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  1. To the modem meant that only a small percentage of Game. Com owners had a, subscription ,to the Game. Com internet service. Technical specifications
  2. Role-playing elements. Users can download the rules from his website, buy a, subscription ,that entitles them to Forgotten Futures CDs, or buy a copy of the published
  3. To copies of their work, downloading a copy from the ACM site requires a paid, subscription , Competition ACM's primary historical competitor has been the IEEE Computer
  4. The system operator (or" SysOp" ), while other BBSes charged their users a, subscription ,fee for access, or were operated by a business as a means of supporting their
  5. Which is usually dated as being in the range of 53 to 57 AD. The traditional, subscription ,to the epistle, translated in the King James Bible, states that this epistle
  6. Secondary School editions. Like the Britannica, Encarta was available online by, subscription , although some content could be accessed for free. Internet encyclopedias
  7. Television *Broadcast stations: 4 (including 2 UHF stations broadcasting a, subscription ,service) (2006) Internet *Internet Service Providers: 2 (2003),Brunet (
  8. October 2010,John Graham-Cumming started a campaign to raise funds by" public, subscription ," to enable serious historical and academic study of Babbage's plans, with a
  9. In the United States is a common form of television delivery, generally by, subscription , Cable television first became available in the United States in 1948,with
  10. While BFBS TV2 is only available in the Mount Pleasant military base. A local, subscription ,service, KTV carries satellite channels such as ESPN, Discovery CNN
  11. With their parents. For example: Chekhov later concluded that charity and, subscription ,were not the answer, but that the government had a duty to finance humane
  12. To visit the same Lodge repeatedly, he may be expected to join it and pay a, subscription , Most Lodges consist of Freemasons living or working within a given town or
  13. Monotheism, the Council of Hatfield under Theodore of Canterbury required, subscription ,to et folio, an equivalent to clique, in the creed. First Eastern opposition
  14. Of the Golden Cross inn, in 1775. Members of Ketley's society paid a monthly, subscription ,to a central pool of funds which was used to finance the building of houses for
  15. Stationed at 44 terminals throughout the city center. Users must make a, subscription ,for either an annual Long Term Hire Card costing €10 or a 3-Day Ticket costing
  16. Online, ed. L. Macy (Accessed 26 August 2006),http://www.grovemusic.com (, subscription ,access) *Vivaldi: Voice of the Baroque, H. C. Robbins Landon,1996 University
  17. However, when the Chinese rights to Premier League matches were sold to a, subscription ,channel in 2007,the number of viewers proved to be in the tens of thousands.
  18. Of Dennett's idea of the" universal acid" of natural selection and of his, subscription ,to the idea of emetics; Bennett responded, and the exchange between Bennett
  19. Has been around since the 1970s,modern modes of online gaming began with, subscription ,services such as Games and MPlayer. Non-subscribers were limited to certain
  20. Writer's Almanac is also available online and via daily e-mail installments by, subscription , Writing Keillor has written numerous magazine and newspaper articles and more
  21. Subscriptions are available on a yearly, monthly or weekly basis. Special, subscription ,plans are offered to school, colleges and libraries; such institutional
  22. Its BT Retail division is a leading supplier of telephony, broadband and, subscription ,television services in the UK, with over 18 million customers. Its primary
  23. Of British Standards are sold at the BSI Online Shop or can be accessed via, subscription ,to British Standards Online (SOL). They can also be ordered via the
  24. Known as a SIM card. The SIM is a detachable smart card containing the user's, subscription ,information and phone book. This allows the user to retain his or her
  25. Customers not needing to invest in purchasing and maintaining IT hardware, and, subscription , fees are a fraction of the cost of purchasing software outright. The era of the
  26. Data collected for use across multiple organizations, either freely or via, subscription , The Internet Movie Database is one example. Federated database and
  27. And neighbor of Marconi who had done research on Hertz's work. Right had a, subscription ,to The Electrician where Oliver Lodge published detailed accounts of the
  28. To the consensus of mid to late 50s. Subscriptions Some manuscripts have a, subscription ,at the end of the Epistle: * προς Ρωμαιους (" to the Romans" ) is found in
  29. And digital cable, Major League Baseball launched baseball channels with season, subscription ,fees, making it possible for fans to watch virtually every game played as they
  30. Then the less ridiculous Jews? ” A. C. 1831 VI p. 626:“ There is not one …, subscription ,… of any authority; and some of them are plainly ridiculous…see a treatise by
  31. Included subscription fees from stations such as E4 and Film4 (now no longer, subscription ,services) and its 'video-on-demand' sales. In practice, however,these other
  32. Was no one in" Ireland who will so degrade himself as to ask the aid of a, subscription ,from England ". Mitchel wrote in his The Last Conquest of Ireland (Perhaps)
  33. Are 698,000 broadband subscription s as of September’ 07 The average monthly, subscription ,cost is $40.41.20 % cheaper than the average of $49 for the 35 OECD countries
  34. A cost-cutting measure in the face of substantial losses. Channel 4 launched a, subscription ,film channel, FilmFour, in November 1998. It was available on digital satellite
  35. 2007,the program, which had only previously been available digitally as a paid, subscription ,from Audible. Com, became a free podcast distributed by NPR, after a two-month
  36. Flagship music radio station was dropped from Sirius KM after six years on the, subscription ,satellite radio platform, although the corporation continued talks to bring the
  37. In April 2008,World of Warcraft was estimated to hold 62 percent of the MMORPG, subscription ,market. In 2008,Blizzard was honored at the 59th Annual Technology &
  38. The encrypted programming of DishNetwork or DirecTV, even with a gray market, subscription , may be construed as unlawful (this remains an unresolved Constitutional issue
  39. Park, which features a broad neoclassical monument built in 1917 by public, subscription , The monument graphically depicts mankind's ability to span the globe through
  40. This early Catholic education had little lasting impact. Instead, his father's, subscription ,to the magazine Revue Spirit awakened in the young Madero an interest in
  41. Made on the corporation's other endeavors, which have in the past included, subscription ,fees from stations such as E4 and Film4 (now no longer subscription services)
  42. For the show's 40th anniversary in 2003. Repeats have also been shown on the, subscription ,television channel UK. TV. The station also broadcast the first run of the
  43. Paper on a subscription basis. Two offers are available, combining a one year, subscription ,and a reading device. One interesting point of the offer is the choice of a
  44. Was difficult to obtain a digital satellite or terrestrial receiver without a, subscription ,to Sky or ON digital respectively, but now the channel forms an important part
  45. Is much less than that for hardware. There has been a corresponding shift to a, subscription ,pricing model. Rather than receiving a single payment for a piece of
  46. Cable television first became available in the United States in 1948,with, subscription ,services in 1949. Data by SNL Kagan shows that as of 2006 about 58.4 % of all
  47. For Macintosh" Forum Issues For several years, a" Ever quest for Macintosh ", subscription ,did not allow the subscriber to create posts on the official Sony" Everest
  48. Of its sub-companies in Europe. AOL Europe had six million users, but its, subscription ,base had been steadily declining. In 2005,287,000 European AOL online users
  49. Echos announced the official launch of an electronic version of the paper on a, subscription ,basis. Two offers are available, combining a one-year subscription and a
  50. The Company of Scotland received a charter to raise capital through public, subscription ,to trade with Africa and the Indies. Scottish overseas colonies In attempts to

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