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  1. 250 - mounted on BMD-1 Air Defense Artillery *M-1939 37 mm self-propelled, automatic ,air defense gun ATOM General Purpose Air Force See National Air Force of Angola
  2. Of Settlement, succession of the senior descendant of the Electrons Sophia is, automatic ,and immediate, neither depending on, nor waiting for, any proclamation. Thus
  3. May issue warnings, deduct points, or disqualify an offending boxer, causing an, automatic ,loss, depending on the seriousness and intentionality of the foul. An
  4. Regulations, environment protection measures, quality control measures, automatic ,licensing measures, price control measures, monopolistic measures, as well as
  5. Were carried out at 1315 hours the same day with a burst of fire from an M-2, automatic , rifle. Felix Rodriguez was a CIA officer on the team with the Bolivian Army
  6. From then on under Japanese control. Also at this time, the Ainu were granted, automatic ,Japanese citizenship, effectively denying them the status of an indigenous
  7. Structure of the machine despite not knowing its physical form. They devised, automatic ,machinery to help with this, which culminated in Colossus, the world's first
  8. Simply called the City, which is still being expanded by its, automatic ,systems. * Frank Herbert's novel The Dosadi Experiment focuses on the creation
  9. Called Ames Yard east of Ames between Ames and Nevada. Ames has been testing, automatic ,train horns at several of its crossings. These directional horns which are
  10. Fingering as opposed to being open momentarily at the start of the note. A new, automatic ,octave key system is available as an add-on, invented by Arthur Weinberg. When
  11. It also has the effect of reducing the number of rounds fired per minute during, automatic ,fire. It was also roughly one-third lighter than the previous model. In most
  12. Unexpected interaction with turbo pump line to dampen pressure oscillations,an, automatic ,cutoff as a backup, and simplification of the propellant valves of all five
  13. Pinpoint landings needed for future Apollo missions. Most of the descent was, automatic , with manual control assumed by Conrad during the final few hundred feet of
  14. Virus Shield ". MIS contained all components of VSP plus includes tools like, automatic ,back-up. Free services On August 2,2006,AOL announced a plan to offer" many
  15. Enough together for mutual support, but far enough apart so that one burst of, automatic ,fire wouldn't take out the entire unit. When on foot, if possible, the patrol
  16. To allow moving trains to communicate. Garrett A. Morgan developed the first, automatic ,traffic signal and gas mask. Lewis Howard Latimer invented an improvement for
  17. From 17 out of 27 to 32 out of 4096 colors. The enhanced sound hardware offers, automatic ,DMA transfer, allowing more complex sound effects with a significantly reduced
  18. To either player. The Murphy rule may be invoked with a maximum number of, automatic ,doubles allowed, and that limit is agreed to prior to a game or match commencing
  19. Activities. This will result in a web browser that will enable the manual or, automatic ,stopping of malicious applets. To illustrate this method, AppletGuard was used
  20. Explicitly stated," Expert and Muchly did not themselves first invent the, automatic ,electronic digital computer, but instead derived that subject from one
  21. Interactive proves are used for a variety of tasks, but even fully, automatic ,systems have proven a number of interesting and hard theorems, including some
  22. It is an automated semi- automatic transmission, drivable like a conventional, automatic ,transmission. Based on the gearbox found in the Group B S1,the system includes
  23. Rooms. In this form of the game, a player bust does not always result in an, automatic ,loss; depending on the casino, the player can still push if the dealer busts as
  24. For Start, Pause,and Reset. The 5200 also featured the innovation of the first, automatic ,TV switch box, allowing it to automatic ally switch from regular TV viewing to
  25. The defined sites to manage traffic. Intrusive replication is frequent and, automatic ,as a result of change notification, which triggers peers to begin a pull
  26. As mistaken perceptual assumptions. Students are led to change their largely, automatic ,routines that are interpreted by the teacher to currently or cumulatively be
  27. Influence Predicted influence Babbage understood that the existence of an, automatic ,computer would kindle interest in the field now known as algorithmic efficiency
  28. In 2004 a project was started to convert all SabreTalk segments into C using an, automatic ,conversion tool. FICO runs on a TPF mainframe. As of 16 January 2011,FICO was
  29. Device available to the attacking elements. This might be a burst from an, automatic ,weapon, or the use of an antipersonnel explosive device (such as a Claymore
  30. Solver Library, an open-source library for reading NL files and performing, automatic ,differentiation *Anti-Saloon League, once the leading organization lobbying for
  31. Suffice to insure order. Those who have murdered, robbed while armed with, automatic ,pistol or machine gun, kidnapped children, despoiled the poor of their savings
  32. Also, creative use of storage pools can provide for a limited form of, automatic ,garbage collection, since destroying a storage pool also destroys all the
  33. Unpredictable delays, which may be created by (some) interpreted languages, automatic ,garbage collection, paging operations, or preemptive multitasking. However
  34. VII ", a text that he believed to have been dictated to him by Always through, automatic ,writing. Following The Book of the Law, which had been received in 1904,"
  35. In Belgium and Japan * M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle, an American family of, automatic ,rifles and light machine guns Other * A dowel, pole,or beam used as a support
  36. The type of the object it points to. Though the semantics of the language allow, automatic ,garbage collection of inaccessible objects, most implementations do not support
  37. Firing out of battery (without the bolt being fully closed),during rapid or, automatic ,fire. This is also sometimes referred to as a" cyclic rate reducer ", or
  38. Is given almost equal authority in a diocese with the diocesan bishop, and the, automatic ,right to succeed the incumbent diocesan bishop. The appointment of coadjutors
  39. Steel producer in Latin America. In 1954 Brazil began manufacturing its first, automatic ,pistols. The earliest armored personnel carriers (APC's) produced by Brazil
  40. Online shopping method of Ditto Delivery, which allows consumers to specify an, automatic ,monthly delivery of each product. In May 2001,Ditto Delivery accounted for 30
  41. Which another" send-more-data" request was sent. This use of ATP provided, automatic ,flow control; each end could only send data to the other end if there was an
  42. Of the dice change. Some players may opt to invoke The Murphy rule or the ", automatic ,double rule. " If both opponents roll the same opening number, the doubling
  43. Rapid: a case could last not longer than one day. Some convictions triggered an, automatic ,penalty, but where this was not the case the two litigants each proposed a
  44. Country comparison to the world: 177 Telephone system: domestic: good, automatic ,telephone system international: 3 fiber optic submarine cables (2 to St. Kits
  45. Forest sets the default boundaries of trust, and implicit, transitive trust is, automatic ,for all domains within a forest. Terminology; One-way trust: One domain allows
  46. Cartier Reef (44.03 km² area within reef (including lagoon) There is an, automatic ,weather station on West Islet. Government The territory is administered from
  47. Australia fair.: In joyful strains then let us sing: Advance Australia fair! An, automatic ,number announcement circuit (ANA) is a special telephone number that is
  48. Which telephone line they are connected to. Because this system is based on, automatic ,number identification (not caller ID) and meant for phone company technicians
  49. That provides us with the tick and took of a mechanical clock. " The accurate, automatic ,machine" led immediately to" mechanical automata" beginning in the 13th
  50. The first machine to mass-produce shoes, and Elijah McCoy, who invented, automatic ,lubrication devices for steam engines. Granville Woods had 35 patents to

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