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  1. Larger and more common than glaciers; this is due to the high exposure to solar, radiation , Flora The Andean region cuts across several natural and florist regions due
  2. 1 for beta radiation and ionizing photons. However, another component of alpha, radiation ,is the recoil of the parent nucleus, termed alpha recoil. Due to the
  3. Amounts, low energy of its beta particles (46 key) and low intensity of alpha, radiation , is difficult to detect directly by its emission, and it is therefore traced via
  4. Leukemia was probably caused by prolonged exposure to high doses of ionizing, radiation , but it is not clear if this was due to alpha radiation or X-rays. Curie worked
  5. To produce 213 in a reusable generator or can be used alone as an agent for, radiation ,therapy, in particular targeted alpha therapy (TAT). This isotope has a
  6. In the unit distance was much larger than can be accounted for by solar, radiation , +15±4 meters per century. Another explanation for the earth recession rate
  7. This isotope has a half-life of 10 days that makes it much more suitable for, radiation ,therapy than 213Bi (half-life 46 minutes). Not only 225Ac itself, but also
  8. To about 6.0 for actinium). This rare isotope has potential applications in, radiation ,therapy and is most efficiently produced by bombarding a radium-226 target with
  9. To radioactive decay, causing the nucleus to emit particles or electromagnetic, radiation , Radioactivity can occur when the radius of a nucleus is large compared with
  10. Such low-power reactors would be relatively safe to use as neutron sources for, radiation ,therapy in hospitals. Isotopes About 19 isotopes and 8 nuclear isomers are
  11. The size of the particle or particles; and the wavelength of the incoming, radiation , Alabama is a state located in the southeastern region of the United States. It
  12. Antimatter particles can be trapped and cooled with slightly off-resonant laser, radiation ,using a magneto-optical trap or magnetic trap. Small particles can also be
  13. Per century, but this is still far larger than can be accounted for by solar, radiation ,and current theories of gravitation. The possible variation in the
  14. It is defined as the ratio of reflected radiation from the surface to incident, radiation ,upon it. Being a dimensionless fraction, it may also be expressed as a
  15. High doses of ionizing radiation , but it is not clear if this was due to alpha, radiation ,or X-rays. Curie worked extensively with radium, which decays into radon, along
  16. Regulations. The BE is set at 10 for neutron ir radiation , and at 1 for beta, radiation ,and ionizing photons. However, another component of alpha radiation is the
  17. Orbital motion because it is accelerating and therefore loses energy due to, radiation , Nevertheless, the Saturnine model turned out to have more in common with
  18. By one route or another would be about 0.22 + (2/3)*0.78 = 0.74). Gamma, radiation ,can be largely absorbed and converted into heat energy, although some is bound
  19. Travel by the alpha particle. The BE has been set at the value of 20 for alpha, radiation ,by various government regulations. The BE is set at 10 for neutron ir radiation
  20. Radioisotope burden. Russian dissident Alexander Litvinenko's 2006 murder by, radiation ,poisoning is thought to have been carried out with polonium-210,an alpha
  21. Or cell-death, for equivalent radiation exposure. The higher value for alpha, radiation ,is generally attributable to the high linear energy transfer (LET)
  22. Includes about 3 % neptunium after 19 years, and about 5 % after 32 years. The, radiation ,passes through an ionization chamber, an air-filled space between two
  23. Describe the uneven temperature distribution of the cosmic microwave background, radiation , There is evidence for a so-called" Axis of Evil" in the early Universe that
  24. Carried out in a specially designed laboratory equipped with a glove box and, radiation ,shielding. When actinium trichloride is administered intravenously to rats
  25. Massive walls require a large and relatively long input of heat from the sun (, radiation ,) and from the surrounding air (convection) before they warm through to the
  26. KJ/MOL, and the resonance frequency is 23.79 GHz, corresponding to microwave, radiation ,of a wavelength of 1.260 cm. The absorption at this frequency was the first
  27. In a measurable dose. The relative biological effectiveness (BE) of alpha, radiation ,is higher than that of beta or gamma radiation . BE quantifies the ability of
  28. Perfect reflection of a white surface. Albedo depends on the frequency of the, radiation , When quoted unqualified, it usually refers to some appropriate average across
  29. After the cancer cells were quickly killed by alpha particles from 225Ac,the, radiation ,from the actinium and its decay products might induce new mutations. To solve
  30. Cellular damage in cases of internal contamination. In general, external alpha, radiation ,is not harmful since alpha particles are effectively shielded by a few
  31. For example, requires only 2.5 mm of lead shielding to protect against unwanted, radiation , Static eliminators typically use polonium-210,an alpha emitter, to ionize air
  32. In general, the albedo depends on the directional distribution of incoming, radiation , Exceptions are Lambertson surfaces, which scatter radiation in all directions
  33. With thenoyltrifluoroacetone-benzene solution from an aqueous solution of the, radiation ,products, and the selectivity to a certain element is achieved by adjusting the
  34. This effect is less pronounced at room temperature, due to annihilation of, radiation ,defects; also heating to room temperature the sample which was kept for hours
  35. Or reflecting power of a surface. It is defined as the ratio of reflected, radiation ,from the surface to incident radiation upon it. Being a dimensionless fraction
  36. Effectiveness (BE) of alpha radiation is higher than that of beta or gamma, radiation , BE quantifies the ability of radiation to cause certain biological effects
  37. Mixed into an electron plasma. The electrons in this plasma cool via cyclotron, radiation , and then sympathetically cool the antiprotons via Coulomb collisions.
  38. Use. Its current applications include a neutron source and an agent for, radiation ,therapy targeting cancer cells in the body. History André-Louis Debate, a
  39. Used in governmental regulations. The largest natural contributor to public, radiation ,dose is radon, a naturally occurring, radioactive gas found in soil and rock.
  40. Certain biological effects, notably either cancer or cell-death, for equivalent, radiation ,exposure. The higher value for alpha radiation is generally attributable to the
  41. And muscle, orthostatic intolerance due to volume loss, sleep disturbances, and, radiation , injury. A variety of large scale medical studies are being conducted in space
  42. Endocrine-disrupting pollutants, destruction of the ozone layer (ultraviolet, radiation ,has shown to be especially damaging to the skin, eyes,and eggs of amphibians)
  43. Foil. Small thickness avoids the problem of self-absorption of emitted, radiation , This problem is pertinent to uranium or plutonium rods, in which only surface
  44. Instantly, and some tens of thousands die in subsequent years from burns and, radiation ,poisoning. *1953 – Venerable Pius XII establishes the Dioceses of Norwich and
  45. Is higher than that of beta or gamma radiation . BE quantifies the ability of, radiation ,to cause certain biological effects, notably either cancer or cell-death, for
  46. Alpha represents various concepts in physics and chemistry, including alpha, radiation , angular acceleration, alpha particles and alpha carbon. Alpha also stands for
  47. Of the alpha. By some estimates, this might account for most of the internal, radiation ,damage, as the recoil nuclei are typically heavy metals which preferentially
  48. Of incoming radiation . Exceptions are Lambertson surfaces, which scatter, radiation ,in all directions according to a cosine function, so their albedo does not
  49. Roads made with lighter-colored pitch absorb less heat from solar, radiation , and become less hot than darker surfaces, reducing their contribution to the
  50. Disorders Radiation poisoning Ataxia can be induced as a result of severe acute, radiation ,poisoning with an absorbed dose of more than 30 Grays. Vitamin B12 deficiency

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