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  1. A generalized omnivore and frugivore (fruit eater) with a diet that did not, depend ,heavily on fibrous plants, ripe fruit or hard or abrasive food. The size of the
  2. Of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO). Long-term prospects will, depend ,on world oil prices and the location of new pipelines in the region. In 2010
  3. States Quantities of atoms are found in different states of matter that, depend ,on the physical conditions, such as temperature and pressure. By varying the
  4. Electron shell from which the Auger electron was ejected. These energy levels, depend ,on the type of atom and the chemical environment in which the atom was located.
  5. Are considered irregular. Nevertheless, the validity of the sacraments do not, depend ,upon the holiness of the priests who perform them (ex opera operate);
  6. A pure rocket is not usually regarded as an anodyne, because it does not, depend ,on the air for its lift (and can even fly into space); however, many
  7. Abortion is similar to those after first-trimester abortion, and, depend , somewhat on the method chosen. A 2008 Cochrane Library review found that
  8. Of debauchery. Whatever the truth behind this, the young king was forced to, depend ,heavily on his Ptolemaic support and even struck portraits with the
  9. Worlds. Some science fiction writers interpret the splitting of worlds to, depend ,on human decision-making and free will, while others rely on the butterfly
  10. Such as comets. Overview The typical amateur astronomer is one who does not, depend ,on the field of astronomy as a primary source of income or support, and does
  11. And organ impairments. Treatment The treatment of ataxia and its effectiveness, depend ,on the underlying cause. Treatment may limit or reduce the effects of ataxia
  12. Laboratory use of ammonia solutions The hazards of ammonia solutions, depend ,on the concentration:" dilute" ammonia solutions are usually 5–10 % by weight
  13. To determine propitious placement of advertising; and humanitarian agencies, depend ,on anthropological insights as means to fight poverty. Examples of applied
  14. Physical entities. (“ the truth-values of our mathematical assertions, depend ,on facts involving Platonic entities that reside in a realm outside of
  15. That autistic symptoms are closely related to later developmental steps that, depend ,on activity in synapses and on activity- depend ent changes. All known teratogens
  16. Assumed that the shape of the function (and even its norm \int | f (x)|^2 x), depend , on the character used to denote its argument. If the Greek letter is used, it
  17. Thus allow a naval force to project air power worldwide without having to, depend ,on local bases for staging aircraft operations. They have evolved from wooden
  18. Death of his son Edward, Lincoln more frequently acknowledged his own need to, depend ,on God. As Lincoln grew older, some assert, the idea of a divine will somehow
  19. Was also the point that I was anxious to prove that spiritual progress did not, depend ,on religious or moral codes, but was like any other science. Magic would yield
  20. Etc.) are optional. Example to illustrate it is below. The exact outcome may, depend ,on your browser and font configuration. *: Dir" RTL" style "
  21. Mode absorbs between 800 and 1300 cm−1. The carbon–hydrogen bending modes, depend ,on the nature of the group: methyl groups show bands at 1450 cm−1 and 1375 cm−1
  22. Among the visually impaired, partly because some of its diagnostic criteria, depend ,on vision, and partly because autistic symptoms overlap with those of common
  23. On the order of 1 FM. Each element has a characteristic spectrum that can, depend ,on the nuclear charge, subshells filled by electrons, the electromagnetic
  24. When a hardware platform changes internally. For example, many things in LBC, depend ,on the preprocessor to do OS-specific, C-specific things to the program before
  25. Genera of the Agaricaceae family. In this ant-fungus mutualism, both species, depend ,on each other for survival. The ant Allotments decemarticulatus has evolved a
  26. Synthesize these amino acids are not fully developed. The amounts required also, depend ,on the age and health of the individual, so it is hard to make general
  27. Of alkanes are usually found at oh 0.5 – 1.5. The carbon-13 resonances, depend ,on the number of hydrogen atoms attached to the carbon: BC 8 – 30 (primary
  28. Which are achromatic for two colors, are called the secondary spectrum, and, depend , upon the aperture and focal length in the same manner as the primary chromatid
  29. Trials of aspirin was same for persons in high- and low-risk groups and did not, depend ,on the blood pressure. The Collaboration suggested statins as the alternative
  30. Systems composed of lenses, the position, magnitude and errors of the image, depend ,upon the refractive indices of the glass employed (see Lens (optics) and
  31. Of spoken or written language. AAC systems are extremely diverse and, depend ,on the capabilities of the user. They may be as basic as pictures on a board
  32. Interaction between amphetamine and the DAT. The activity of DAT is believed to, depend ,on specific phosphorylating kinases, such as protein kinase c, specifically
  33. Woman who has been sent to the underworld. Safety The health risks of abortion, depend ,on whether the procedure is performed safely or unsafely. The World Health
  34. The width of a hand span at arm's length. These measurements clearly, depend ,on the individual subject, and the above should be treated as rough
  35. Opinion he began a period of radical reforms, including an attempt to not to, depend ,on a landed aristocracy controlling the poor, a move to developing Russia's
  36. Is neglected and only the adherents are considered. Failure will also very much, depend ,on the opening mode of the joint. * Mode I is an opening or tensile mode where
  37. Were up to this critical task, on which the lives of lunar landing crews would, depend , For this and all subsequent Apollo flights, the crews were allowed to name
  38. Of moral obligation. For a consideration of these and similar problems, which, depend , ultimately on the degree in which the affections are regarded as voluntary, see
  39. Mythology and animism widened. However, a rich mythology does not necessarily, depend ,on a belief in many spiritual beings. Philosophy The term" animism" has been
  40. Normal pressure hydrocephalus and cerebellums. Hereditary ataxia Ataxia may, depend ,on hereditary disorders consisting of degeneration of the cerebellum and/or of
  41. Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. Climate Temperatures in Armenia generally, depend ,upon elevation. Mountain formations block the moderating climatic influences of
  42. But also on its interactions with the other electrons. These interactions, depend ,on the detail of its spatial probability distribution, and so the energy levels
  43. In all directions according to a cosine function, so their albedo does not, depend ,on the incident distribution. In practice, a bidirectional reflectance
  44. And ongoing rehabilitation work in the earthquake zone. Continued progress will, depend ,on the ability of the government to strengthen its macroeconomic management
  45. Units are needed to return an answer. Cost models Time efficiency estimates, depend ,on what we define to be a step. For the analysis to correspond usefully to the
  46. Of its spatial probability distribution, and so the energy levels of orbitals, depend ,not only on n but also on \ell. Higher values of \ell are associated with
  47. Is a very common form of medical diagnostics, and applications such as serology, depend ,on these methods. For example, in biochemical assays for disease diagnosis, a
  48. Art of Computer Programming. Abstract variable Imperative ADT definitions often, depend ,on the concept of an abstract variable, which may be regarded as the simplest
  49. Components. Prospects for economic growth in the medium term will continue to, depend ,on income growth in the industrialized world, especially in the United States
  50. Away from it. The results of both of these simple algorithms (I and II) can, depend ,inordinately on the ordering of the data and can give poor results for very

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