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  1. Cast into the crown of the anchor is a set of tripping palms, projections that, drag ,on the bottom, forcing the main flukes to dig in. Small Boat Anchors Until the
  2. Rely on virtual or real wind blowing over and under them to generate lift and, drag , Pythons are balloon-kite hybrids that are shaped and tethered to obtain kiting
  3. Out to be correct for low flow speeds. Newton also developed a law for the, drag ,force on a flat plate inclined towards the direction of the fluid flow. Using F
  4. Behind the base of the projectile responsible for a large proportion of the, drag , * ramjet assisted, similar to rocket assisted but using a ramjet instead of a
  5. Aircraft. Besides lift, the other main aerodynamic force on an aircraft is, drag ,opposing its motion through the air. An aircraft is usually streamlined from
  6. By his own son Pepin the Hunchback (Pronounced Pippin),and the king had to, drag ,Tassel out of imprisonment to formally renounce his rights and titles at the
  7. To induce rotation, it will still improve accuracy by causing a restoring, drag ,any time the arrow tilts away from its intended direction of travel. The
  8. First season episodes, as did Jethro's twin sister Dethrone, played by Beyer in, drag , using Linda Kaye Henning's voice over. Pearl was the relative who prodded Jed
  9. Transverse, with no longitudinal vibration whatsoever. He proposed the either, drag ,hypothesis to explain a lack of variation in astronomical observations. His use
  10. Through the air. An aircraft is usually streamlined from nose to tail to reduce, drag ,.; Flight control Aerospace engineers develop control systems for a vehicle's
  11. Differs greatly from the balls used in most other racquet sports. Aerodynamic, drag ,and stability The feathers impart substantial drag , causing the shuttlecock to
  12. Water. Their cross-sections are sometimes very close to that of modern low, drag ,airfoils. Air resistance experiments were carried out by investigators
  13. Neuroscience laboratory at Harvard Medical School * Shirley Temple Bar, drag ,queen from Dublin, Ireland * Amos Bar (1931–2011),Israeli author, teacher
  14. Irreversible and extracts no work is in an isenthalpic process, such as viscous, drag , progressing towards a nonnegative change in entropy. One opposite
  15. Greek footballer *1954 – Charles Busch, American director, writer,actor and, drag ,queen *1956 – Andreas Floor, German mathematician (d. 1991) * 1956 –
  16. Movie, Trailer Park Boys: Countdown to Liquor Day, as an undercover vice cop in, drag , In 2008,Life son and the rest of Rush played" Tom Sawyer" at the end of an
  17. Flight confirmed or disproved a number of aerodynamics theories. Newton's, drag ,force theory was finally proved incorrect. This first widely-publicised flight
  18. Western Australia, Targa New Zealand and other smaller events. Drag racing In, drag ,racing, the objective is to complete a given straight-line distance, from a
  19. Theta) Unfortunately, this equation is incorrect for the calculation of, drag ,in most cases. Drag on a flat plate is closer to being linear with the angle of
  20. Study of flow around solid objects of various shapes. Evaluating the lift and, drag ,on an airplane or the shock waves that form in front of the nose of a rocket
  21. Hill climb (Nice – La Turbine) and a sprint that was, in spirit, the first, drag ,race. An international competition, between nations rather than individuals
  22. Racing has been viewed as the main cause of the loss of public interest in, drag ,racing. People do not understand why the slower car wins or why somebody needs
  23. Stability and control. Lifting bodies are not efficient: They suffer from high, drag , and must also travel at high speed to generate enough lift to fly. Many of the
  24. First person to identify the four aerodynamic forces of flight—weight, lift, drag , and thrust—and the relationship between them. Cayley believed that the drag on
  25. Drag, and thrust—and the relationship between them. Cayley believed that the, drag ,on a flying machine must be counteracted by a means of propulsion in order for
  26. He is credited as the first person to separate the forces of lift and, drag ,which are in effect on any flight vehicle, Francesco Lana de Terzi, a 17th
  27. Lilienthal believed that thin, curved airfoils would produce high lift and low, drag , Octave Canute provided a great service to those interested in aerodynamics
  28. Allen Ginsberg commented that" Speed is antisocial, paranoid making,it's a, drag ,... all the nice gentle dope fiends are getting screwed up by the real horror
  29. Speeds around Mach 1 where drag increases rapidly. Because of the increase in, drag ,approaching Mach 1,aerodynamics and aviators disagreed on whether
  30. Of the first aerodynamics. As part of that theory, Newton considered that, drag ,was due to the dimensions of a body, the density of the fluid, and the velocity
  31. lumberyard and when he molests Dorothy, Jeffrey punches him. Frank's cronies, drag ,Jeffrey out of the car and Frank kisses Jeffrey's face, psychologically
  32. Up or down. Control systems are also sometimes used to increase or decrease, drag , for example to slow the aircraft to a safe speed for landing. Areas of use The
  33. Introduced the term transgenic to describe flow speeds around Mach 1 where, drag ,increases rapidly. Because of the increase in drag approaching Mach 1
  34. A flat plate inclined towards the direction of the fluid flow. Using F for the, drag ,force, ρ for the density’S for the area of the flat plate, V for the flow
  35. Geissendörfer, German filmmaker * 1941 – Don" The Snake" Prudhomme, American, drag , racer * 1941 – George Zambia, Romanian musician *1942 – Barry Levinson
  36. Used in most racquet sports; in particular, the feathers create much higher, drag , causing the shuttlecock to decelerate more rapidly than a ball. Shuttlecocks
  37. A shock wave. Jakob Cheat led the initial work on calculating the lift and, drag ,on a supersonic airfoil. Theodore von Kármán and Hugh Latimer Dryden introduced
  38. Flight to occur. Cayley also looked to nature for aerodynamic shapes with low, drag , Among the shapes he investigated were the cross-sections of trout. This may
  39. Engine may be throttled up to get a thorough set. If the anchor continues to, drag , or sets after having drag ged too far, it should be retrieved and moved back to
  40. Of around 10–15 mph (15–25 km/h) uses only the energy required to walk. Air, drag , which is proportional to the square of speed, requires dramatically higher
  41. Being unfaithful. Pseudos convinces Hysteria to help him by dressing in, drag ,and pretending to be Philip," dead" from the plague. Unfortunately, it turns
  42. That are normally transmitted to the anchor and can cause it to dislodge and, drag , In light conditions, a Keller will reduce the swing of the vessel considerably
  43. Racquet sports. Aerodynamic drag and stability The feathers impart substantial, drag , causing the shuttlecock to decelerate greatly over distance. The shuttlecock
  44. 1973 – Molly Heidelberg, American journalist * 1973 – Eric Medley, American, drag , racer and rodeo star (d. 2007) *1974 – Jarrod Washburn, American baseball
  45. Although observations of some aerodynamic effects like wind resistance (e.g., drag ,) were recorded by the likes of Aristotle, Leonardo da Vinci and Galileo
  46. From the same side of the bird. Oversized fletchings can be used to accentuate, drag ,and thus limit the range of the arrow significantly; these arrows are called
  47. And remain in the cork-first orientation. One consequence of the shuttlecock's, drag ,is that it requires considerable skill to hit it the full length of the court
  48. Pressure and thus the controls. After extending the landing gear to create more, drag , the crew piloted the plane using differences in engine thrust and landed the
  49. As with the changing tide, and on some occasions it might not reset but instead, drag , Bruce/ Claw This claw shaped anchor was designed by Peter Bruce from the Isle
  50. Full length of the court, which is not the case for most racquet sports. The, drag ,also influences the flight path of a lifted (lobbed) shuttlecock: the

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