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  1. Chicago IL. JPG|Buckingham Fountain, Grant Park Image: Portage Park Chicago, flagstone ,steps. JPG|Flagstone steps in Portage Park Image:460955874 0a5c225232 o.
  2. Push up to the top of Tenderness Lane. The game may also go down one of the, flagstone ,lanes, or down Castle Street onto the open Junction Road. Once there either
  3. Giving birth, her son will share a birthday with Jesus Christ. She sits on a, flagstone ,by the river, and the following day gives birth to a son, who is named
  4. Of water soon surround them. Amy begins to drown in the muddy water near the, flagstone ,while Wayne stops the sprinklers. Russ saves her before she dies and gives her
  5. Room, cypress pine and corrugated iron structure encircled by verandahs; a, flagstone ,floor; a scatter of corrugated iron, sandstone blocks and other metal objects;
  6. Planet) with her giant Feinberger, and on Over Your Head (HGTV) building, flagstone ,steps in her backyard. Murphy also starred on Hulk Hogan's Celebrity
  7. Clay pipes. Minoan buildings often had flat tiled roofs; plaster, wood,or, flagstone ,floors, and stood two to three stories high. Typically, the lower walls were
  8. Can float on water, but is three times stronger than traditional construction, flagstone , It was used, for example, to construct the 54-floor World Trade Center of
  9. Under the custody of the Spanish Embassy in Rome. Rudhraighe's tombstone is a, flagstone ,under a carpet lying before the high altar in that church, and reads as follows
  10. 1.5 m. thick; a turf outer bank provided further insulation. Inside, it had a, flagstone ,floor. Flat stones — or, in one case, the shoulder-blade of a whale — formed
  11. Financial support from his mother, Paul started his trading business by selling, flagstone ,salt from Guangzhou to Hong Kong. Later, he founded King board Chemical Holdings
  12. House looked like. There were seats throughout the half circle structure of, flagstone , Except for the overhead wooden canopy,everywhere you looked there was white
  13. Oxide. The rock color usually comes from these cementing materials. Typical, flagstone ,colors are red, blue,and buff, though exotic colors exist. Flagstone is
  14. Of Jeanne Yeutter's Love of Trees ". The arbor leads to a large plaza with a, flagstone ,star and a wall adorned with pottery tiles designed and fabricated by Liza Bach
  15. Hides a complex of passages and chambers built of carefully crafted slabs of, flagstone ,weighing up to 30 tons. It is aligned so that the rear wall of its central
  16. Bedded sedimentary rocks with fissile bedding planes. Examples include Arizona, flagstone ,and Pennsylvania Blue stone. Around the thirteenth century, the ceilings, walls
  17. Because of the flat-slabbed rocky landscape (lead is the Irish word for a, flagstone ,). By contrast, townlands in the predominantly Gaelic west of Ireland very
  18. A major renovation of the ranch house. The project included reconstruction of, flagstone ,areas that surround the house, seismic safety work, replacement of electrical
  19. Are homely, as Lina BO herself describes:" Concrete in sight, whitewash, flagstone , flooring covering the great Civic Hall, tempered glass, plastic walls.
  20. Right of way featuring a downtown care streets cape with trees, planters,brick, flagstone ,and ornamental streetlights. Golden's streets are generally numbered on the
  21. Facade of the structure. The columns were made by stacking circles cut from, flagstone , Then the surface of the columns was sculpted with scenes celebrating a ruler
  22. Near the Boys Debut estate, on a small way leading to an Underwood,a, flagstone ,in the Cemetery of the Slaves, requires the visitors to“ Honor and Respect ”
  23. Except for the overhead wooden canopy,everywhere you looked there was white, flagstone ,- walls, seats,floor, support pillars. The Chicago Park District has WPA
  24. Of the Rosa flagstone group from the Lower Middle Devonian, with some Day, flagstone ,in the southeast formed in wetter conditions during the later Upper Devonian.
