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  1. Controls all the other organs of the state, so that the principle of the, division ,of power is not maintained. As a consequence, Angola has no longer a
  2. They exhibit a wide range of reproductive strategies, from simple, asexual cell, division ,to complex forms of sexual reproduction. Algae lack the various structures that
  3. Territorial government, set up protocols for the admission of new states,the, division ,of land into useful units, and set aside land in each township for public use.
  4. Knuth's 4-step version of Euclid's and Nichomachus ', but rather than using, division ,to find the remainder it uses successive subtractions of the shorter length s
  5. Of its operations, including new state laws that directly affect the tax, division , While Alaska has no state sales tax,89 municipalities collect a local sales
  6. In some jurisdictions, courts able to hear appeals are known as an appellate, division , Depending on the system, certain courts may serve as both trial courts and
  7. M_4 + \franc + \franc - \franc By preserving the value \delta / n, only one, division ,operation is needed, and the higher-order statistics can thus be calculated for
  8. The rational soul in the heart, rather than the brain. Notable is Aristotle's, division ,of sensation and thought, which generally went against previous philosophers
  9. Due to massive cancellation, but might not be as efficient because of the, division ,operation inside the loop. For a particularly robust two-pass algorithm for
  10. Sons Ella (his appointed successor),Dengizich, and Erna fought over the, division ,of his legacy, specifically which vassal kings would belong to which brother.
  11. Achieved good results. In 1960 the club presented a team that won the third, division ,of the Buenos Aires league, reaching the second division . The club would later
  12. Previous May. Two of these games are assigned on the basis of the team's final, division ,standing in the previous season. The remaining 8 games are split between the
  13. For a short period. After his death at Babylon in 323 BC and the subsequent, division ,of his empire amongst his generals, Ankara and its environs fell into the share
  14. League, reaching the second division . The club would later climb up to first, division ,and win 5 titles; 4 consecutive between 1989 and 1992,and in 2001. In 2002
  15. Engineering and logistics had not yet been named. Adam Smith discusses the, division ,of labor in the manufacture of pins at length in his book The Wealth of
  16. Then. They use an abacus to perform the mathematical functions' multiplication, division , addition, subtraction,square root and cubic root. Although blind students
  17. With developing the armory system of manufacturing in 1801,using the ideas of, division ,of labor, engineering tolerance, and interchangeable parts to create assemblies
  18. Race ever was held on June 19, 1949 at Charlotte Speedway. The Strictly Stock, division ,was put on hold as American automobile manufacturers were unable to produce
  19. Microsporogenesis, walls are laid down separating the daughter cells after each, division , In simultaneous microsporogenesis, there is no wall formation until all four
  20. To cover the retreat of the Union Army. At Fredericksburg in December 1862,his, division ,mostly sat idle. During the winter, the I Corps was reorganized and Doubleday
  21. One game against each team in both the AFC South and the NFC North. In this way, division ,competition consists of common opponents,except the 2 games
  22. South, and West. Season structure Each AFC team plays the other teams in its, division ,twice (home and away) during the regular season, in addition to 10 other
  23. Has a GAA, football club which competes in the intermediate championship and, division ,1C of the Mayo League. Chill Rovers who compete in the Mayo & District League
  24. According to Dr. Samuel Jute, director of FAO's animal production and health, division , lobbying by" powerful" big food corporations has stopped reforms that would
  25. During the Greek and Roman eras. Medieval and Renaissance Periods After the, division ,of the Roman Empire, Anatolia became part of the East Roman, or Byzantine
  26. Appliances. Enormous resources were also invested in the problem-plagued Newton, division ,based on John Sculley's unrealistic market forecasts. Ultimately, all of this
  27. The remainder would execute much faster if the programmer had a" modulus" (, division ,) instruction available rather than just subtraction (or worse: just Minsky's
  28. Priest. Any non-baryonic Levite descended from Levi but not of the priestly, division ,would be assigned to assist the Levitical priests of the family of Aaron in the
  29. Create a finished product much faster than with handcrafting-type methods. The, division ,of labor was initially discussed by Adam Smith, regarding the manufacture of
  30. There are playoff games involving the top six teams in the AFC (the four, division ,champions by place standing and the top two remaining non- division -champion
  31. Very efficient sampan techniques have been developed to do multiplication, division , addition, subtraction,square root and cube root operations at high speed.
  32. Xanthorrhoeaceae sense strict and Asphodelaceae as the Xanthorrhoeaceae. This, division ,has been used here. Hemerocallidoideae The
  33. A type of braille code for mathematics) but large multiplication and long, division ,problems can be long and difficult. The abacus gives blind and visually
  34. NASCAR's Strictly Stock Division was renamed the" Grand National ", division ,beginning in the 1950 season. Over a period of more than a decade
  35. The scientific community. It should not be assumed that an archaeological, division ,or culture unit corresponds to a particular language group or to a
  36. S prior division standing. (i.e. the division winner will face the other two, division ,winners in the AFC division s that they are not scheduled to play) The NFC
  37. World, which differ radically from the literary language. The main dialectal, division ,is between the varieties within and outside the Arabian Peninsula, followed
  38. Ανατολικόν θέμα" ( from the Greek words Anatolia: east, thema: administrative, division ,), placing this region to the East of Byzantium, while Europe was lying to the
  39. Remainder r is the" modulus ", the integer-fractional part left over after the, division , For Euclid’s method to succeed, the starting lengths must satisfy two
  40. Burma, Thailand,Laos, Cambodia; but not Malaysia or Vietnam). The primary, division ,is into North India scripts used in Northern India, Nepal,Tibet, Bhutan and
  41. The large majority of anime uses traditional animation, which better allows for, division ,of labor, pose to pose approach and checking of drawings before they are shot –
  42. Assumed command of the 3rd Division. At Chancellorsville in May 1863,the, division ,was kept in reserve. Doubleday's indecision as a commander in the war resulted
  43. Amstelveen. The basketball team Guide Amsterdam competes in the Dutch premier, division ,and play their games in the Sportable Zoo, near the Olympic Stadium. Since
  44. Of the Aramaic alphabet out of the Phoenician one was a gradual process,the, division ,of the world's alphabets into those derived from the Phoenician one directly
  45. But his best attempt was published in his book Sophist, where he introduced his, division ,method. Analytics and the Org anon What we today call Aristotelian logic
  46. The exception to the 2 games assigned on the strength of each team's prior, division ,standing. (i.e. the division winner will face the other two division winners
  47. That won the third division of the Buenos Aires league, reaching the second, division , The club would later climb up to first division and win 5 titles; 4
  48. Branches of learning. Germany and Norway are the countries that showed the most, division ,and conflict between scholars focusing on domestic sociocultural issues and
  49. Assigned on the strength of each team's prior division standing. (i.e. the, division ,winner will face the other two division winners in the AFC division s that they
  50. S corps, but by the following day, August 30,he took command of the, division ,when Hatch was wounded, and he led his men to cover the retreat of the Union

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