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  1. Regional. It hurt the minor and independent leagues most. People stayed home to, watch ,Mary Wills rather than watch unknowns at their local baseball park. Major
  2. British encampment in nearby Germantown in early October and then retreated to, watch ,and wait. After repelling a British attack at White Marsh, Washington and his
  3. The researchers invited 45 volunteers to play a computer game and also to, watch ,the computer play the game. In some rounds, the game resulted in the volunteers
  4. European Football Championship. Many fans and viewers are coming together to, watch ,the matches on huge video screens. The event is known as the Fan Mile and takes
  5. He met the emperor and empress at the Imperial Palace where thousands came to, watch , Einstein later gave his impressions of the Japanese in a letter to his sons:
  6. The effectiveness of the technique is demonstrated to a group of VIPs, who, watch , as Alex collapses before a walloping bully, and abases himself before a
  7. ANC and its members were officially removed from the United States terrorism, watch ,list in 2008. Umkhonto we Size Umkhonto we Size (or MK),translated" Spear
  8. 40 m-high circular towers and a central bell tower housing a bell weighing. The, watch ,is from 1759. * Place de la Course (1730–1775),designed by the Royal
  9. Owns a phone with the Nokia logo clearly written in the top corner, or his, watch ,engraved with the Bulgari logo. Another example of advertising in film is in I
  10. The failure of the state: private arbitration, security guards, neighborhood, watch , groups,and so on. These private courts and police are sometimes referred to
  11. The quicksilver and ... asked Father Chasten, one of the Minim Brothers ... to, watch ,if any changes should occur through the day ... Taking the other tube and a
  12. Dorothy proved to be particularly challenging. Several townspeople arrived to, watch ,the filming with picnic baskets and rugs, against the wishes of Rosellini and
  13. As a black or at least ignorant magician and says his teacher" kept a sharp, watch ," on the visitor, but mentions no open confrontation. On 16 August 1929
  14. TV transmissions. As a result, almost two million households could no longer, watch ,TV because they were not prepared for the transition. The switchover was
  15. Record was set on November 8,1964,when 61,929 fans packed Shea Stadium to, watch ,the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills. The bidding war for players between the
  16. Advertising, some people may like an advertisement enough to wish to, watch ,it later or show a friend. In general, the advertising community has not yet
  17. Aberdeen City and Shire was dubbed in the report by officials as the" one to, watch ," with its rapid growing economy, size and oil reserves. } Aberdeen has won the
  18. General de Coigny protected Alsace against surprise with a further corps. To, watch ,Marshal Ballard at Strasbourg; there was also a weak force of 10,000 men under
  19. Men say. I just watch what they do. * Put all your eggs in one basket and then, watch ,that basket. * If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts
  20. A Hundred Big Boys ", an episode of Fukuyama, Kif is arrested after retrieving a, watch ,from the vomit of a sperm whale and being deemed a thief. He finds out later
  21. In which Alex is injected with a drug that makes him feel sick and is forced to, watch ,graphically violent films, eventually conditioning him to suffer crippling
  22. The majority of the viewers of over-the-air broadcast television in the U. S., watch ,full-power stations (which number about 1800),there are three others
  23. Slaves when the Union Army came through, the Negroes crowded the roadsides to, watch ,the passing army. They were 'all frantic with joy, some weeping, some blessing
  24. Behind. Legend has it he built a castle on top of a hill north of Aquila to, watch ,the city burn, thus founding the town of Udine, where the castle can still be
  25. Was given shelter by a peasant woman who, unaware of his identity, left him to, watch ,some cakes she had left cooking on the fire. Preoccupied with the problems of
  26. As a common noun, normally functions as a mass noun (for example:" Do you, watch ,anime? "," How much anime have you collected? "). However, in casual usage
  27. In real-time to the other recipient, so that both ends of the conversation can, watch ,each other type, via the Ctrl+R key press or the" Real-Time I'm" menu option.
  28. Research. " Poirot is extremely punctual and carries a turnip pocket, watch ,almost to the end of his career. He is also fastidious about his personal
  29. Graph feature showing important international events for anyone interested to, watch , Some national contract bridge organizations now offer online bridge play to
  30. With relatives in Chicago, one of whom owned a movie theater and allowed her to, watch ,dozens of films for free. She then set out for Hollywood, California. Initially
  31. And motion pictures as educationally valuable. He encouraged his children to, watch ,films; young Akira viewed his first movies at the age of six. An important
  32. First on the young, second on fools, and third on the old. Fredrika vows to, watch ,the smiles occur. Middle-aged Fredrik German is a successful lawyer. He has
  33. Was that ACLU employees must be checked against a federal anti-terrorism, watch ,list. The ACLU has stated that it would" reject $500,000 in contributions from
  34. Quotations * As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just, watch ,what they do. * Put all your eggs in one basket and then watch that basket. *
  35. Pirates. Although he was passionate about his team, he was too nervous to, watch ,the deciding Game 7 of the 1960 World Series, choosing to go to Paris with
  36. Was eager to get his boots. While in the hospital, someone stole Kemmerich's, watch ,from him, causing him great distress, prompting him to ask about his watch
  37. After the war, Eddington travelled to the island of Principe near Africa to, watch ,the solar eclipse of 29 May 1919. During the eclipse, he took pictures of the
  38. The online aviation community. In August 2009,American was placed under credit, watch , along with United Airlines and US Airways. All Airbus A300 jets were retired
  39. In arts and crafts, listen to storytellers, play games with clowns, or, watch , a play. The festival has plenty of carnival rides available as well.
  40. Sings in horror of the destruction awaiting them. Scene 11 Tensely, people, watch , for the hurricane’s arrival. The men sing a hymn-like admonition not to be
  41. Owns a phone with the Nokia logo clearly written in the top corner, or his, watch ,engraved with the Bulgari logo. Another example of advertising in film is in I
  42. S, even. It's profound, too,by which I mean very funny. 'I'm sitting on my, watch ,so I can be on time,' he wheezes, because time he's got plenty of. "
  43. Independent leagues most. People stayed home to watch Mary Wills rather than, watch ,unknowns at their local baseball park. Major League Baseball, as it always did
  44. Bosses. *The Wet Nurse (Tony) is a young bureaucrat sent by the government to, watch ,over Rear den’s mills. Though he starts out as a cynical follower of the looters
  45. S watch from him, causing him great distress, prompting him to ask about his, watch ,every time his friends came to visit him in the hospital. Joseph Beam A student
  46. Of age, to be her choir; and for twenty Amenities Nymphs as handmaidens to, watch ,her dogs and bow while she rested. She wished for no city dedicated to her, but
  47. Baseball channels with season subscription fees, making it possible for fans to, watch ,virtually every game played as they played. Team Networks The next round became
  48. Pre-recorded box sets are offered for sale of television programs; fewer people, watch ,the shows on TV. However, the fact that these sets are sold, means the company
  49. Be derived from the Persian word" ab" ( water) and the root" PA" ( guard, watch ,) thus" coastguard station" ). In the Islamic times, a pseudo-etymology was
  50. Notable discoveries and inventions, such as the prototype of the digital, watch ,(Peter Petrify); galantamine (Similar Pastor); the molecular-kinetic theory

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