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  1. Surface registered the vibrations for more than an hour. The crew stayed an, extra ,day in lunar orbit taking photographs, for a total lunar surface stay of
  2. One or more fans, which provide thrust. An afterburner may be used to inject, extra ,fuel into the hot exhaust, especially on military" fast jets ". Jet engines
  3. Printer),monitor (RGB or Composite Video color and mono,13-pin DIN), extra , disk drive port (15-pin DIN),DMA port (ACS port, Atari Computer System
  4. Can also greatly influence the construction of the roof supports, creating an, extra ,need for care in choosing the right materials. The builders can make an adobe
  5. Voted unanimously to double the peacekeeping force in Kosovo by sending an, extra ,34 peacekeepers to the region, increasing the total number of peacekeepers in
  6. There were around 1,400 games released for the Acorn Electron, several thousand, extra ,public domain titles were released on disc through Public Domain libraries.
  7. About it. As it turns out, V (y − x3) has a singularity at one of those, extra ,points, but V (y − x2) is smooth. While projective geometry was originally
  8. And this seems to reference Achilles' fight with Penthesilea but gives it an, extra ,twist of Achilles' being" played" by a woman. Birth Achilles was the son of
  9. Execution became commercially available, APL programs ported with almost no, extra ,effort spent re-optimizing low-level details. Terminology APL makes a clear
  10. 12 KB of read-only memory and 4 KB of I/O addresses. For this reason,the, extra ,RAM in the language card was bank-switched over the machine's built-in ROM
  11. Between two positions, depending upon how the hardware randomly powered up. The, extra ,spurious cycle stealing, as the rendezvous radar updated an involuntary counter
  12. View, Viewsheet and almost every other business application. By providing, extra ,storage this modification also allowed some games and applications intended for
  13. A chance meeting with famed director Cecil B. Demise led to a job as an, extra ,in his film, The King of Kings, and to subsequent work as a junior screenwriter
  14. Of tank-to-tank combat earlier than the Americans. As a result, there was, extra ,impetus given to the development of anti-tank weaponry, which culminated in the
  15. The video output signal was changed from color NTSC to monochrome PAL – an, extra ,video card was needed for color PAL graphics, since the simple tricks Wozniak
  16. Is identified as Miss JTV Marple, though there was no indication as to what the, extra ,initials might stand for); Murder Most Foul (1964),based on the 1952 Poirot
  17. Calculate or look up the address of the required scan line than to include the, extra ,hardware. Similarly, in the high-resolution graphics mode, color was determined
  18. Districts for three months each year; this met agrarian needs and added, extra ,troops to bolster the regular ranks. Russian tsars before Peter I of Russia
  19. Are typically assumed to have a multiplicative unit, denoted 1. To make this, extra ,assumption clear, these associative algebras are called unital algebras. Formal
  20. Calculation methods to all of its customers and credited them with, extra ,free hours. In addition, the AOL software would notify the user of exactly how
  21. Things, it lets us make precise the notion of" at infinity" by including, extra ,points. The behavior of a variety at those extra points then gives us more
  22. KB Apple Die and Apple IIC models' BASIC interpreters for the new machines ', extra ,memory and double-resolution graphics, or for the Apple IIGS's 16-color mode.
  23. It. Tapes designed to be" hand edited" could even be produced with spaces of, extra ,Null (blank tape) so that a block of characters could be" rubbed out" and
  24. Of their Apple counterparts that competed mainly on price, many clones had, extra ,capabilities too. A Franklin model, the Ace 1000,sported a numeric keypad and
  25. Disk II's, could write 36 tracks; simple modifications to DOS for formatting the, extra ,track were common. Incidentally, although the Apple Disk II stored 140 KB on
  26. Security checkpoint at 07:35. The hijackers were also all selected for, extra ,screening of their checked bags. Hand Hangout, Khalid al-Mihdhar, and Mated
  27. More of their time to political life. But whether democracy depended on this, extra ,time is impossible to say. The breadth of slave ownership also meant that the
  28. CM failed to deploy properly, only two were required for a safe landing (one, extra ,for redundancy). Upon landing in the North Pacific Ocean, the crew were
  29. May hand-write the mixed monetary amount $3.24 as $324 or $324 (often seen for, extra ,clarity on a check); BRE users will always write this as £3.24. In all cases
  30. To an almost forced draw, and allowed Kasparov to adjourn the game with an, extra ,pawn. After a further mistake in the second session, Karpov was slowly ground
  31. Prevention methods, such as vaccination, can also induce stress because of the, extra ,handling and injection. The aquaculture or farming of piscivorous fish, like
  32. At infinity" by including extra points. The behavior of a variety at those, extra ,points then gives us more information about it. As it turns out, V (y − x3)
  33. Inflation-adjusted from 2003 estimate),with about 10 % medical care,30 %, extra ,education and other care, and 60 % lost economic productivity. Publicly
  34. The outer loop test in step 4 will execute (n + 1) times (note that an, extra ,step is required to terminate the for loop, hence n + 1 and not n executions)
  35. Genlocks, Ethernet cards, modems,sound cards and samplers, video digitizers, extra ,serial ports, and IDE controllers. Additions after the demise of Commodore
  36. Calculate or look up the address of the required scan line than to include the, extra ,hardware. Similarly, in the high-resolution graphics mode, color was determined
  37. Could not reserve hotel rooms through their websites without substantial, extra ,efforts that persons without disabilities were not required to perform. These
  38. Burgess considered to be" badly flawed" ). Kubrick called Chapter 21" an, extra ,chapter" and claimed that he had not read the original version until he had
  39. An aircraft can fly. This usually means maximum fuel load, optionally with, extra ,fuel tanks and minimum equipment. It refers to transport of aircraft for use on
  40. Which allows the correct setting attitude to be achieved without the need for, extra ,weight to be inserted into the tip. * The Bulgaria is a unique design featuring
  41. Module in an emergency, but as he had been suffering from space sickness the, extra ,tests were scratched. Activity and Schweickart later test-flew the LM, and
  42. Particularly important public suits the jury could be increased by adding in, extra ,allotments of 500. 1000 and 1500 are regularly encountered as jury sizes and on
  43. Was based on an estimated at $1.00 per mile, plus $4.00 for the first mile. An, extra ,$536.05 was included for battery charging, oxygen,and an" additional guest in
  44. These constraints, then one is in a position to instantly know a great deal of, extra ,information about this system. Modern mathematics formalizes its foundations to
  45. Attribute as they pay less for it. After the auction, players can secretly pay, extra ,points to raise their ranks, but they can only pay to raise their scores to an
  46. For example, when tracing a curve such as a spiral using polar coordinates,an, extra ,full turn gives rise to a quite different point on the curve. In order to
  47. Could easily vent the normal pressure, it was utterly incapable of handling the, extra ,increase in pressure (to at least 29 psi absolute) caused by the fire.
  48. Replacing it by a bit shift (to index the vector of row pointers) and one, extra ,memory access (fetching the row address),which may be worthwhile in some
  49. M. Elder (Vol. 82/2: lib. 7-9,1982); M. Elder (Vol. 82/3: lib. 10,EPP., extra ,collection em. Gesta concilia Aquitaine,1990); Indices et addenda – comp.
  50. But by May, delays in making Apollo ready for flight just by itself, and the, extra ,time needed to incorporate compatibility with the Gemini, made that impractical

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