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  1. To another; or, # negligently causing bodily injury to another with a deadly, weapon , Some states also define assault as an attempt to menace (or actual menacing)
  2. D. Roosevelt, urging him to begin the Manhattan Project to develop a nuclear, weapon , *1943 – Rebellion in the Nazi death camp of Treblinka. * 1943 – World War II:
  3. Is, in some jurisdictions, a stronger form of assault, usually using a deadly, weapon , A person has committed an aggravated assault when that person: * attempts to
  4. Tinkering with a submachine gun design, he entered a competition for a new, weapon ,that would chamber the 7.62x41mm cartridge developed by Elisa and Semi in
  5. To some extent by his druids for his formidable fighting abilities, his, weapon , of choice being a length of bike chain. He later becomes a police officer
  6. President Franklin D. Roosevelt that Germany might be developing an atomic, weapon , and recommended that the U. S. begin similar research; this eventually led to
  7. Rwanda, Mozambique,Congo and Ethiopia, prices are between $30 and $125 per, weapon , and prices have fallen in the last few decades due to mass counterfeiting.
  8. Is pulled to the rear and the operator inspects the chamber to verify the, weapon ,is unloaded. The operator presses forward on the retainer button at the rear of
  9. Assault on the basis of such factors as severity of injury, the use of a, weapon , or Namesake (to assault a person in his own home). The mens rea for assault
  10. Of the battleaxe. This is probably related to the Safaris, an axe-like, weapon ,associated with both Amazons and Scythian tribes by Greek authors (see also
  11. Of the inventor and the hard work of the employees and to" separate the, weapon ,as a weapon of murder from the people who are producing it and to tell its
  12. This is slightly less than that of the Tsar Bomb, the largest thermonuclear, weapon ,ever detonated) Not all of that energy can be utilized by any realistic
  13. Assault: The offense is created by section 266 of the Code. * Assault with a, weapon ,: Section 267 (a) of the Code. * Assault causing bodily harm: See assault
  14. And in The Albanians the Chorus mockingly depicts him as Athens' greatest, weapon ,in the war against Sparta. *Political theater: The Denied and City Dionysus
  15. Of the training was to enhance Azerbaijan's ability to prevent the spread of, weapon ,of mass destruction and related materials. According to a U. S. Embassy
  16. Poison gas in World War I escalates when chlorine gas is released as a chemical, weapon ,in the Second Battle of Ypres. *1930 – The United Kingdom, Japan and the United
  17. First flight of the Convair B-36,the world's first mass-produce nuclear, weapon ,delivery vehicle. *1963 – Great Train Robbery: in England, a gang of 15 trains
  18. August 6,1945,Hiroshima is bombed, for the first time in history nuclear, weapon ,was used against people. The nuclear weapon used on Hiroshima is known as
  19. Ship),U. S. Navy 1921 warship classification code * Anti-materiel rifle,a, weapon ,for use against material rather than combatants In politics * Member of the
  20. Guerrillas during the Soviet war in Afghanistan. The proliferation of this, weapon ,is reflected by more than just numbers. The AK-47 is included in the flag of
  21. Bomb, and to warn that Hitler would be more than willing to resort to such a, weapon , " In the summer of 1939,a few months before the beginning of World War II in
  22. To the Steel Unification Plan. Ferris hosts the demonstration of the Project X, weapon , and is the creator of the Ferris Persuader, a torture machine. When John Salt
  23. The second and the last known use of nuclear weapon against people. The nuclear, weapon ,used on Nagasaki is known as Fat Man. * August 9,1965,Singapore separated
  24. Been known since 1100 BC, and the rare material was valued for use in tool and, weapon ,making. Because the ancients could not produce temperatures high enough to melt
  25. Inventor and the hard work of the employees and to" separate the weapon as a, weapon ,of murder from the people who are producing it and to tell its history in our
