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  1. Inverse square law. Due to the difficulty of using these methods, they did not, realize ,that the nebulae were actually galaxies outside our own Milky Way, nor did they
  2. The danger the town faces seems unreal to him. He feels uneasy but does not, realize ,the gravity of the situation. Within a short while, he grasps what is at stake
  3. The top of a cathedral church. Batman fights the Joker to save Vicki, and both, realize ,that they are indirectly responsible for each other's transformations. As the
  4. Or a degree of longitude along the Equator) spanned 56⅔ miles, but did not, realize ,that this was expressed in the Arabic mile (about 1,830 m) rather than the
  5. Way that conversation doesn’t do. Songs kind of slip in and move you before you, realize ,it. " Personal life Grant married fellow Christian musician Gary Chapman on
  6. He loses. Upon winning, he starts over at the initial amount. The idea is to, realize ,a net win equal to the initial amount after every eventual win. This system
  7. The most money wins. Because ending the game is optional, and a player may not, realize ,that he can end it, it is unethical to say" good game ", or in any other way
  8. Of isolation during the war in writing The Plague. The citizens are slow to, realize ,the magnitude of the danger because they do not believe in pestilence or that
  9. UK had given aid to the royalist Greek forces and ERAS leaders who, failing to, realize ,that there would be no Soviet aid and having boycotted the elections, were at a
  10. Silence. Name "/IN"> republican18"/> The South ignored the warnings and did not, realize ,how ardently the North would fight to hold the Union together. Name "
  11. Desires to correct, not quite understanding what went wrong, as she comes to, realize ,that" I don't know how to live without your love/I was born to make you happy
  12. To plot and scheme; to create a new society in their eyes. However, most don't, realize ,that they are all part of an experiment. * The Aftermath (2007; The Asteroid
  13. By the composer. Some bassoons have been made to allow bassoonists to, realize ,similar passages. These bassoons are made with a" Wagner bell," which is an
  14. Due to the smallness of Planck's constant it is practically impossible to, realize ,experiments that directly reveal the wave nature of any system bigger than a
  15. But he was not long in discovering that his bent was for comedy. He had come to, realize ,that the Italian stage needed reforming; adopting Molière as his model, he went
  16. Adopt an attitude while playing that is of such high concentration, they do not, realize ,they are learning, and that if the same attitude could be adopted at school
  17. More memory and an internal disk drive. For Amstrad, the latter was easier to, realize ,first, with a deliberately low-key introduction of the CPC664. It was
  18. Who oversee states with strong ethnic or religious divisions. Failure to, realize ,such divided loyalties led to the assassination of Indian Prime Minister Indira
  19. His sword and avenges his master's death by mortally wounding Fox, only to, realize ,that one of the darts managed to hit him in the neck. Fox dies, confessing that
  20. As it has become in many quarters synonymous with Black Africa, people may not, realize ,that there are also indigenous Black populations in North Africa. In addition
  21. The choice of allophone is seldom under conscious control, people may not, realize ,they exist. English speakers may be unaware of the differences among six
  22. The goal of this policy is to create a market in which Canadian networks can, realize ,revenue through advertising sales in spite of their inability to match the
  23. Coordinates),although it took until 1933 for Georges Lemaitre to, realize ,that this meant the singularity at the Schwarzschild radius was an physical
  24. Mine ". *Nirvana (Sanskrit: Nirvana): It is possible for sentient beings to, realize ,a dimension of awareness which is totally unconstructed and peaceful, and end
  25. His teacher and his assistant Martin Barrels. Gauss's presumed method was to, realize ,that pairwise addition of terms from opposite ends of the list yielded
  26. Or practice, through different stages of life (Dramas) comes to form and, realize ,the idea of these three values to develop a value system. This Value-system
  27. Most attention. Or an art critic can take one look at a statue and instantly, realize ,that it is a fake. These are intuitions or tendencies that are represented in
  28. Or ON) to start transmission. It has become so widely used that most don't, realize ,it is not part of official ASCII. This technique, however implemented, avoids
  29. For us to promote. # If there is no god or afterlife, it is not possible to, realize ,the sum mum bonus. # God (or the afterlife) must exist. Premises (1) and (2
  30. Maturing sons, who have been seen scouting the region. GED eventually comes to, realize ,that he cannot both defend the islanders against the dragon and fight against
  31. 360 uses algorithms that emerged from lengthy AI research, but few consumers, realize ,the technology source. AI applications are no longer the exclusive domain of
  32. Method of approximating to reality; and no constructor would attempt to, realize ,this unattainable ideal. All that at present can be attempted is, to reproduce
  33. S Witnesses believe that Armageddon is the means by which God will finally, realize ,his purpose for the Earth to be populated with happy healthy humans free of sin
  34. Is impossible to grasp the meaning of the idea of sound money if one does not, realize ,that it was devised as an instrument for the protection of civil liberties
  35. Tragic vision of life, and this sensibility ... impedes his efforts to, realize ,a socially committed mode of filmmaking. " Furthermore, the director’s ideal of
  36. Unacquainted with its reputation as a satirical work often do not immediately, realize ,that Swift was not seriously proposing cannibalism and infanticide, nor would
  37. He built a celestial sphere. This invention undoubtedly made him the first to, realize ,the obliquity of the Zodiac as the Roman philosopher Pliny the Elder reports in
  38. Distance survived through the 16th century. Johannes Kepler was the first to, realize ,that Ptolemy's estimate must be significantly too low (according to Kepler
  39. Formula. The Swiss mathematician Jakob Bernoulli (1654–1705) was the first to, realize ,the existence of a single sequence of constants B0,B1,B2,... which provide a
  40. A positive language expression of emptiness and represents the potentiality to, realize ,Buddha hood through Buddhist practices. In this interpretation, the intention of
  41. And services emerges that satisfies human wants. Some individualists came to, realize ,that the liberal state itself takes property forcefully through taxation in
  42. Thereby prevent the incumbent government from being re-elected, he begins to, realize ,Alex's role in the happenings of the night two years ago. One of Alexander's
  43. Lochinvar Single Malt whiskey. In 2005,it was suggested that Balm oral would, realize ,at least £14 million if it were sold on the private market. Other properties on
  44. Resumes work,Detmold's real new assistant arrives, and Fay is horrified to, realize ,that she is even more practical, rigid and disbelieving than Fay herself, and
  45. The first astronomer to consider the Sun as a huge mass, and consequently, to, realize , how far from Earth it might be, and the first to present a system where the
  46. Hank, she believes they want to live, but are too stupid and incompetent to, realize ,how their duties and altruistic projects impede that goal. It is not until she
  47. Have been mated improperly, or that have been purchased by owners who did not, realize ,the mares were pregnant, or that are pregnant with twin foals. Femicide can
  48. Of the fundamentals of psychiatry and of the psychopathology of sex can fail to, realize ,a subtle atmosphere of homoeroticism which pervades the adventures of the
  49. Week and was" sadly disappointed" at Lincoln seems failure to, realize ,that" the country was sleeping on a volcano" and that the South was preparing
  50. Try saying in and out for a few days in fun, they find themselves beginning to, realize ,that they are indeed going inward and outward in respect to the center of Earth

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