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  1. The living chimpanzee as a behavioral model for the ancestral hominid, condition , " The fossil sheds light on a stage of human evolution about which little was
  2. The urn as a trophy and allowed to retain it until the next series. As its, condition ,is fragile, and it is a prized exhibit at the MCC Cricket Museum, the MCC were
  3. It asks a number of questions relating to the nature of destiny and the human, condition , The characters in the book, ranging from doctors to vacationers to fugitives
  4. And with obviously dyed hair. Death Poirot dies from complications of a heart, condition ,at the end of Curtain: Poirot's Last Case, where he moves his Amy nitrite
  5. Enlarged. This entailed a significant increase in jobs for Africans, under the, condition ,that they spoke Portuguese. As a consequence of all this, the African“ lower
  6. Century England. " If one regards the Modest Proposal simply as a criticism of, condition , about all one can say is that condition s were bad and that Swift's irony
  7. The loss of Symbiodinium from the host is known as coral bleaching,a, condition ,which unless corrected leads to the deterioration and loss of the reef. Sea
  8. Be prescribed to patients with a documented allergy to penicillin. (If the, condition ,is thought to be cellulitis rather than abscess, consideration should be given
  9. Next year as an instructor at Somerset College, Bath,England, his brother's, condition ,deteriorated. Edward would never recover. Upon his brother's death, Bell
  10. Is constant for all treatments. Therefore, by contraposition, a necessary, condition ,for unit-treatment additivity is that the variance is constant. The property of
  11. Aggression are typically high. Researchers in a 2009 study said that this, condition ," compromises the living chimpanzee as a behavioral model for the ancestral
  12. Theory is that he succumbed to internal bleeding after heavy drinking or a, condition ,called esophageal varices, where dilated veins in the lower part of the
  13. Is one that invokes (makes reference to) itself repeatedly until a certain, condition ,matches, which is a method common to functional programming. Iterative
  14. Pesticides select for pesticide resistance in the pest population, leading to a, condition ,termed the 'pesticide treadmill' in which pest resistance warrants the
  15. Or a benign tumor),compared to those who have a neurological degenerative, condition , A review of the management of degenerative ataxia was published in 2009. The
  16. Per person in the South dropped to less than 40 % than that of the North,a, condition ,which lasted until well into the 20th century. Southern influence in the US
  17. Statements 1 and 2 are true. Since P was never asserted as the only sufficient, condition ,for Q, other factors could account for Q (while P was false). The name
  18. Him) and Mizoguchi. Tchaikovsky absorbed the idea of the auteur as a necessary, condition ,for creativity. Tarkovsky's teacher and mentor was Mikhail Room, who taught
  19. On a small-complete category which satisfies the appropriate solution set, condition ,has a left-adjoint (the Fred adjoint functor theorem). Weaker forms There
  20. By the angels directly into heaven. As for the rest, we must remain in this, condition ,of waiting. Because some have a prevision of the glory to come and others
  21. Have controlled me. Now, at the end of three years struggle the nation's, condition ,is not what either party, or any man devised, or expected. God alone can claim
  22. Effects of abortion have been referred to by pro-life advocates as a separate, condition ,called" post-abortion syndrome ", which is not recognized by any medical or
  23. Have to do so consciously. Art may be considered an exploration of the human, condition ,; that is, what it is to be human. Purpose of art has had a great number of
  24. Predominating),and abetalipoproteinaemia. An example of X-linked ataxic, condition ,is the rare fragile X-associated tremor/ataxia syndrome. Arnold-Chiari
  25. Lord voices a number of reservations concerning this story, however. First,the, condition ,of the texts is far too good for them to have suffered considerable damage
  26. Dread" or" anxiety" ) to describe a profound and deep-seated spiritual, condition ,of insecurity and fear in the free human being. Where the animal is a slave to
  27. Theresa ordered Jews out of Bohemia but soon reversed her position, on the, condition ,that Jews pay for their readmission every ten years. This extortion was known
  28. People altogether. There can be a tendency among those suffering from this, condition ,to restrict their lifestyles to accommodate the anxiety, minimizing social
  29. Arrythmia. Abnormal and pathological anxiety or fear may itself be a medical, condition ,falling under the blanket term" anxiety disorder ". Such condition s came under
  30. Argument, Milch persuaded Speer to withdraw his offer of resignation, on the, condition ,his powers were restored. On April 23, 1944,Speer went to see Hitler who
  31. That account hermetic corals, which although not a taxon are not in healthy, condition ,without their endosymbiosis. Zooxanthellae belong almost entirely to the genus
  32. And many frigates and smaller craft, although this fleet was old and in poor, condition , a situation which would be blamed on Lord Sandwich, the First Lord of the
  33. Snapped photos of the LM, so engineers would be able to judge its post-landing, condition , He then collected a contingency soil sample using a sample bag on a stick. He
  34. Restricted ways in which I had been taught to view the universe and the human, condition , " The literary critic Leslie A. Fielder said something similar: The American
  35. Saw it as the result of our desire for clarity and meaning within a world and, condition ,that offers neither, which he expressed in The Myth of Sisyphus and
  36. All have successive microsporogenesis, which is thought to be the primitive, condition ,in monocots. It seems that when the Asparagus first diverged they developed
  37. To the sovereign taken by all persons holding important public office and as a, condition ,of naturalization. By ancient common law it might be required of all persons
  38. Periods. Tillich argues that this anxiety can be accepted as part of the human, condition ,or it can be resisted but with negative consequences. In its pathological form
  39. And the halogens, are possible as the carbon atoms are in a strongly reduced, condition ,; in the case of methane, the lowest possible oxidation state for carbon (−4)
  40. Or to an alien for the term of their life; * (c) It may be granted upon, condition , cuts est dare, ejus est disposal, and this denization of an alien may come
  41. Resonating as stark allegory of phenomenal consciousness and the human, condition , Camus included a dim-witted character misreading The Trial as a mystery novel
  42. Remains at the mercy of the plague. Room hears from the sanatorium that the, condition ,of his wife is worsening. He also hardens his heart regarding the plague
  43. Meaning of the word anxiety is '. Description Anxiety is a generalized mood, condition ,that can often occur without an identifiable triggering stimulus. As such, it
  44. His aim was to emphasize the fact that happiness is fleeting and that the human, condition ,is one of mortality. He did this not to be morbid, but to reflect a greater
  45. Bell set up his own workshop in the converted carriage house Despite his frail, condition ,upon arriving in Canada, Bell found the climate and environs to his liking, and
  46. Of ambiguity, as it is generally seen as an integral part of the human, condition , Martin Heidegger argued that the relation between the subject and object is
  47. A mental health asylum in 1875. Abraham Lincoln suffered from" melancholy ",a, condition ,which now may be referred to as clinical depression. Lincoln's father-in-law
  48. Is necessary to prevent the fiber from matting and felting on the rabbit. A, condition ,called" wool block" is common in Angora rabbits and should be treated quickly
  49. II abolished most of these persecution practices in his Toleranzpatent, on the, condition ,that Yiddish and Hebrew were eliminated from public records and that judicial
  50. suffering from other people However, Buddhist nirvana is not equivalent to the, condition ,that Schopenhauer described as denial of the will. Nirvana is not the

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