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  1. Then to a new enjoyable sexual activity and illuminate them to the receiver's, perspective ,in sex. A few instructional movies and books have emerged in recent years
  2. Election is individual and based on God's foreknowledge of faith, but a second, perspective ,deserves mention. These Arminians reject the concept of individual election
  3. Not a proper Arabic name. Similarly, an article (written from an in-universe, perspective ,) in the Call of Cthulhu role playing game speculates that it may be a
  4. Date of completion on the resurrection panel is 1518. Adorer often distorts, perspective ,to subtle effect. His donor figures are often painted completely out of scale
  5. Algebra, sheaf theory, and category theory into its foundations. This is new, perspective ,led to revolutionary advances across many areas of pure mathematics. Within
  6. Effective use of higher-level languages. Use of assembly language Historical, perspective ,Assembly languages were first developed in the 1950s,when they were referred
  7. Introduction of a stricter definition of citizen described below. From a modern, perspective ,these figures may seem small, but in the world of Greek city-states Athens was
  8. For scenes, particularly regarding backgrounds. In addition, camera angles show, perspective , Directors can also choose camera effects within cinematography, such as
  9. Corporate power. The term further indicates an anti-capitalist and universalist, perspective ,on globalization, distinguishing the movement from those opponents of
  10. Work better. Independent Evaluation at the Asian Development Bank presents a, perspective ,of evaluation in ADB from the beginnings and looks to a future in which
  11. Contest between the defense and the prosecutor was not fair, which from the, perspective ,of an inquisitional system, is not same as the matter of truth. Disadvantages
  12. Ground, or via media, between Reformed Protestantism and Roman Catholicism; a, perspective ,that came to be highly influential in later theories of Anglican identity, and
  13. Queen, to the more private allegories of modern paradox literature. In this, perspective , the characters in a" naive" allegory are not fully three-dimensional, for
  14. Beliefs, writing," I shall have nothing to do with them. " From the other, perspective , Alcott's unique teaching ideas created an environment which produced two
  15. Contrast to the humanist beliefs of Room, Rambert, and Narrow, the religious, perspective ,is given in the sermons of the stern Jesuit priest, Father Panel. While the
  16. African Americans as black people born in the United States. From the ICC, perspective , African Americans are one of three groups of black people in the United States
  17. Most effective adversary is able to convince the judge or jury that his or her, perspective ,on the case is the correct one. History of the adversarial process Some writers
  18. Was taught (possibly by Luca Bacilli or Diamante) the principles of linear, perspective , and evidently became familiar with the 'costruzione legitimate' in a written
  19. Are most easily tied to the geography of the book. Luke begins with a global, perspective , dating the birth of Jesus to the reign of the Roman emperors in Luke 2:1 and
  20. Of the time he gave to the preparation of his theoretical works on geometry and, perspective , the proportions of men and horses, and fortification. However, one consequence
  21. Anthropology in the United States in opposition to this sort of evolutionary, perspective , His approach was empirical, skeptical of overgeneralizations, and eschewed
  22. De Triumph de l'Étoile, the Grande Arch is the third arch built on the same, perspective , The design The ashlar design is by Jean Chagrin (1739–1811),in the
  23. To the lawsuit is an organization with a transient membership and political, perspective , The use of abeyance in such instances can allow such an organization to
  24. Is regulated at the state level under the McCarry–Ferguson Act. From a federal, perspective , however, a circuit court ruling has determined that McCarran-Ferguson requires
  25. Illustrations of these methods that are often reproduced in discussions of, perspective , Four Books on Human Proportion Dürer's work on human proportions is called
  26. A hypocrite, but this does not make the statement less credible from a logical, perspective , Indeed, Source A may be in a position to provide personal testimony to support
  27. Means. Newton's Calvinistic view of redemption and divine grace formed his, perspective ,that he considered himself a sinner so vile that he was unable to change his
  28. Of the human body, and development of a systematic method of graphical, perspective ,to depict recession in a three-dimensional picture space. In the east, Islamic
  29. An excellent example of Newton's testimonial style afforded by the use of this, perspective , Several of Newton's hymns were recognized as great work (" Amazing Grace "
  30. Tom Hanks. Because their film Apollo 13 covered the incident from the crew's, perspective ,the story is instead presented from the perspective of earthbound television
  31. Avicenna also the novel or the path of Isfahan Since Gilbert told from a human, perspective ,Avicenna's biography with its passions and wisdom. The manuscript of Avicenna
  32. The expression; the sequence of operands is always unchanged. A very different, perspective ,is obtained by rephrasing associativity using functional notation: f (f (x, y
  33. Period, Blaise Pascal and Gérard Reargues approached geometry from a different, perspective , developing the synthetic notions of projective geometry. Pascal and Reargues
  34. Of effective conversion... a Jew ceased to be a Jew upon baptism. " From the, perspective ,of racial antisemitism, however," ... the assimilated Jew was still a Jew
  35. It has been thought to indicate a gradual change in the main character's, perspective ,as the lessons of the ago are slowly absorbed. In The Albanians, it has been
  36. From all angles, at rest and in motion; he mounted a ladder for additional, perspective , and made clay models, which he studied by candlelight. The result was a
  37. Allowed the expression of motherhood. Still more different from Bachofen's, perspective ,is the lack of role permanency in Freud's view: Freud held that time and
  38. Ogg | Landing on the Moon-The landing on the Moon at Hadley seen from the, perspective ,of the Lunar Module Pilot. Starts at about 5000 feet. (5.47 MB, ogg/Theory
  39. Inside LM. OGG | Liftoff from the Moon - The liftoff from the Moon as from the, perspective ,of the Lunar Module Pilot. (1.18 MB, ogg/Theory format). Image: Apollo 15
  40. Book of Undertaking her Messing an assortment of mechanisms for drawing in, perspective ,from models and provides woodcut illustrations of these methods that are often
  41. Church might come into being by a union of opposites. Central to Maurice's, perspective , is his belief that the collective elements of family, nation and church
  42. Pueblo peoples whose descendants still live in Arizona and New Mexico. This, perspective ,is not new. It was presented by early 20th century anthropologists, including
  43. And urgent targets are rarely important. Of course importance is a matter of, perspective ,; what is important to a divisional commander is rarely the same as what is
  44. By his theoretical treatises, which involve principles of mathematics, perspective ,and ideal proportions. Early life (1471–90) Durer was born on 21 May 1471
  45. Shadows's debut album, White flags. It is a mournful lament from King David's, perspective , Painting * The Banquet of Absalom - attributed to Bernardo Calling. Poetry *
  46. Legittima ', a method of depicting a cube in two dimensions through linear, perspective , It was in Bologna that Durer was taught (possibly by Luca Bacilli or Diamante
  47. Of the Jewish Spirit over the Germanic Spirit. Observed from a non-religious, perspective , " (" Her Said DES Juventus Uber was Germanenthum. Com night confessionally
  48. Incident from the crew's perspective the story is instead presented from the, perspective ,of earthbound television reporters competing for coverage of the mission. In
  49. Resigned. *1975 – Fall of Saigon (or Liberation of Saigon from the Communist, perspective ,): Communist forces gain control of Saigon. The Vietnam War formally ends with
  50. Themes, one example being Woman in Mind, a play performed entirely from the, perspective ,of a Woman going through a nervous breakdown. He also experimented with several

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