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  1. Video the band portrays various scenes from the film. * Baby Monster wrote a, song ,called" Ultra Violence and Beethoven," a reference to a commonly-used phrase
  2. Night and Mr. Large. * American hard rock artist Rob Zombie wrote a, song ,called" Never Going to Stop The Red Groovy" which was based on A Clockwork
  3. Literacy rate is 98.3 %. The international service has used the theme from the, song ," Kept nee Goethe define" as its signature tune. The international
  4. French punk rock band Barrier Noir used one of Burgess' main themes in their, song ," Porches" when they say" Beethoven' deviant ultraviolence. " * The
  5. Ahead *" Alien ", song by Lamb from the album Fear of Fours *"Alien ", song ,by Bush from the album" Sixteen Stone" Technology * Alien (ALICE Environment
  6. In Bob Dylan's song " Temporary Like Achilles ". *Achilles is mentioned in the, song ," Third Temptation Of Paris ", by Alana. Television * In the animated
  7. Of various festivals and holidays is also an important part of Albanian folk, song , especially those that celebrate St. Lazarus Day, which inaugurates the
  8. Was only first applied to the song in 1904. Bates was more fortunate, as the, song ,'s popularity was well established by her death in 1929. At various times in
  9. Such as the Oklahoma City bombing and 9/11. Three different renditions of the, song ,have entered the Hot Country Songs charts. The first was by Charlie Rich, which
  10. And deed, the memory of those who died for their country. He also performed the, song ,on Red Sox opening day at Fenway Park in 2003,though the game was eventually
  11. A-lex means" without law. " * Hardcore punk band Lower Class Brats wrote a, song ,called" Ultra-violence" inspired by the story. * British punk rock band The
  12. 2003. Mariana is a kind of traditional Azeris distinctive folk unaccompanied, song , usually performed by several people improvising on a particular subject. Ship
  13. The springtime. Lullabies and victims are very important kinds of Albanian folk, song , and are generally performed by solo women. Albanian language and literature
  14. 1929. At various times in the more than 100 years that have elapsed since the, song ,as we know it was born, particularly during the John F. Kennedy administration
  15. By many Americans. When Richard Nixon visited China in 1972,this, song ,was played as the welcome music. The song is often included in song books in a
  16. Barbara Younger has written a children's book about the writing of the, song ,: Purple Mountain Majesties: The Story of Katharine Lee Bates and" America the
  17. By Manor (The Triumph of Steel,1992). *"Achilles: The Backbreaker" is a, song ,by The Showdown. *"Achilles Last Stand ", by Led Zeppelin (Presence,1976).
  18. Days of the Century" by Al Stewart. *Achilles is referred to in Bob Dylan's, song ," Temporary Like Achilles ". *Achilles is mentioned in the song " Third
  19. Album titled Smart Alex. * Argentinian punk rock band Los Viol adores wrote the, song ," 1,2,Ultraviolet" inspired by the story. * German punk rock band Die Token
  20. Alien ", song by Penny wise from the album Straight Ahead *" Alien ", song ,by Lamb from the album Fear of Fours *"Alien ", song by Bush from the album "
  21. Melodic lullabies, love song s, wedding music, work song s and other kinds of, song , The music of various festivals and holidays is also an important part of
  22. Australia *" Alien ", song by Tokyo Hotel from the album Humanoid *" Alien ", song ,by Penny wise from the album Straight Ahead *" Alien ", song by Lamb from the
  23. Keep away the evil. When the oath of his priest appeases, they pray and with a, song ,they call their own god, the beautiful Paean. Some common epithets of Apollo as
  24. October 2011. Music * The New York punk band The Ram ones wrote the instrumental, song ," Durango 95' " which was based on the car that they had stolen in the book. *
  25. Is an oratorio by German composer Max Bruce (1885). *"Achilles" is a, song ,by Jag Panzer (Casting the Stones). *"Achilles, Agony & Ecstasy In Eight
