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  1. Around More Tower in 1515. The upper gate tower stands beside the southern, gate ,in the city wall, along the road to Lucerne and Bern. The jail has been housed
  2. Bar said," O Messenger of Allah! I wish that I had been with you and seen the, gate , " So, Muhammad said," Know, O Abu Bakr, you will be the first of my Utah to
  3. Jewelry, carpets,costumes, antiques and embroidery. Up the hill to the castle, gate , there are many shops selling a huge and fresh collection of spices, dried
  4. Levels and operating voltages were compatible between the different gate s. Each, gate ,consisted of one inverting vacuum tube amplifier, preceded by a resistor
  5. Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb and his managed to penetrate the walls by capturing a, gate ,prompting the Qutbshahi's of Golconda and the ruler Abdul Hasan But Shah to
  6. In the film, suffered nightmares afterward). For Red Beard, to construct the, gate ,for the clinic set, Kurosawa had his assistants dismantle rotten wood from old
  7. The statues are in some sense alive. A fine example is the statue of the Sacred, gate ,Hours which was found at the cemetery of Di pylon in Athens. (Di pylon Hours)
  8. Date is not known. City hall was built around More Tower in 1515. The upper, gate ,tower stands beside the southern gate in the city wall, along the road to
  9. Was placed on top of Gate D26 from which Flight 77 departed Dulles, even though, gate ,D26 is now used by United Airlines. After the attacks, American Airlines
  10. On the sideline. Players must interchange through a designated interchange ", gate ," with strict penalties for too many players from one side on the field. There
  11. As well as the models from the plus range integrate both the CRTC and the, gate ,array's functions with the system's ASIC. Three built-in display resolutions
  12. White marble buildings arranged around two courtyards, including a massive, gate ,donated by the Nigam of Hyderabad, a mosque donated by the Mughal emperor Shah
  13. Gregory V of Constantinople is hanged by the Ottoman government from the main, gate ,of the Patriarchate and his body is thrown into the Bosporus. *1826 – The
  14. Who had been sent away, perhaps intentionally returned and slew Abner at the, gate ,of Hebron. The ostensible motive for the assassination was a desire to avenge
  15. Aids. ) The mechanical release holds the string by retaining it by some form of, gate ,or loop of cord. The gate or cord is released by operation of the trigger
  16. Piazza a columnar monument was constructed, hence the traditional name for the, gate ,- Bad blamed (Gate of the Column). Tetra pylon were constructed at the other
  17. Hand-picked 700 fighters from his army and led them to Carmona's main, gate , There, he started a great fire and threw his scabbard into the flames. ABD
  18. Viktor Hartmann, a Russian architect, even sketched a design of a monumental, gate ,(planned, never built) to commemorate the event. Modest Mussorgsky later
  19. River's Gate, the popular district which extends from the Cash beyond" the, gate ,of the river ". It is the capital's darling and best liked borough. Famous for
  20. 19million as a group) However, in 2008–09 season saw the decrease of, gate ,and TV income, co-currently with finished 6th in Serie A, which saw Roma made a
  21. Told his men that time had come to go down fighting than die of hunger. The, gate ,lifted and ABD ar-Rahman's men fell upon the unsuspecting Abbasid's, thoroughly
  22. Church architecture – Cinema Imperf – Circulation – Circus – City block – City, gate ,– City hall – Civic center – Cladding (construction) – Clapboard – Clapper
  23. Muhammad said," Jib reel came to me, held my hand and pointed out to me the, gate ,of Paradise through which my Utah will enter it. " Abu Bakr said," O
  24. The newcomers paid their devotions immediately on their arrival. Near the, gate ,to the south was the guest-hall or hospital. The buildings are completely
  25. Geography The city is situated in on the lower slopes of Gun Than (Delhi, gate ,) in the Gravelly Range. It is situated almost in the heart of the state of
  26. Sympathised with the rebellion, letting a small party in via the Market Street, gate ,at midnight. They were able to open the gate and allow a much larger party who
  27. Society. They are installed in public buildings like the Triumphal arch, City, gate , or Themes. The Census Library in Ephesus (2. c. AD) is a good example. From
  28. Holds the string by retaining it by some form of gate or loop of cord. The, gate ,or cord is released by operation of the trigger, allowing the string to push
  29. In this wall, five gate s allowed access to the city, with five roads from each, gate ,dividing the city and meeting in front of the Ketchup Mosque. In 1556,a
  30. Convention in that it followed the natural contour of the terrain and its, gate ,was arranged obliquely, with a parapet and tower overhanging the incomers '
  31. Of plausible opponents for him and, as the novelty of his size wore off,the, gate ,receipts dwindled. McMahon suggested several changes. He felt Roussimoff should
  32. Making it more difficult for tracks to make money on these events. This causes, gate ,price to rise and tracks losing interest in having such events. Off-road
  33. Pairing of a CRTC (Motorola 6845 or compatible) with a custom-designed, gate ,array to generate a pixel display output. CPC6128s later in production as well
  34. Post Office Telecommunications and British Telecom referred to this as, gate ,on telephone keypads. ) *In spoken BRE the word pound is sometimes colloquially
  35. Believe that Christ visited spirit prison (1 Peter 3:18-20) and opened the, gate ,for those who repent to cross over to Paradise. " --- what Jesus’ immortal
  36. Is released by operation of the trigger, allowing the string to push open the, gate ,or cord. Consequently, any sideways movement of the string, and hence arrow
  37. Kitchen – Kitchenette – Khrushchev – Khrushchev – King-post – Kissing, gate ,– Diva – Knee wall – Knob – Knot garden – Cooled L Landscape architecture –
  38. A constant feature in the monasteries of the Levant. There is a small poster, gate ,at L. The enhance comprises two large open courts, surrounded with buildings
  39. Of his son (" And the king was much moved, and went up to the chamber over the, gate , and wept: and as he went, thus he said, O my son Absalom, my son, my son
  40. Which saw Roma made a net loss of €1,894,330. (€1.56 million as a group) The, gate ,and TV income further slipped in 2009–10 season, made a net loss of €21,917,292
  41. Realized the previous flaws of the artesian well plan and soon added a, gate ,valve to the well to control the flow of water, giving Aberdeen its first
  42. Ambrose, Guy’s representative in the city, was hung from a tree by the city’s, gate , His march northward through the Alps was interrupted by Rudolph, King of
  43. From old sets and then create the prop from scratch with this old wood, so the, gate ,would look properly ravaged by time. For the same film, for teacups that
  44. Wrought by fire, save the Gardens of Sallust, which were situated close to the, gate ,by which the Goths had made their entrance; nor is there any reason to
  45. Until Schliemann exposed the contents of the graves which lay just inside the, gate , that scholars recognized the advanced stage of art which prehistoric dwellers
  46. Greeks. Discovery The curtain-wall and towers of the Mycenaean citadel, its, gate , with heraldic lions, and the great" Treasury of Atreus" had borne silent
  47. One villager decided to take advantage of the now-created path by setting up a, gate ,and charging tolls, he would be violating the collective property right that
  48. In the city in 1443,had a magnificent triumphal arch added to the main, gate ,of Castle Nova. This edifice, considered the most important civil piece of art
  49. Fully armed and in an SS staff car. They drove out the main, gate ,in a stolen automobile, a Steyr 220 belonging to Rudolf Host. Master carried
  50. From this time. The" Schloss" ( small Castle),More Tower and the upper, gate ,tower have remained nearly unchanged since the 13th century. The" Schloss "

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