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  1. Stated that his relationship with George was" one of young follower and older, guy ,", and admitted that" George was like a disciple of mine when we started. "
  2. The Penguin. We didn't really officially cast it, but for a short nasty little, guy , it's a short list. I ended up writing the character for Danny DeVito. "
  3. The film was released in 1930. In the film, he portrays Harry Delano, a tough, guy ,who becomes a killer, but generates sympathy because of his unfortunate
  4. Sweet voice" for him, Flanders was broadened to become a Christian and a sweet, guy ,that someone would prefer to live next to over Homer. Dr. Marvin Monroe's
  5. To invent system" to a" first to file system" claiming it" hurts the little, guy , " Gorbachev commented" Make no mistake,“ first to file” weakens patent
  6. Neither does one go around saying," Harry just isn't the same sort of, guy ,since he died. " Instead, one says that Harry's life has ended. Similarly
  7. Is to help Ash defeating the spirits. * Danny Hicks as Jake, a white trash, guy ,who freaks out before the evil spirits. When things turn hard he thinks they
  8. Nicknamed Idiom, the Hungarian word for" lily ", a slang term for" tough, guy ,"),a carnival barker, falls in love with Julie Seller, a servant girl, and
  9. Ron Paul for the 2008 Republican Party nomination. He said," I love this, guy , Dr. Paul is the only candidate I know of who would have signed the
  10. 2009 interview, he explained that" I just guess at the time it was taboo for a, guy ,like me to be associated with a gal like her. " Spears opened the 2003 MTV
  11. Outlined his film ideas about a man suffering creative block:" Well then - a, guy ,(a writer? Any kind of professional man? A theatrical producer?) has to
  12. God. I raised my kids with the sense of, you know, to me, Jesus was this great, guy ,...." Allegations of plagiarism For many years, Leary had been friends with
  13. Nothing like me and with make-up and special camera angles, turned him into a, guy ,who looked nothing like me, with red hair. ") Carson later made a few cameos
  14. Fri den calculator from his department at Caltech, saying " Well, I am like a, guy ,who is prospecting for gold along the banks of the Sacramento River in 1849.
  15. Which he called" The Grin" ). After initially building his career on" tough, guy ," roles Lancaster abandoned his" all-American" image in the late 1950s in
  16. Heads. Sophia, whose body remains intact, informs them they needed" to tip the, guy ," to be fully preserved. On British TV, cryonics appeared in the last two
  17. Years old. He described Jack Benny as" very warm and approachable ... He was a, guy ,who dug the idea of other people on the show getting laughs, which sort of
  18. Of Kristie Alley's run as Rebecca, she was wooed away from Cheers by the, guy ,who came to fix one of the beer keg taps – surprising for a" high-class" lady
  19. For Cagney, who was able to move away from his traditional Warner's tough, guy ,roles to more sympathetic characters. How far he could have experimented and
  20. A Staged Concert/Musical by the New York band, Groove Lily, about a grumpy, guy ,reading" The Little Match Girl" on New Year's Eve. *" Until My Dancing Days
  21. Because of his unfortunate upbringing. This role of the sympathetic" bad ", guy ,would be a recurring character type for Cagney throughout his career. During
  22. Was revealed Magnolia referred to the villain as" that FM Manchu-looking, guy , " Sweets In 1977 Trevor produced a FM Munches sweet. Friesland (, ; ) is a
  23. Thought. Thomas Blanton, director of the National Security Archive, said," A, guy ,called Vasiliy Arkhipov saved the world. " The crisis was a substantial focus of
  24. The Duke led the American League this year in saves, ERA,and hit batsmen. This, guy ,once threw at his own kid at a father-son game. " * Satirical newspaper The
  25. At the end of the session Brian said,“ I can’t believe a 70-year-old, guy , can sing that great! ” Laughs It was really cute! It was cool. … It was
  26. From Germanic *Karla" free man, commoner ", which gave German Karl" man, guy ," and English churl. His name, however,is first attested in its Latin form,"
  27. Had vanished; who knows, maybe he got frozen somewhere in snow, he was a weak, guy ,(...) The wardens searched for two more days, and then assumed that it was an
  28. Remarked: 'Jensen, Jensen,Jensen, Jensen,Jensen ... How many phones does this, guy ,have? '" Amblyopia spelled, The northern cave fish, northern blind fish, or
  29. And screams" No! " (6x). Cast * Bruce Campbell as Ash J. Williams A common, guy ,who travels to the cabin in the woods to spend the weekend with his girlfriend
  30. Hazard, American baseball player * 1989 – Ian Jackson, Amazing married gay, guy ,but not stereotypical from England * 1991 – Candela Veteran, Argentine actress
  31. Of gigabyte starting with (as in gig),9 % with (as in jig),6 % with (, guy ,), and 1 % with (as in giant). Common usage *gigabyte—for instance, for hard
  32. In a smash hit prequel the following year. Pepper started choosing tough, guy ,roles in big, ambitious pictures where he was somewhat overshadowed by ensemble
  33. May require more complex support structures than a simple pole, such as, guy ,wires, or need be built as a mast. Since 2011 with 165 m (541 ft) the tallest
  34. And fireworks were included in some of the earliest celebrations. The word, guy ,thus came in the 19th century to mean an oddly dressed person, and hence in the
  35. Chick flicks ". If they are targeted to a male audience, then they are called ", guy ,cry" films. *Romance: a subtype of dramatic film which dwells on the elements
  36. Baruch remarked in a 1989 interview," I'd rather make a movie about a, guy ,walking his dog than about the emperor of China. " Impact and
  37. The antenna from short-circuiting to ground or creating a shock hazard. Often, guy ,cables have several insulators, placed to break up the cable into lengths that
  38. Of the transmitting wavelength to avoid unwanted electrical resonances in the, guy , These insulators are usually ceramic and cylindrical or egg-shaped (see
  39. Of Batman:" Dick Grayson is kind of this consummate superhero. The, guy ,has been Batman's partner since he was a kid,he's led the Teen Titans, and
  40. Love, for the way I look at it love is strictly the old, and I tell the little, guy ,as much. The musical Guys and Dolls was based on two Runyon stories," The
  41. And have a neighbor named Wilson (Earl Hind man) who is often the go-to, guy ,for solving Tim and Jill's problems. Tim is a stereotypical American male, who
  42. Him, John Michael Higgins, did not resemble him in the least. (" They took a, guy ,who looked nothing like me and with make-up and special camera angles, turned
  43. Hill-folk" and" Billie" which was a synonym for" fellow ", similar to ", guy ," or" bloke ". Although the term is not documented until 1900,a conjectural
  44. Following Bad Santa's success, audiences " like to watch him play that kind of, guy ," In 2004 he played Davy Crockett in The Alamo. He appeared in the comic film
  45. A comical role as an arch-villain which sends up his reputation as a nice, guy , He has been fronting these adverts since 1995,making this one of the longest
  46. The real story here is the CIA didn't really have a clue about whom this, guy ,was until 1996 when they set up a unit to really start tracking him. " But as
  47. To be equipped with overvoltage protection equipment. For the dimensions of the, guy ,insulation, static charges on guy s have to be considered. At high masts these
  48. Rocket, a film that he described as being about" electricity and a three-foot, guy ,with red hair ", was not going to be picked up by any financiers, and so he
  49. Guitar, and the subject of tattoos came up. I ended up going to this Dutch, guy ,who'd done all of Jimmy's. I'd finally realized what I wanted a tattoo to
  50. Chairman of the bad attitude ... Rock 'n roll plays at being tough, but this, guy ,is the boss—the chairman of boss ... I'm not going to mess with him, are you?

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