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  1. And suburbs with its own postal code (Postdistrikter). Districts (boroughs), inside , the 2nd city beltway: Demographics More than 300,000 people live within the
  2. Of the newly conquered areas. (These features are present to varying degrees, inside ,the Arabian Peninsula. Generally, the Arabian Peninsula varieties have much
  3. That is part of a simple polygon is called an interior angle if it lies on the, inside ,of that simple polygon. A concave simple polygon has at least one interior
  4. Suggested that the road's main purpose was to transport local and exotic goods, inside ,and outside the canyon. Someone also suggested that these large roads were used
  5. Adobe wall of the appropriate thickness is very effective at controlling, inside ,temperature through the wide daily fluctuations typical of desert climates, a
  6. Forestall these dire consequences, after lying with Métis, Zeus " put her away, inside ,his own belly;" he" swallowed her down all of a sudden. " He was too late:
  7. Argument principle, a theorem in complex analysis of meromorphic functions, inside ,and on a closed contour *Mathematical argument, a quantity that serves to
  8. It has to deal with other groups (" international relations" ) but has no, inside ,authority, and may be violently removed if he attempts to abuse this position.
  9. Was known partly for its high abundance in animal blood. He named the metal, inside ,the material as" lithium ". Sodium Although sodium (sometimes called" soda "
  10. Cancellation, but might not be as efficient because of the division operation, inside ,the loop. For a particularly robust two-pass algorithm for computing the
  11. 2001,Ahmad Shah Massed was assassinated by two Arab suicide attackers, inside ,Afghanistan and two days later about 3,000 people became victims of the
  12. Heritage site. A cloak reputedly worn by Islam's Prophet Muhammad is kept, inside ,the Shrine of the Cloak in Kandahar, a city founded by Alexander and the first
  13. Less clear. " During the battle, Fredrick drills a hole and places explosives, inside , and it is followed by" All the animals, except Napoleon" took cover; Orwell
  14. A drupe, consisting of an outer hull and a hard shell with the seed (" nut" ), inside , Shelling almonds refers to removing the shell to reveal the seed. Almonds are
  15. Pakistani Army and its ISI spy agency, for many of the well coordinated attacks, inside ,Afghanistan. Other top U. S. officials such as Hillary Clinton and Leon Panetta
  16. The US and British air forces began bombing al-Qaeda and Taliban targets, inside ,Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom. American and British special
  17. Interaction in model animation. The puppets generally have an armature, inside ,of them to keep them still and steady as well as constraining them to move at
  18. Is, they can develop internal rules of operation to handle events, inside ,the brain—but are less effective at empathizing by handling events generated by
  19. As Dalmatia, Khuda Away, Escape from Taliban and Kabul Express have been shot, inside ,Afghanistan. Sports The Afghanistan national football team has been competing
  20. Then hydrogen and helium. Up to 95 % of the Milky Way's atoms are concentrated, inside ,stars and the total mass of atoms forms about 10 % of the mass of the galaxy. (
  21. Medium (ISM) ranging from 105 to 109 atoms/m3. The Sun is believed to be, inside ,the Local Bubble, a region of highly ionized gas, so the density in the solar
  22. Be used for generating heavier americium isotopes by further neutron capture, inside ,a nuclear reactor. In a light water reactor (LWR),79 % of 241Am converts to
  23. Nikon and Canon to sell their Mac-compatible digital cameras and camcorders, inside ,the store. Adobe, one of Apple's oldest software partners, also sells its
  24. Is next to the mosque, two years before his death (1427–28). The usable space, inside ,this mosque is on the first floor and on the second floor. *Yen (CENAC Ahmet
  25. Put forward the idea that humans had to spend part of this transition, inside ,the mouths of big fish to protect themselves from the Earth's climate until
  26. Either Aristophanes narrating them, directing the play, or even as a character, inside ,one of his stories. Electronic media * The Wasps, radio play adapted by David
  27. As some cases of ADAM satisfy these conditions, they should be considered, inside ,the MS spectrum. Using a pathological definition instead, they would be apart (
  28. Exposition/fair area),Harikalar Diary (claimed to be The Biggest Park of Europe, inside ,city borders) and Goes Park. Menelik Park was depicted on the reverse of the
  29. Across strips of brass or steel, called reeds, that vibrate to produce sound, inside ,the body. The instrument is sometimes considered a one-man-band as it needs no
  30. Found in 42 countries and in turn there are many centers for ethnic minorities, inside ,Azerbaijan, including the German cultural society" Marshals ", Slavic
  31. Inside the Apollo 11 Lunar Module. JPG|The flag of the United States seen from, inside ,the Lunar Module File: Mexico and the Southwest United States seen from Apollo
  32. Elemental barium as reducing agent in a water- and oxygen-free environment, inside ,an apparatus made of tantalum and tungsten.: \math rm An alternative is the
  33. Micro-CCD cameras with face recognition technology. An independent microchip, inside ,her artificial brain handles gesture expression, body coordination, and emotion
  34. Aluminum (Z 13) to gold (Z 79) used as a series of movable anoxic targets, inside ,an x-ray tube. The square root of the frequency of these photons (x-rays)
  35. An attempt to outflank Lee from the south failed under Butler, who was trapped, inside ,the Bermuda Hundred river bend. Grant was tenacious and, despite astonishing
  36. To create stop-motion animation. The figures may have an armature or wire frame, inside ,of them, similar to the related puppet animation (below),that can be
  37. And Seljuks further made restorations and additions. The area around and, inside ,the citadel, being the oldest part of Ankara, contains many fine examples of
  38. Bell had a specially made table where he could place his notes and equipment, inside ,a locking cover. Worse still, his health deteriorated as he suffered severe
  39. Of archaeologist Stuart Rathbone. Only the outside north wall, entrance way and, inside ,of the Round House were completely excavated. From 2004 to 2006,the Chill
  40. Pakistani nationals, many either from the Frontier Corps or army, fighting, inside , Afghanistan. Bin Laden sent Arab recruits to join the fight against the United
  41. Provide basic security to the Afghan people. While the Taliban began regrouping, inside ,Pakistan, more coalition troops entered the escalating US-led war. Meanwhile
  42. JPG|Earth as seen from the base of the Eagle File: American flag seen from, inside ,the Apollo 11 Lunar Module. JPG|The flag of the United States seen from inside
  43. Alleged that Pakistani intelligence agencies are involved in terrorist attacks, inside ,Afghanistan. Despite these problems, Pakistan is a participant in the
  44. Leaving four representing the four divisions of the AFC),and moving the stars, inside ,the letter, similar to the NFC logo. Notes Animal Farm is an allegorical
  45. Element of its plot. The urn is stolen by alien robots, as the burnt stump, inside ,is part of a key needed to unlock the" Wicket Gate" and release an imprisoned
  46. Trafford never started due to rain. Australia then scraped home by five wickets, inside ,three days in a low-scoring match at Heading to retain the urn. In the
  47. Particles. Soil analysis revealed about 1,900 higher concentration of americium, inside ,sandy soil particles than in the water present in the soil pores; an even
  48. Are also recreational areas to relax. Many restored traditional Turkish houses, inside ,the citadel area have found new life as restaurants, serving local cuisine. The
  49. Network to recruit, finance and arm the multinational Mujahideen fighters, inside ,Pakistan, which was aimed to prevent the Soviet Union from reaching the
  50. That moving from sunlight into Eagles shadow produced no temperature change, inside ,the suit, though the helmet was warmer in sunlight, so he felt cooler in shadow

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