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  1. The rules from state to state. In practice only a dedicated minority regularly, attend ,meetings. Many members only become active during election campaigns. The party
  2. Enough to fulfill educational requirements for most students, who must then, attend ,additional private lessons if they want to gain proficiency. Consumers who have
  3. Are paid for the most part by France and Spain. About 50 % of Andorran children, attend ,the French primary schools, and the rest attend Spanish or Andorran schools.
  4. Eve. Inauguration Jackson was the first President to invite the public to, attend ,the White House ball honoring his first inauguration. Many poor people came to
  5. 10 % to 23 % of those who sit the exam. However, nationally only 6 % of pupils, attend ,Grammar Schools. Private schools can also call themselves Grammar Schools.
  6. Two years of higher education) are college students regardless of whether they, attend ,a college or a university and refer to their educational institutions
  7. And for other religious offices, the abbot and his monks were commanded to, attend ,the nearest church. This rule proved inconvenient when a monastery was situated
  8. Did not think the wound serious at the time, and sent his personal physician to, attend ,to some wounded captured Union soldiers instead. It is possible that Johnston
  9. Expectations ". Participants, both men and women, were charged three dollars to, attend ,or five dollars for all seven lectures. In March 1853,Alcott was invited to
  10. Between the ages of 12 and 40 who could not read or write was mandated to, attend ,classes to learn. Since then the country's literacy rate has improved
  11. S murder before a campaign stop in Indianapolis, Indiana and was warned not to, attend ,the event due to fears of rioting from the mostly African-American crowd.
  12. Alcoholics, with the possible exception of those who are mandated by courts to, attend ,AA meetings; they are instead self-selected. There are two opposing types of
  13. Connected to others, since everybody faces the same danger. Cottar and Narrow, attend ,a performance of Gluck's opera Orpheus and Eurydice, but the actor portraying
  14. Opening into the south transept of the church, to enable the monks to, attend ,the nocturnal services with readiness. A passage at the other end leads to the
  15. Twice a week. He had his country houses and fisheries, and when he travelled to, attend ,parliament his retinue amounted to upwards of 100 persons. The abbots of Clung
  16. Muslims. Ships criticize Abu Bakr for forsaking the funeral of Muhammad to, attend ,the political gathering, and believe that Muhammad had already appointed Ali in
  17. Fee, which is graduated according to income. Members are generally expected to, attend ,at least one meeting of their local branch each year, although there are
  18. Main language of instruction. Parents may choose which system their children, attend , All schools are built and maintained by Andorran authorities, but teachers in
  19. Term coincided with the General Strike in Britain, but so determined was he to, attend ,his first day that he rode his bicycle unaccompanied more than from Southampton
  20. Shut-ins" or members of the parish who are unable to leave home or hospital to, attend ,the Eucharist). Lay people also serve on the parish altar guild (preparing
  21. Swami's message and chanting in San Francisco, Allen Ginsberg agreed to, attend ,the Mantra-Rock Dance—a musical event held at the Avalon Ballroom by the San
  22. In Congress for months because several state representatives failed to, attend ,sessions of the national legislature to ratify it. Yet Congress had no power to
  23. Then 1970s.; more than four of every five children of school age in Nepal now, attend ,primary school, compared to just one in five 40 years ago. Though small
  24. Did, influence policy by not allowing their citizen employees time off to, attend ,the assembly, as well as having the simple expedient of wealth. Contemporary
  25. About 50 % of Andorran children attend the French primary schools, and the rest, attend ,Spanish or Andorran schools. University of Andorra The University of Andorra (
  26. Of Islam issuing edicts forbidding women to work outside the home, attend ,school, or to leave their homes unless accompanied by a male relative. The
  27. The Babylonians (also now lost). It was usual for foreign dignitaries to, attend ,the City Dionysian, and The Babylonians caused some embarrassment for the
  28. Additional misfortune for Alexei that his father should have been too busy to, attend ,to him just as he was growing up from boyhood to manhood. He was left in the
  29. Courts have ruled that inmates, parolees,and probationers cannot be ordered to, attend ,AA. Though AA itself was not deemed a religion, it was ruled that it contained
  30. Degree, awarded in the spring of 1971,just months before the launch. Scott did, attend ,the University of Michigan, but left before graduating to accept an appointment
  31. It had been misled. As usual in ancient democracies, one had to physically, attend ,a gathering in order to vote. Military service or simple distance prevented the
  32. Family and religion play an important role in the lives of Antiguans. Most, attend ,religious services on Sunday, although there is a growing number of Seventh-day
  33. And General Grant. Without his main bodyguard, Ward Hill Lemon, Lincoln left to, attend ,the play Our American Cousin on April 14. Grant along with his wife chose at
  34. Universities and to enable the deserving and qualified youth of Scotland to, attend ,a university, He was subsequently elected Lord Rector of University of St.
  35. Offices. That evening, over 750 employees at Dulles alone received notices to, attend ,early morning meetings the next day; those employees were laid off on October
  36. Of the Emperor and his sisters," or, if in consular motions:" Good fortune, attend ,to the Emperor and his sisters. " Around the time that Tiberius died, Agrippina
  37. Of the Anglican Consultative Council. Canada and the United States decided to, attend ,the meeting but without exercising their right to vote. They have not been
  38. FIRES prize and the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury. As Tchaikovsky was unable to, attend ,due to his illness, the prizes were collected by his son, Andrei Jr. In
  39. To the First Buddhist Council, it was proposed that Amanda not be permitted to, attend ,on the grounds that he was not yet an adamant. According to legend, this
  40. In what is now the Gabon, in Africa (then a French colony). He refused to, attend ,a committee to inquire into his doctrine, but met each committee member
  41. Urging of Peasant, who had become their sponsor, they traveled to Chicago to, attend ,a Nutritive seminar. The meeting was at a downtown hotel, with over a hundred
  42. The absence of universal legal ties. Some bishops were initially reluctant to, attend , fearing that the meeting would declare itself a council with power to
  43. Believe that the dead eat the food that is left out for them. In Brazil people, attend ,a mass or visit the cemetery taking flowers to decorate their relatives' grave
  44. In Auburn and later was sent to Cooperstown to live with his uncle and, attend ,a private preparatory high school. Abner practiced as a surveyor and civil
  45. Ninth Circuit stated that a parole office can be sued for ordering a parolee to, attend ,AA. American treatment industry In 1949 the Hazel den treatment center was
  46. Cornwallis, surrendered their second army of the war. Cornwallis refused to, attend ,the surrender ceremonies and sent a subordinate. The war winds down Support for
  47. As bishop of Burgos. In 1431, he was deputed by John II, king of Castile, to, attend , the council of Basel, in which he made himself conspicuous by his learning. He
  48. Throw upon the problem. It furnishes a subject for every student of nature to, attend ,to; every fact he observes will make either for or against it, and it thus
  49. To write articles for the Society's journal, lecture at the temple, and, attend , social functions. Eyesight With respect to details about the true quality of
  50. Of State William H. Seward that night. Grant survived when he failed to, attend ,the theater with Lincoln as planned, Seward narrowly survived his wounds, while

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