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  1. Be possible, that belief is tentative, tempered by a small but finite degree of, doubt ,(the alarm might break, or one might die before the alarm goes off). The
  2. Wall depictions of this instrument have not been discovered, casting some, doubt ,over the extent to which this instrument was used. Persian abacus During the
  3. Have mentioned its size to be 90,000,while most of the modern historians, doubt ,the figures, but consider this battle to be the key to breaking the Byzantine
  4. Whether Thales actually was the teacher of Anaximander, but there is no, doubt ,that Anaximander was influenced by Thales' theory that everything is derived
  5. Content of a science cannot be successfully communicated, if the learner is in, doubt ,about the truth of the postulates. The classical approach is well illustrated
  6. Sung today. Author Gilbert Chase writes that" Amazing Grace" is" without a, doubt ,the most famous of all the folk hymns ", and Jonathan Aiken, a Newton
  7. Mysterious as the Huns' origins and animating forces may remain, there is no, doubt ,at all that they were behind the strategic revolution that brought the Goths to
  8. New Moscow arose. When Germany invaded the Soviet Union in 1941,Speer came to, doubt , despite Hitler's reassurances, that his projects for Berlin would ever be
  9. Get sick? Are you never tested by distress and sorrow? " Abu Bakr said," No, doubt , all this does happen. " Then he said," There, this is the requital of
  10. Josephus’ account of the crucifixion of Jewish rebels by Antaeus quells any, doubt ,of historicity of this event. Coinage The coinage of Alexander Antaeus is
  11. Heracles - an absurd outfit that provokes the character Heracles (as no, doubt ,it provoked the audience) to guffaws of helpless mirth. *The farcical
  12. In question obstinately persists in a manifestly grave sin. " If there is any, doubt ,whether the sick person has reached the use of reason, or is dangerously
  13. In Attica from the Early Neolithic (6th millennium BC). There is little, doubt ,that a Mycenaean megaton stood upon the hill during the late Bronze Age.
  14. However, that claim may be fraudulent, which could cast, doubt ,on the letter's credibility. Third voyage The last certain voyage of Vespucci
  15. Experiment demonstrated that the soul is a substance, and claimed humans cannot, doubt ,their own consciousness, even in a situation that prevents all sensory data
  16. In fact, you merely confirm what I have for years and years felt scarcely a, doubt ,about, but should have considered it most improper in me to hint to you that I
  17. His mind. Of the authenticity of the work as a whole there has never been any, doubt , The last of Alfred's works is one to which he gave the name Postman, i. e.
  18. Is precisely mirrored in our own consciousness. We therefore have no reason to, doubt ,that the objective world, too,is" mind-stuff. " Dualistic metaphysics, then
  19. Standpoint it is a moment of divine intervention in the affairs of man. No, doubt ,part of his patron's message would be that all viewers would be sternly
  20. Thus, if you can attribute a bad trait to your opponent, others will tend to, doubt ,the quality of their arguments, even if the bad trait is irrelevant to the
  21. Plague, and increase in warfare and famine that characterized this century no, doubt ,also served to hamper philosophical pursuits in general. In the late 14th
  22. Ruble, Tarkovsky dismissed color film as a" commercial gimmick" and cast, doubt ,on the idea that contemporary films meaningfully use color. He claimed that in
  23. Of arrests on terrorism charges, was cited by the documentary as a reason to, doubt ,whether a widespread entity that met the description of al-Qaeda existed.
  24. Proportion of native (or near native) speakers of the official language is no, doubt ,considerably higher than in any other African country. There are three
  25. Devil, and suggested that he be suffocated, although a later critic has cast, doubt ,on the veracity of this report. The earliest well-documented case of autism is
  26. Used as a separate word meaning ‘ fifty ’, but the historical root here is no, doubt ,*TU-) " (Starting et al. 2003:223). – Blaze (2006) also considers
  27. 1974:390) There is one final criterion that Hume thinks gives us warrant to, doubt ,any given testimony, and that is f) if the propositions being communicated are
  28. Was that servant, as Abu Bakr later told the companions. Muhammad continued: No, doubt , I am indebted to Abu Bakr more than to anybody else regarding both his
  29. Gylfaginning In Gylfaginning, Snorri presents the mythological version taken no, doubt ,from his sources. Icelanders were still being converted at that time. He could
  30. Recessions where there are data, except for the Great Depression. This casts, doubt ,on the notion that recessions are caused by a reallocation of resources from
  31. Harmlessness of the alleged constitutional violation beyond a reasonable, doubt , State Post Conviction Relief: Collateral Appeal All States have a
  32. For these American Patriots, even the forms of Anglican services were in, doubt , since the Prayer Book rites of Matins, Evensong and Holy Communion, all
  33. Events. " Peter Heather agrees with Wood's implication in this instance:" I, doubt ,that this is the full story, but the effects of Frankish intervention are clear
  34. Convince a judge or jury to find the defendant guilty beyond a reasonable, doubt , Origin The Alford guilty plea originated in the United States Supreme Court
  35. There are two ways to slide easily through life: to believe everything or to, doubt ,everything; both ways save us from thinking. " Asteroids is a video arcade game
  36. And wholesome food, whether stewed, roasted,baked, or boiled; and I make no, doubt ,that it will equally serve in a fricassee, or a ragout. " Readers unacquainted
  37. They were the remains of her mother-in-law's veil, casting a further layer of, doubt ,on the matter. However, during the tour of Australia in 2006/7,the MCC
  38. The continuation of the Principate in some form, whilst at the same time put in, doubt ,the senators' suspicions of his anti-republicanism. Augustus prepared to hand
  39. Probably rare cases the authorities in Rome may judge that there is a 'prudent, doubt ,' concerning the invalidity of priestly ordination received by an individual
  40. To provide closure for victims or their families. In principle, it removes any, doubt ,as to the exact nature of the defendant's guilt in the matter. The term "
  41. Alabaster skin ", which means very light and quite transparent, and no, doubt ,derives from the use of alabaster for tomb effigies. Etymology The origin of
  42. The Taliban had severed any remaining ties with al-Qaeda, while others cast, doubt ,on this. According to senior U. S. military intelligence officials, there were
  43. Agnosticism can be defined in various ways, and is sometimes used to indicate, doubt ,or a skeptical approach to questions. In some senses, agnosticism is a stance
  44. Or obviously fail to properly consider it, then the sentence would, without, doubt , be overturned on appeal. In media Allocation refers to the one way
  45. Of biographical information about Aristophanes, but its reliability is open to, doubt , It purports to be a record of conversations at a dinner party at which
  46. To actually sit in and race the cars he designed and built, the competition no, doubt ," improved the breed" and the" LM" team cars were very successful in
  47. Of the Baltic for three generations. That he enjoyed warfare there can be no, doubt ,; yet he was not like the ordinary fighting bishops of the Middle Ages, whose
  48. From the latter due to basicity in the area. In addition, there is some, doubt ,whether Albania would be able to finance a project of such a scale with a total
  49. Dangerous, or militarized quality. His value as a war god is even placed in, doubt ,: during the Trojan War, Ares was on the losing side, while Athena, often
  50. Meaningful statements about the universe are always qualified by some degree of, doubt , He asserted that the fallibility of human beings means that they cannot obtain

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