Philippines so that the Filipino people could, buy ,their independence from the United States. However, nothing came of this
  48. Of colloquial AME also have a separate past participle, for example," to, buy ,": past tense bought spawns bough ten. Such formations are highly irregular from
  49. The tax on spirits. There is the concern this tax will encourage consumers to, buy ,straight spirits and mix the drinks themselves, possibly resulting in drinks
  50. Jammy and Kashmir, wanted Jammy and Kashmir to remain independent. In order to, buy ,some time, he signed a stand-still agreement, which sidestepped the agreement

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