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  1. Ticket),concourse, to board (a vehicle),to park , double- park and parallel, park ,(a car),). Already existing English words—such as store, shop,dry goods
  2. Heritage Site" Works of Antoni Saudi ". Origins as a Housing Development The, park ,was originally part of a commercially unsuccessful housing site, the idea of
  3. Burnt Lake which is a small tectonic lake. It is located in the national, park ,of Burnt. Climate With its coastline facing the Adriatic and Ionian seas, its
  4. West burn Park and Transition Extreme. Transition Extreme is an indoor skate, park ,built in 2007 it was designed by Aberdeen skate legend Andy Dobson. Aberdeen
  5. As commuter (from commutation ticket),concourse, to board (a vehicle),to, park , double- park and parallel park (a car),). Already existing English
  6. Is the tallest of the four mountains () and it has been declared a national, park , Athens is built around a number of hills. Lycabettus is one of the tallest
  7. Missionary initiative to youth begun in 2005,and has ministries at a skate, park ,through the efforts of St George's Church, Benfleet, Essex – Diocese of
  8. Model of Casa Milà (La Herrera) is exhibited at the Catalonia en Miniature, park , * Featured in the music video for Deep Forest's 'Sweet Lullaby' Gallery
  9. Resort officially opens with its theme park Euro Disneyland. The resort and its, park ,'s name are subsequently changed to Disneyland Paris. *1994 – Canter & Siegel
  10. Of Images: Barcelona park !. JPG | View from the main terrace of the, park , Image: Goelenterance06390139. JPG|Entrance to the Park. Image: Parc Güell
  11. The flamboyance of other buildings designed by Saudi. The focal point of the, park ,is the main terrace, surrounded by a long bench in the form of a sea serpent.
  12. Father of Computer Science" sitting on a bench at a central position in the, park , The statue was unveiled on Turing's birthday. Turing is shown holding an
  13. From all around the country. The city also hosts the Tripoli Friedan amusement, park ,as well as the deer park situated in the large nearby public forest.
  14. Many video games were released by various computer game publishers: Theme, park ,PARC Asterix, a theme park 22 miles north of Paris, based upon the series, was
  15. Particular the place Audio, the Faculty of Algiers, The Crowned Heart and the, park ,of Garland. It is bordered by smart stores and restaurants along most of its
  16. Is active in the city since the 1980s. Skaters in Ankara usually meet in the, park ,near the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. Fauna Angora cat Ankara is home to
  17. Tour of Sweden and Finland. Their Stockholm show at the Krona Land amusement, park ,had an estimated audience of 19,200. In 1974," So Long" was released as a
  18. There have also been a number of games based on the characters, and a theme, park ,near Paris, Parc Asterix, is themed around the series. To date,325 million
  19. As the hotel Hilton, El-Aurassi or El Jazzier. Algiers also has the first water, park ,in the country. The tourism of Algiers is growing but is not as developed as
  20. On Montenegro coast. *1983 – Tokyo Disney Resort (and the Tokyo Disneyland, park ,) opens in Tokyo Bay (Japan) *1986 – The United States launches Operation El
  21. Along Lake Travis, is the only officially sanctioned clothing-optional public, park ,in Texas. Activities include rock climbing, kayaking,swimming, exploring,and
  22. Spots to large recreation areas. Several large city park s and a university, park ,border sections of the Huron River. Fuller Recreation Area, near the University
  23. Released by various computer game publishers: Theme park PARC Asterix, a theme, park ,22 miles north of Paris, based upon the series, was opened in 1989. It is one
  24. Spokesman said that tests had been done on two sites, one of them a business, park ,in central Tokyo, and Michigan – a site not far from the Imperial Palace. Along
  25. Attack are memorialized in the Pentagon Memorial adjacent to the Pentagon. The, park ,contains a bench for each of the victims, arranged according to their year of
  26. Site of the original Presidio of San Diego, which they developed as a historic, park ,and eventually donated to the city of San Diego. He died on September 9,1915
  27. The city also hosts the Tripoli Friedan amusement park as well as the deer, park ,situated in the large nearby public forest. Architecturally impressive sights
  28. D. C. *1992 – The Euro Disney Resort officially opens with its theme, park ,Euro Disneyland. The resort and its park 's name are subsequently changed to
  29. Of the greenbelt along the Colorado River. Hamilton Pool is a pool and wildlife, park ,located about 30 minutes from the city. Transportation Of all the people who
  30. Britain in Bloom competitions is often attributed to Johnston Gardens, a small, park ,of one hectare in the west end of the city containing many flowers
  31. Shaped roofs with unusual pinnacles, fit in well with the use of the, park ,as pleasure gardens and seem relatively inconspicuous in the landscape when one
  32. During the winter to about during the summer. Hippie Hollow Park, a county, park ,situated along Lake Travis, is the only officially sanctioned clothing-optional
  33. Festival and Aarhus Feature the biggest festival in Scandinavia. The Vesting, park ,facility is also a site for large popular-music concerts. One major tourist
  34. Unsuccessful housing site, the idea of Count Used Quell, whom the, park ,was named after. It was inspired by the English garden city movement; hence the
  35. As lowered ɐ in most speakers, or ə for some. So the words butter, here and, park ,will not contain the sound.; Intervocalic alveolar flapping *Intervocalic and
  36. Somaliland. *1946 – Santa Claus Land, the world's first themed amusement, park , opens in Santa Claus, Indiana,US. *1948 – Whittaker Chambers accuses Alger
  37. Seen on some days, if you look hard enough. Gallery of Images Images: Barcelona, park ,!. JPG | View from the main terrace of the park . Image: Goelenterance06390139.
  38. Automation, relay and voltage control channels spread around a large theme, park , for example. See Amiga software for more information on these applications.
  39. Structures between the terraces were built with stones quarried within the, park , Bird nests have been installed in the walkways. Image: Parc Güell 10.
  40. Cattle, vineyards and small amounts of crops) and a large area of national, park ,(Named National Park),much of it mountainous and forested. Small townships
  41. Goelwalways06390156. JPG|Roadway in the Park - resembles the pine trees of the, park , In order to fit in, the road and walkway structures between the terraces were
  42. Small. However, the Braves' success inspired owner Galena to build a modern, park , Braves Field, which opened in August 1915. It was the largest park in the
  43. Baroque style typical of the region, a collection of statues and monuments, park ,areas, cemeteries,amongst others. The area's industrial history is reflected
  44. A modern park , Braves Field, which opened in August 1915. It was the largest, park ,in the majors at the time, with 40,000 seats and a very spacious outfield. The
  45. Leisure Application Simulator, a large hydraulic motion simulator for the theme, park ,industry Literature and press * Atlas, a book of photography by German artist
  46. Designed and composed to bring the peace and calm that one would expect from a, park , The buildings flanking the entrance, though very original and remarkable with
  47. These have since been lost during the turbulence of war. Roadways around the, park ,to service the intended houses were designed by Saudi as structures jutting out
  48. Submarine, which served from 1963 to 1989. * Jackson Park, the third-largest, park ,in Chicago, is named for him. * Jackson Park, a public golf course in Seattle
  49. The most important of these park s are: Menelik Park (houses an amusement, park ,with a large pond for rowing),the Botanical Garden, Seğmenler Park, Anayasa
  50. The Museumplein with the city's major museums, the Vondel park , a 19th century, park ,named after the Dutch writer Joost van den Model, and

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