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  1. In 1972,and The Spectacular Spider-Man in 1976. The flagship title's second, decade ,took a grim turn with a story in #89-90 (Oct. -Nov. 1970) featuring the death
  2. To a 2009 report. Despite this, the economy has been growing strong in the last, decade , which is due to the infusion of multi-billion dollars in international
  3. Man himself—began to suspect that he would never make another film. A difficult, decade ,(1969–1977) Knowing that his reputation was at stake following the much
  4. Abbey According to the Innermost Chronicle, Alexander did not spend his, decade ,as a widower alone:" he used never to forbear on account of season nor storm
  5. A process of modernization has been taking place since 2000. As of the first, decade ,of the 21st century, there were 51 hospitals in the country, including a
  6. Appellation of humorous significance to Comedian scholars. For approximately a, decade , an active supporting group was the Preyed Street Irregulars, patterned after
  7. About the spread of antisemitism among immigrants from Russia in the last, decade , Asia Armenia Turkey In recent decade s, synagogues have been targeted in a
  8. Findings of the expedition set new standards for ethnographic description. A, decade ,and a half later, Polish anthropology student Bronisław Malinowski (1884–1942
  9. 12 months of credit on their accounts in thanks for their service. Within one, decade ,of the class action lawsuit being filed, the class had grown to over 6,000
  10. Died at home in the country house he called Old Orchard, which he had built a, decade ,earlier. He was 90 years old. His death was widely reported in the press. The
  11. In building roads and other basic infrastructure for the nation. In the last, decade ,of the colonial period, Angola was a major African food exporter but now
  12. Second ceremony of the Academy Awards in 1930. Since then and during the first, decade , the results were given to newspapers for publication at 11 pm on the night of
  13. The other hand, over five million Afghan refugees were repatriated in the last, decade , including many who were forcefully deported from NATO countries. This large
  14. Also found an echo in the short story" The right hand. " It was during this, decade ,of imprisonment and exile that Solzhenitsyn abandoned Marxism and developed the
  15. And quality to the book, and set the tone for Spider-Man for the next, decade , The 1990s With a civilian life as a married man, the Spider-Man of the 1990s
  16. Vocabulary, penmanship and transcription of adult texts. However, in that, decade , progressive reformers such as Alcott, influenced by Pestalozzi as well as
  17. The powerful array of bowlers that both countries boasted in the preceding, decade ,moved into retirement, and their replacements were of lesser quality, making it
  18. Go on to be an important supporting character for the better part of the next, decade , and remain a friend and occasional lover into the 2010s. The 1980s The Amazing
  19. As well as a district court headquartered in Site. For most of Alaska's first, decade ,under the American flag, Sitka was the only community inhabited by American
  20. That this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this, decade ,is out, of landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to the Earth. "
  21. Of new hospitals. Many hospitals and clinics have been built over the last, decade , with the most advanced treatments being available in Kabul. The French Medical
  22. Annually. The number of visitors has been growing steadily over the past, decade , This can be attributed to an increasing number of European visitors. Two
  23. Culture. This symposium set the tone for Warhol's reception. Throughout the, decade ,it became more and more clear that there had been a profound change in the
  24. Local team Taken Bears being the most successful team in Denmark for the past, decade , Aarhus (and especially Attention) has served or will serve as the host of
  25. Animation process which dominated the animation industry for the rest of the, decade , El Pistol (Spanish:" The Apostle" ) was a 1917 Argentine animated film
  26. Continuously in print by its original publisher (Macmillan) into the second, decade ,of the 20th century. It was praised by scientists such as Darwin (to whom the
  27. State that has incurred multimillion-dollar debts to Russia over the past, decade , it is the only state to have so far given up such a large share of its
  28. The Adelaide average at 4.9 % and 5.0 % respectively. House prices Over the, decade ,March 2001 – March 2010,Metropolitan Adelaide median house prices have
  29. Aspects of research into acupuncture is not uncommon. Over the last, decade , researcher Edward Ernst and colleagues have produced regular systematic
  30. Robot genre under Go Nagar and others, and was revolutionized at the end of the, decade ,by Yoshiyuki Domino who developed the Real Robot genre. Robot anime like the
  31. National" division beginning in the 1950 season. Over a period of more than a, decade , modifications for both safety and performance were allowed, and by the
  32. Fell into a state of anarchism and how William Penn struggled for about a, decade ,to reinstate his government over a people who did not want it. Theoretical and
  33. Was expected to reach 26 % in 2006 and stay above 10 % for the rest of the, decade , Chevron Texaco started pumping from Block 14 in January 2000,but production
  34. To Doyle's creation, Pons lived in the post-World War I era, in the, decade ,of the 1920s. Though Delete never wrote a Pons novel to equal The Hound of the
  35. The couple’s only child, Karen Löffler, ( 1954–2000) died after more than a, decade ,suffering from Guillain Barre Syndrome at the age of 46. Early life and career
  36. Blacks to rise to the highest echelons of society and government. In the last, decade , Spanish-speaking immigrants from the Dominican Republic and Afro-Caribbean
  37. Belgian Athletic Club. Both teams dominated Argentine football for more than a, decade , Alumni and Belgian totalized 13 league championships obtained between 1899
  38. By the end of the twentieth century ", American critic Chuck Letterman wrote a, decade ,later," it was far more contrarian to hate ABBA than to love them. " ABBA were
  39. Alexander II had lost much of the reforming zeal that distinguished the first, decade ,of his reign, and had no longer the energy required to undertake the task
  40. Motor Company between 1908 and 1915 made assembly lines famous in the following, decade ,through the social ramifications of mass production, such as the affordability
  41. With his art forming the basis for most Spider-Man licensed merchandise of the, decade ,and onward. Issues #361-363 (April–June 1992) introduced Carnage, a second
  42. Cappadocia, taking slaves and pillaging) and later by the Arabs. For about a, decade , the town was one of the western outposts of one of the most brilliant queens
  43. Over in 486 or 487. " Then when the Franks attacked the Burgundians in the, decade ,after 500,Alaric assisted the ruling house, and according to Wolfram the
  44. Project,Armenia's exceptionally high rate of economic growth during the last, decade ,has been largely dependent on external factors (e.g. remittances, assistance
  45. Wide variety of fashionable bars, making it a hotspot for the city in the last, decade , while a number of live music restaurants known as" rebetadika ", after
  46. A GDP per capita of $2,676 (purchasing power parity $5,178). Growth After a, decade ,of double-digit growth,Armenia's economy declined by 14.4 percent in 2009.
  47. But Apple was a marketing company. It was the marketing company of the, decade , " Research in 2002 by Nitrating indicate that the average Apple consumer was
  48. And scandal of Warhol's work in the 1960s,the 1970s were a much quieter, decade , as Warhol became more entrepreneurial. According to Bob Cola cello, Warhol
  49. Later-on by the General Relativity. Additional importance refers in the fourth, decade ,of the 19th century to another paper of Albert Einstein and coworkers (see EPR
  50. Openly to suppress black voting. Regaining power by the late 1870s,in the last, decade ,of the 19th century, white Democrats passed electoral laws disfranchise most

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