  25. The 'Trail Hall ', a gift to the Village by the Trail family, owners of the, flagstone ,quarry at Castle hill. Trail House, a large & imposing country home was the
  26. A heavy emphasis on walls clad in natural stone, particularly travertine and, flagstone , With The Walt Disney Company and the United States Steel Corporation, Becket
  27. Directly on the Kent/East Sussex border, as recalled by the county boundary, flagstone ,that still lies outside the church of King Charles the Martyr. The town is
  28. The eastern end has a Mediterranean style tiled wall fountain and open, flagstone ,area. Arcades run along the north and south sides of the garden. On the south
  29. Modern world culture. Lakes is Portuguese for" covering of flat rock ", or ", flagstone ,", and may refer to: Places = = *Lakes (San),a civil parish in the
  30. Are a major mineral resource in the Denver Basin. The Lyons Formation provides, flagstone ,from quarries in Boulder and Latimer counties, along the western edge of the
  31. Of Lug hat the court, so Dogma challenges him by lifting and hurling a great, flagstone , which normally required eighty oxen to move it, out of Tara, but Hugh answers
  32. Needs. It has beautiful red granite walls and a gravel floor bordered with, flagstone , The camp was closed and sold in 1965 at the end of the summer camp season. The
  33. It was" buried" by the County Council, and its site is now marked by a carved, flagstone , Nearby the Diswellstown Stream, which rises near Castle knock village, flows
  34. Of the city comes from the French word Dale (meaning either" sluice" or ", flagstone ," and referring to the columnar basalt rocks carved by the river, what the
  35. The underlying geology is predominantly Devonian sediments of the Rosa, flagstone ,group with Day sandstone in the south-east. The novelist Eric Link later
  36. Randomly placed in casement and French windows. External features included, flagstone ,detailing of the patio, walkways,and entry porte cochère, fountains,a
  37. Arenaceous in grain size (0.16 mm - 2 mm in diameter). The material that binds, flagstone ,is usually composed of silica, calcite,or iron oxide. The rock color usually
  38. Was built during the 19th century boom years of Faithless as a source of, flagstone , Much of the stone was processed in the harbor area of the village, known as
  39. With" South Gate" and" Kowloon Walled City" from the South Gate and a, flagstone ,path that had led up to it. The foundations of the City's wall and East Gate
  40. Chamber for of pipe radiating outwards to holes cored in the external, riven, flagstone , wall. Drawn by an intense blue light, visible through the holes, the observant
  41. Flat stone and back-filled with rubble. The dwellings were made of cobble and, flagstone ,floors with some areas covered by wooden timbers and floor boards. The end of
  42. 14th century) in Scotland are among many examples of buildings with surviving, flagstone ,floors. D. E. Shaw & Co., L. P. is an American-based global investment
  43. His little chair (from Peter’s Chair) nearby. * Keats is commemorated with a, flagstone ,in the Celebrity Walk in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. * He was an invited
  44. Was also known as Little Chongqing. According to an old Chinese proverb:" One, flagstone ,road, and one thousand years' Caribou ". The name of the town can be traced
  45. Until it too was demolished in 1977. Today, only retaining walls and some, flagstone ,paths remain, but photos of both the Novitiate Academy building and Dr Ran’s
  46. Prehistoric megalithic structures, where CROM means" bent" and leech means ", flagstone ,". The term is now virtually obsolete in archaeology, but remains in use as a
  47. Storminess Flagstones that were deposited in Lake Arcade. The later Rosa, flagstone ,formation is found throughout much of the North and South Isles and East
  48. Age 65 or over. The largest (and only) employers in the area are the numerous, flagstone ,yards and quarries, and the local school (though most of the teachers commute
  49. Has strong tidal currents. The composition of Shaping is mostly of the Rosa, flagstone ,group from the Lower Middle Devonian, with some Day flagstone in the southeast
  50. Fame, for he will be born on the same day as Jesus Christ. Less sits on a, flagstone ,by the river Cochlear, and the following morning gives birth. The baby falls

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