  26. And: Even in the early days, Austrian economics was used as a theoretical, weapon ,against socialism and statist socialist policy. Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk, a
  27. Anything that comes from you" ), he divided the armament field according to, weapon ,system, with experts rather than civil servants overseeing each department. No
  28. Kurgan). Paulus Hector Mere expresses astonishment that such a" manly, weapon ," should have been invented by a" tribe of women ", but he accepts the
  29. Are wrestling the relevant attribute is Strength; a character could reveal a, weapon , changing it to Warfare; they could try to overcome the other character's mind
  30. Hanging Gardens of Babylon. The Claw of Archimedes The Claw of Archimedes is a, weapon ,that he is said to have designed in order to defend the city of Syracuse. Also
  31. In the U. S. and Western Europe the AK-47 is stereotypically regarded as the, weapon ,of choice of insurgents, gangsters and terrorists. Conversely, throughout the
  32. 1945,Nagasaki is bombed, this is the second and the last known use of nuclear, weapon ,against people. The nuclear weapon used on Nagasaki is known as Fat Man. *
  33. Lighter than the previous model. In most former Eastern Bloc countries,the, weapon ,is known simply as the" Kalashnikov" or" AK ". The photo above at right
  34. Apollo and returns to attack the ships, Ajax,wielding an enormous spear as a, weapon ,and leaping from ship to ship, holds off the Trojan armies virtually
  35. The museum serves as Russia's monument to this world-renowned infantry, weapon , Nadella Vechtomova, the museum director stated in an interview that the
  36. A peace officer, etc.: Section 270 of the Code. * Sexual assault with a, weapon ,or threats or causing bodily harm: Section 272 of the Code. * Aggravated sexual
  37. Project continues with the detonation of Joe 4,the first Soviet thermonuclear, weapon , * 1953 – The islands of Zakynthos and Catalonia in Greece are severely damaged
  38. Arm and shoulder, and downward pressure on the elbow. Common in knife and other, weapon ,takeaways. * The hand is folded back past the shoulder, locking the shoulder
  39. Kalashnikov's rifles (code named AK-1 and −2) proved to be reliable and the, weapon ,was accepted to second round of competition along with designs by A. A Demeter
  40. Doctrine in the post-war years. Mikhail Kalashnikov began his career as a, weapon ,designer while in a hospital after he was shot in the shoulder during the
  41. A true assault rifle employing a shortened M1943 round. The first such, weapon ,was presented by Stayed in 1944,but trials found it to be too heavy. A new
  42. Of consent * attempts or causes bodily injury to another person with a deadly, weapon , Aggravated assault can also be charged in cases of harm against police
  43. S telling for a Roman audience, Phoebus Apollo chaffs Cupid for toying with a, weapon ,more suited to a man, whereupon Cupid wounds him with a golden dart;
  44. Inevitable. Wanting to go down fighting, he charged at Achilles with his only, weapon , his sword, but missed. Accepting his fate, Hector begged Achilles – not to
  45. Rise under recoil. In addition, a hammer retarder was added to prevent the, weapon ,from firing out of battery (without the bolt being fully closed),during
  46. The price was down to four cows indicating that supply was" immense ". The, weapon ,has appeared in a number of conflicts including clashes in the Balkans, Iraq
  47. On belt buckles (see Frozen buckle, Bülach fibula) and other jewelry and, weapon ,parts. Use of runes subsides with the advance of Christianity. The Nordendorf
  48. Forces, but largely denounced using the new discovery of nuclear fission as a, weapon , Later, together with Bertrand Russell, Einstein signed the Russell–Einstein
  49. No blood was shed this time; Alaric relied on hunger as his most powerful, weapon , When the ambassadors of the Senate, entreating for peace, tried to intimidate
  50. The first time in history nuclear weapon was used against people. The nuclear, weapon ,used on Hiroshima is known as Little Boy. * August 9,1945,Nagasaki is bombed

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