  26. Is called upon to plead. "" America the Beautiful" is an American patriotic, song , The lyrics were written by Katharine Lee Bates and the music composed by
  27. With the feminine personification of the United States used traditionally in, song ,and poetry. The lunar module was named Eagle for the national bird of the
  28. And semi-professional organizations in the state as well. The official state, song ,of Alaska is" Alaska's Flag ", which was adopted in 1955; it celebrates the
  29. And Stillborn *" Animals ", by Coldplay as one of the B-sides for" Clocks" (, song ,) *" Animals ", by Dead Poetic from Vices (Dead Poetic album) *" Animals "
  30. Songs and poetry often rely on ambiguous words for artistic effect, as in the, song ,title" Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue" ( where" blue" can refer to the
  31. Is a concert piece by Sean O'Loughlin. *Achilles' death is mentioned in the, song ," Helen and Cassandra" from the album" Last Days of the Century" by Al
  32. Cure the diseases. Later the Greeks knew the original meaning of the relevant, song ," paean" ( παιάν). The magicians were also called" seer-doctors" (
  33. Lynn Sherr's 2001 book America the Beautiful discusses the origins of the, song ,and the backgrounds of its authors in depth. ISBN 1-58648-085-5. The book
  34. As the Super Bowl, and WrestleMania; Charles gave a live performance of the, song ,prior to Super Bowl XXXV, the last Super Bowl played before the September 11
  35. Included wolves, dolphins,roe deer, swans,cicadas (symbolizing music and, song ,), hawks,ravens, crows,snakes (referencing Apollo's function as the god of
  36. The chart following the September 11 terrorist attacks. Popularity of the, song ,increased greatly following the September 11, 2001 attacks; at some sporting
  37. Bates poem was first published in 1910 and titled America the Beautiful. The, song ,is one of the most beloved and popular of the many American patriotic song s.
  38. Latest album Long Live the Kings. * American punk rock band Rancid wrote a, song ,called" Clockwork Orange. " It was on the album B Sides and C Sides. * Czech
  39. He compares the humans to parasites and teaches the animals a revolutionary, song ," Beasts of England ". When Major dies three days later, two young pigs
  40. Jamie O'Neal, Kenny Rogers and Keith Urban reached number 58 in July 2001. The, song ,re-entered the chart following the September 11 terrorist attacks. Popularity
  41. Phrase throughout the novel and film. * American rapper Cage wrote a, song ,named" Agent Orange," which contains many allusions to the novel. He also uses
  42. In his capacity as a god of healing, Homer illustrated Paeon the god, and the, song ,both of apotropaic thanksgiving or triumph. Such song s were originally
  43. Alex in various scenes from the 1971 film. * New Zealand band Shi had wrote a, song ,called" Pacifier," in the music video the band portrays various scenes from
  44. Ell and Nikki won the first place at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 with the, song ," Running Scared ", and Azerbaijan therefore will host the contest in 2012,in
  45. Aliens (Australian band),a 1970s new wave band from Australia *" Alien ", song ,by Tokyo Hotel from the album Humanoid *" Alien ", song by Penny wise from the
  46. Stature his music would attain, as the music was only first applied to the, song ,in 1904. Bates was more fortunate, as the song 's popularity was well
  47. Cried briefly as he quoted the fourth verse. Ray Charles is credited with the, song ,'s most well known rendition in current times (although Elvis Presley had
  48. Folk Artist Alvin Reynolds, intrigued by its defense budget of $4.90,wrote a, song ," Andorra ". Pete Seeger added verses, and sang" Andorra" on his 1962 album "
  49. Nixon visited China in 1972,this song was played as the welcome music. The, song ,is often included in song books in a wide variety of religious congregations in
  50. Or next after three = fourth) "," consisting of three objects" 9 ", song ,with three out of four verses rhyming (first, second and fourth) " 10

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