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  1. A shock to the family. He was aged just thirty-one. The cause was recorded as, chronic ,bronchitis – Erasmus; though, through his recorded symptoms, it is now
  2. In conjunction with AA's program, or similar community resources, for, chronic , alcoholics unresponsive to brief treatment. AA's data states that 64 % drop
  3. College of Physicians found fair evidence that acupuncture is effective for, chronic ,low back pain. Conducting research on low back pain is unusually problematic
  4. Effect of antidepressants on the immune system. Studies also show that the, chronic ,secretion of stress hormones as a result of disease, including somatic
  5. 2 %. Chronic overdose is more commonly lethal, with a mortality rate of 25 %;, chronic ,overdose may be especially severe in children. Toxicity is managed with a
  6. Symptoms may last for days with occasional use and weeks or months with, chronic ,use, with severity dependent on the length of time and the amount of
  7. This may be of particular concern regarding patients suffering with, chronic ,pain. Flupirtine is a centrally acting K+ channel opener with weak
  8. To normal after 10 mins; in addition, alcohol is a drying agent and may worsen, chronic ,bad breath. Furthermore, it is possible for alcoholics to abuse mouthwash.
  9. Unemployment rate, however,remains high, despite strong economic growth. The, chronic ,energy shortages Armenia suffered in the early and mid-1990s have been offset
  10. Paucity and poor quality of the research, and that further research is needed:, chronic ,asthma,Bell's palsy, cocaine dependence, depression,primary dysmenorrhoea (
  11. Generalized anxiety disorder. The DSM-IV states that a patient must experience, chronic ,anxiety and excessive worry, almost daily, for at least 6 months due to a
  12. Factor that may result from being raised by parents suffering from, chronic ,anxiety themselves. Research upon adolescents who as infants had been highly
  13. Such as anxiety disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, eating disorders, chronic ,pain, and some hormone-mediated disorders such as amenorrhea. Alone or
  14. Tolerance may develop in single cases. Specific agents In patients with, chronic ,or neuropathic pain, various other substances may have analgesic properties.
  15. Listed as a rare side effect of the fentanyl patch, an opioid used to control, chronic ,pain. Treatment There is no one treatment proven to be effective for all types
  16. Are often used in palliative care or by practitioners attempting to manage, chronic ,pain in patients. Complementary medicine is considered more acceptable in the
  17. Review included reported pesticide poisonings but did not include speculative, chronic ,effects of pesticides, and the 2004 review relied on a 1992 estimate of the
  18. Intended panzer battalion in the German panzergrenadier divisions due to the, chronic ,shortage of tanks, and were sometimes used as makeshifts even in the panzer
  19. In more serious and permanent consequences. The lack of basic security leads to, chronic ,poverty when it simultaneously affects several aspects of people’s lives, when
  20. Disabilities, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, panic attacks, stuttering,and, chronic ,pain because using its principles can improve stress management abilities.
  21. In medicine Anxiety can be a symptom of an underlying health issue such as, chronic ,obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD),heart failure, or heart arrhythmia.
  22. It may also be caused by a sudden hemorrhagic event within the brain. Certain, chronic ,neurological disorders, such as epilepsy or migraine, can also include
  23. The Alexander technique has been proved to be an effective treatment for, chronic ,or recurrent back pain in a randomized study published by the British Medical
  24. Of AA is difficult: AA members are not randomly selected from the population of, chronic ,alcoholics, with the possible exception of those who are mandated by courts to
  25. Where he wrote a paper on the neuropsychology of yellow fever. He suffered from, chronic ,osteomyelitis for the last 7 years of his life. This eventually caused a
  26. Acupuncture was used to treat acute conditions while combustion was used for, chronic ,diseases. Combustion could be direct (the cone was placed directly on the
  27. GAD),which can be identified by symptoms of exaggerated and excessive worry, chronic ,anxiety, and constant, irrational thoughts. The anxious thoughts and feelings
  28. Slash inflation and to privatize most small- and medium-sized enterprises. The, chronic ,energy shortages Armenia suffered in recent years have been largely offset by
  29. With soft-tissue sarcoma,non-Hodgkin's lymphoma,Hodgkin's lymphoma and, chronic ,lymphocytes leukemia (CLL). While the two herbicides that make up Agent
  30. Of the 20 diffuse bleeding patients. Overdose Aspirin overdose can be acute or, chronic , In acute poisoning, a single large dose is taken; in chronic poisoning, higher
  31. Of mutation-driven antibiotic resistance in P. aeruginosa strains producing, chronic ,infections, whereas the clustering of several antibiotic resistance
  32. Can be acute or chronic . In acute poisoning, a single large dose is taken; in, chronic ,poisoning, higher than normal doses are taken over a period of time. Acute
  33. Can improve performance, self observation and impulse control and relieve, chronic ,stiffness, tension and stress. The technique is named after Frederick Matthias
  34. He had lived. Giacometti died in 1966 of heart disease (pericarditis) and, chronic ,bronchitis at the Kantonsspital in Char, Switzerland. His body was returned to
  35. Epidemiological evidence from Chile shows a dose-dependent connection between, chronic ,arsenic exposure and various forms of cancer, in particular when other risk
  36. Degeneration Non-hereditary causes of cerebellar degeneration include, chronic ,ethanol abuse, paraneoplastic cerebellar degeneration, high altitude cerebral
  37. Of common and minor ailments – notable ones being anxiety, back problems, and, chronic , pain. Authors have speculated on the sociocultural and psychological reasons
  38. Symptoms of narcolepsy, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) and, chronic ,fatigue syndrome (CFS). References and notes External links *
  39. Deep blue eyes. Jackson was one of the more sickly presidents, suffering from, chronic ,headaches, abdominal pains, and a hacking cough, caused by a musket ball in his
  40. Or repetitive physical demands. The Technique improves pain management for, chronic ,disability. It offers rehabilitation following surgery or injury where
  41. Agitation, grandiosity,repetitive and obsessive behaviors, paranoia,and with, chronic ,and/or high doses, amphetamine psychosis can occur. Withdrawal effects
  42. The understanding of the oxidation and/or reduction of arsenic. Treatment of, chronic ,arsenic poisoning is easily accomplished. British anti-lewisite (dimercaprol)
  43. Fevers, strangulated hernias (surgery),necrosis, abdominal tumors and, chronic ,constipation and nicotine poisoning, while also attempting to deal with
  44. Of retirement and died at The Hermitage on June 8,1845,at the age of 78,of, chronic ,tuberculosis, dropsy,and heart failure. In his will, Jackson left his entire
  45. 5-cyclic adenosine monophosphate (camp) system induced by different types of, chronic ,but not acute antidepressant treatment, including serotonin and norepinephrine
  46. Even injurious medical care. African Americans have a higher prevalence of some, chronic ,health conditions. African Americans are twice as likely to have diabetes, than
  47. Falling or staying asleep, or restless unsatisfying sleep). ” If symptoms of, chronic ,anxiety are not addressed and treated in adolescence then the risk of
  48. Tremors, dry and/or itchy skin, acne,pallor, convulsions,and with, chronic ,and/or high doses, seizure,stroke, coma,heart attack and death can occur.
  49. Reduced. Epidemiological studies have suggested a correlation between, chronic ,consumption of drinking water contaminated with arsenic and the incidence of
  50. Market because these drugs may not be as profitable as drugs that treat, chronic ,(long-term) conditions and lifestyle issues. The resistance problem demands

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