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  1. Where the" emphasis" ( pharyngealization) of emphatic consonants spreads, forward ,and back through adjacent syllables, pharyngealizing all nearby consonants and
  2. That do not employ propulsion once airborne. Take-off may be by launching, forward ,and downward from a high location, or by pulling into the air on a tow-line
  3. Eschatology. Schweitzer, however,writes:" The Jesus of Nazareth who came, forward ,publicly as the Messiah, who preached the ethic of the kingdom of God, who
  4. It is a code of stagnation. The goal of this code is to not exist, to not move, forward , to become a zero. Haggard struggles to remain unaware that this is his goal.
  5. When the light of faith might have appeared to burn brighter, Maurice looked, forward ,to the possibility of a brighter revelation of faith in the future. Maurice saw
  6. 十). * age sweeps the arm back until it locks the shoulder joint, then uses, forward ,pressure to throw. Implementations Aikido makes use of body movement (tai
  7. Was the basis for the later evolution of religions. In one such theory, put, forward , by Sir E. B. Taylor, early humans initially, through mere observation
  8. Fixed-wing aircraft is the kite. Whereas a fixed-wing aircraft relies on its, forward ,speed to create airflow over the wings, a kite is tethered to the ground and
  9. From one side of the screen to the other, with the actors at the end coming, forward ,a little and standing more in profile than the others. The purpose of the
  10. Spartan (even the passenger-side mirror was an option. ) In 1987,Audi put, forward ,a new and very elegant Audi 90,which had a much superior set of standard
  11. King Agamemnon because he had sacrificed their daughter Iphigenia to proceed, forward ,with the Trojan war, and Cassandra, a prophetess of Apollo. Apollo gives an
  12. Is found in several religions. Origin of religion Some theories have been put, forward ,that the anthropocentric belief in animism among early humans was the basis for
  13. Square mile),and the quarter section (160 acres). This system was carried, forward ,to most of the States west of the Mississippi (excluding areas of Texas and
  14. Propeller. Forward propulsion is provided by angling the rotor disc slightly, forward ,so that a proportion of its lift is directed forward to provide thrust. The
  15. The crew had to do was put the spacecraft in the correct attitude, blunt end, forward , If the computer broke down, Borman would take over. Once the Command Module
  16. But on being completed in 1904 was put up for sale, and as no buyers came, forward , Saudi, at Güell's suggestion, bought it with his savings and moved in with
  17. Shaft. The rotor pushes air downward to create lift. By tilting the rotor, forward , the downward flow is tilted backward, producing thrust for forward flight.
  18. Spins on an axis aligned in the direction of travel to create thrust in a, forward ,direction. The propeller is usually mounted in front of the power source in
  19. Have their rotors/propellers horizontal for vertical flight and vertical for, forward ,flight. Other methods of lift *A lifting body is the opposite of a flying wing.
  20. For aluminum bodies which don't rust). An all-aluminium car was brought, forward ,by Audi, and in 1994 the Audi A8 was launched, which introduced aluminum space
  21. Lug clears the raceway on the underside of the bolt carrier and then pulls it, forward ,and free. When cleaning, the operator will pay special attention to the barrel
  22. Ship that can rotate left and right, fire shots straight forward , and thrust, forward , As the ship moves, momentum is not conserved — the ship eventually comes to a
  23. To — still too" hot" to produce study-effective antihydrogen, but a huge leap, forward , In late 2002 the ATHENA project announced that they had created the world's
  24. Is a (the L hands, touching at thumb tips, rotate up from palm down to palm, forward ,). Hip-hop has been signed on YouTube. Linguistics ASL is a natural language
  25. Has only recently been recognized in classification systems. It was first put, forward ,by Huber in 1977 and later taken up in the Dahlgren system of 1985. Before this
  26. The rotor forward , the downward flow is tilted backward, producing thrust for, forward ,flight. Some helicopters have more than one rotor and a few have rotors turned
  27. Provide lift. Rotor kites are unpowered autogyros, which are towed to give them, forward ,speed or tethered to a static anchor in high-wind for kited flight. Compound
  28. Wings is the most common, with fixed-wing aircraft being kept in the air by the, forward ,movement of wings, and rotorcraft by spinning wing-shaped rotors sometimes
  29. Milne also published four plays in this period. He also" gallantly stepped, forward ," to contribute a quarter of the costs of dramatizing P. G. Wodehouse's A
  30. Are very likely to interact with other atoms and lose their energy, so their, forward ,motion is effectively stopped within a few centimeters of air. Most of the
  31. Had to adapt. The 3rd century Roman writer Censorious reports: Anaximander put, forward ,the idea that humans had to spend part of this transition inside the mouths of
  32. So that when they return after finishing studies they can move their nation, forward ,and quickly catch up with the rest of the world. Crime and law enforcement The
  33. Flight. Compound rotorcraft have wings that provide some or all of the lift in, forward ,flight. They are nowadays classified as powered lift types and not as
  34. In the Agra Decimates, advancing the Limes Germanic us fifteen miles, forward ,in his province and neighboring Ratio. Nevertheless, Antoninus was virtually
  35. A triangular-shaped ship that can rotate left and right, fire shots straight, forward , and thrust forward . As the ship moves, momentum is not conserved — the ship
  36. Inspects the chamber to verify the weapon is unloaded. The operator presses, forward ,on the retainer button at the rear of the receiver cover while simultaneously
  37. Which is the machine-code equivalent of jump to instruction 25 or jump, forward ,skipping 5 instructions, followed by other instructions. If written in assembly
  38. Or vehicle, or by a powered" tug" aircraft. For a glider to maintain its, forward ,air speed and lift, it must descend in relation to the air (but not
  39. Rear of the cover to remove it. The operator then pushes the spring assembly, forward ,and lifts it from its raceway, withdrawing it out of the bolt carrier and to
  40. Yaw. For example, a pitching moment is a vertical force applied at a distance, forward ,or aft from the aerodynamic center of the aircraft, causing the aircraft to
  41. Each line of a diagram represents a particle propagating either backward or, forward ,in time. This technique is the most widespread method of computing amplitudes
  42. Down the door of the Boston courthouse but guards beat them back. Alcott stood, forward ,and asked the leader of the group, Thomas Wentworth Higgins on," Why are we not
  43. Many key committees and subgroups. In many instances, U. S. standards are taken, forward ,to ISO and IEC, through ANSI or the UNC, where they are adopted in whole or in
  44. Plant to provide thrust. The rotor is tilted backward. As the autogyro moves, forward , air blows upward across the rotor, making it spin. This spinning increases the
  45. Have been brought to a near standstill. Some efforts to recover have gone, forward , however, notably in fisheries. Coffee production, though a fraction of its
  46. Resembles a" clothesline" technique. * beginning with ryōte-dori; moving, forward , age sweeps one hand low (" earth" ) and the other high (" heaven" )
  47. The rotor disc slightly forward so that a proportion of its lift is directed, forward ,to provide thrust. The rotor may, like a propeller, be powered by a variety of
  48. Achieved a breach in the enemy's cohesion, Philip ordered his troops to press, forward ,and quickly routed his enemy. With the rout of the Athenians, the The bans were
  49. Secretive writings of the alchemists was used as a case by those who wished to, forward ,a fraudulent and non-scientific opinion of alchemy. In order to protect the
  50. They will continue to fight. So, for them, I don't think that we have a way, forward ,with talks or negotiations or contacts or anything as such. Then we have to be

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