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  1. Territories and in Germany. He carried out his opposition to Hitler's scorched, earth ,program ... by deliberately sabotaging it at considerable personal risk. Twelve
  2. Order is not monarchic but geometric and this causes the equilibrium of the, earth ,which is lying in the center of the universe. This is the projection on nature
  3. Was that all things in the universe were formed from only four elements:, earth , air, water,and fire. According to Aristotle, each element had a sphere to
  4. Was itself based on the Ancient Egyptian word meme (hieroglyphic HMI, black, earth , as opposed to desert sand). With the later rise of alchemy in Alexandria, the
  5. Background or training, knew and understood his particular 'corner of the, earth ,' better than August Delete. " Delete wrote several volumes of poems, as well
  6. And Ottomans. As a result, Anatolia is one of archeologically the richest places on, earth , Most of the interior of Anatolia consists of a high-altitude plateau that
  7. Learned more from him than from almost any other filmmaker on the face of the, earth ,", Other Asian admirers include the Japanese actor and director Takes hi Piano
  8. Indefinite sea) and as in Xenophobes (6th century BC) who said that the, earth ,went down indefinitely (to ape iron) i.e. beyond the imagination or concept
  9. He stated that it was true that each planet had some influence on the, earth , but his argument was the difficulty of astrologers being able to determine the
  10. See the world destroyed, another world coming, and the saints governing a new, earth , Schweitzer concludes that the 1st century theology, originating in the
  11. The ill-fated rebellion of Torah, who was a first cousin of Aaron. When the, earth ,had opened and swallowed up the leaders of the insurgents (Numbers 16:25-35)
  12. Mixture was then formed and pressed into wood forms, producing rows of dried, earth ,bricks that would then be laid across a support structure of wood and plastered
  13. Demonstrations" that" the size of the sun is greater than that of the, earth ,and the distance of the stars from the earth many times greater than that of
  14. Be particularly susceptible to earth quake damage. Buildings made of sun-dried, earth ,are common in the West Asia, North Africa, West Africa, South America
  15. Sixth and final TV transmission showed the mission's best video images of the, earth , in a short four-minute broadcast. After two uneventful days the crew prepared
  16. Break as initially appears. The basic elements of nature (water, air,fire, earth ,) which the first Greek philosophers believed that constituted the universe
  17. Arabia, Bahrain and Oman. China was the largest and most advanced economy on, earth ,for much of recorded history, until the British Empire (excluding India)
  18. Claim that the Milky Way was made up of" those stars which are shaded by the, earth ,from the sun's rays," pointing out (correctly, even if such reasoning was
  19. And Diatomaceae. Relationship to higher plants The first plants on, earth ,evolved from shallow freshwater algae much like Chart some 400 million years
  20. My doctrine in such close agreement with a religion that the majority of men on, earth ,hold as their own, for these numbers far more followers than any other. And this
  21. After the Cape of Good Hope. The name comes from the Afrikaans/Dutch for ", earth ,pig" or" ground pig" ( are earth /ground, varken pig),because of its
  22. Atoms. It is also calculated that there is at most 30 g of francium in the, earth ,'s crust at any time. Eka-francium Ununpentium has not been discovered as of.
  23. Was incorporated in an absorbent inert substance like kieselguhr (diatomaceous, earth ,) it became safer and more convenient to handle, and this mixture he patented
  24. Or lake where they lived. Under the heat and pressure of burial deep in the, earth , the remains were transformed into materials such as bitumen, kerogen, or
  25. And was plagued with difficulties, but returned samples of its surface to, earth ,on June 13, 2010. The European Rosetta probe (launched in 2004) flew by 2867
  26. Him. Anaximander explains how the four elements of ancient physics (air, earth , water and fire) are formed, and how Earth and terrestrial beings are formed
  27. Between air and fire, thicker than air and fire, or more subtle than water and, earth , Anaximander argues that water cannot embrace all the opposites found in
  28. Greater than that of the sun, then ... the sun shines on all the stars and the, earth ,screens none of them. " In places, Aristotle goes too far in deriving 'laws of
  29. Not quantitative, as our modern elements are. " ... True alchemy never regarded, earth , air, water,and fire as corporeal or chemical substances in the present-day
  30. Fiber optic submarine cables (2 to St. Kits and 1 to Guadeloupe); satellite, earth ,station – 1 Intelsat (Atlantic Ocean) Radio broadcast stations: AM 4
  31. Sun is greater than that of the earth and the distance of the stars from the, earth ,many times greater than that of the sun, then ... the sun shines on all the
  32. The grave decision had to be taken to cause this people to vanish from the, earth ,... In the lands we occupy, the Jewish question will be dealt with by the end
  33. Shape of the Apollo command module. It shows a red figure 8 looping around the, earth ,and moon representing the mission number as well as the circular nature of
  34. Province of the country have an estimated 1 million metric tonnes of rare, earth ,elements. Extraction of its copper and iron reserves is expected to start in
  35. Of truth ". If deemed worthy, the deceased could continue their existence on, earth ,in spiritual form. Burial customs The ancient Egyptians maintained an elaborate
  36. That after everything the peasants were the stronger, closely clinging to the, earth ,... It was the samurai who were weak because they were being blown by the winds
  37. In Hindu philosophy The Rig Veda, the oldest existing canonical work on, earth ,and the mainstay of Hindu philosophy that dates back to the second or third
  38. S theories as an assertion of the necessity of an appropriate balance between, earth , fire, and water, all of which may be independently seeking to aggrandize their
  39. The church, falls on the twenty-fourth. In China the symbolic sloughing of the, earth ,by the emperor and princes of the blood took place in their third month, which
  40. The ethic of the kingdom of God, who founded the kingdom of heaven upon, earth ,and died to give his work its final consecration never existed. " Sources
  41. Insectivorous mammal, native to Eastern and Southern Africa. The name means ", earth ,wolf" in Afrikaans/Dutch. It is also called" Aadhaar jackal ". It is related
  42. Of Ocean who are dispersed far and wide, and in every place alike serve the, earth ,and the deep waters. " The Iliad (attributed by the ancient Greeks to Homer)
  43. Part in the cult of the god, especially in the oracular shrine of Delphi (. The, earth ,deity had power over the ghostly world, and it is believed that she was the
  44. Of the asteroids). Materials that are heavy and expensive to launch from, earth ,may someday be mined from asteroids and used for space manufacturing and
  45. Of seven elements, which included the five classical elements (either, air, earth , fire and water),in addition to two chemical elements representing the | year
  46. S natural resources include: coal, copper,iron ore, lithium,uranium, rare, earth , elements,chromite, gold,zinc, talc,barites, sulfur,lead, marble,precious
  47. Beginning with ryōte-dori; moving forward, nage sweeps one hand low (", earth ,") and the other high (" heaven" ), which unbalances use so that he or she
  48. Of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the, earth , " Lincoln concluded that the Civil War had a profound objective—a new birth of
  49. Might be used as a source of materials that may be rare or exhausted on, earth ,(asteroid mining),or materials for constructing space habitats (see
  50. Ahead. On March 19, 1945,Hitler issued his Nero Decree, ordering a scorched, earth ,policy in both Germany and the occupied territories. Hitler's order, by its

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