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  1. Of the seven Governors elections and become increasingly competitive in Alabama, politics ,at many levels. They currently control both seats in the U. S. Senate and six
  2. Has been seriously limited since 1995,since he prefers to be more involved in, politics ,of his home country of Russia. He had been a member of the Supreme Soviet
  3. Is not particularly intelligent and has a very undistinguished look. He knows, politics , however, and is a master of public relations and back-room deals. Rand's
  4. Same school. The city also has various colleges ranging from art and design to, politics ,and economics which are mostly also available for students coming from other
  5. To philosophy were her" theory of concepts, her ethics, and her discovery in, politics ,that evil—the violation of rights—consists of the initiation of force. " She
  6. Expenditure :3.9 % of GDP (2002): country comparison to the world: 106 The, politics ,of Antigua and Barbuda takes place in a framework of a federal parliamentary
  7. To Damon Knight, the founder of the FWA, who abhorred van Vogt’s style and, politics ,and thoroughly demolished his literary reputation in the 1950s. Harlan Ellison
  8. And" libertarian," Rand has had continuing influence on right-wing, politics ,and libertarianism. Jim Powell, a senior fellow at the Cato Institute
  9. Particular era it is more hobbyist oriented, reducing corporate sponsorship and, politics , Events are regulated to only allow cars of a certain era to participate. The
  10. Ginsberg as" tirelessly persistent in protesting censorship, imperial, politics , and persecution of the powerless. " His achievements as a writer as well as
  11. More" friendly" states were Wyoming, Nevada,and South Dakota. Federal, politics ,In presidential elections, the state's electoral college votes have been won
  12. Psychology in general. Political and social thought Politics Schopenhauer's, politics ,were, for the most part, an echo of his system of ethics (the latter being
  13. Politics As a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands,Aruba's, politics ,take place within a framework of a 21-member Parliament and an eight-member
  14. Impossible not to believe in her good intentions ". She has no interest in the, politics ,of the farm, and the only time she is recorded as having participated in an
  15. One). Schopenhauer, by his own admission, did not give much thought to, politics , and several times he writes proudly of how little attention he had paid" to
  16. Aslant was awarded twice Hero of the Soviet Union. Republic era Following the, politics ,of glasnost, initiated by Mikhail Gorbachev, civil unrest and ethnic strife
  17. Metaphysics 1025b25). By practical science, he means ethics and, politics ,; by poetical science, he means the study of poetry and the other fine arts; by
  18. As Hillary Clinton and Leon Panetta made similar statements. Government and, politics ,The government of Afghanistan is an Islamic republic consisting of three
  19. And religion. She supported rational egoism and rejected ethical altruism. In, politics , she condemned the initiation of force as immoral and opposed all forms of
  20. Visibility. Based on this evidence, Armstrong was acquitted. Republican, politics ,1854–1860 Slavery and a" House Divided" By the 1850s,slavery was still legal
  21. Of science fiction remarked: It is generally held that the“ damnable FWA, politics ,” relates to Damon Knight, the founder of the FWA, who abhorred van Vogt’s
  22. Stated that" man is by nature a political animal. " Aristotle conceived of, politics ,as being like an organism rather than like a machine, and as a collection of
  23. Often treat them quite seriously. Even jokes can be serious when the topic is, politics ,— especially in wartime. The butts of the most savage jokes are opportunists
  24. Rifle, a weapon for use against material rather than combatants In, politics ,* Member of the National Assembly for Wales of the National Assembly for Wales
  25. And the spread of slavery to new U. S. territory in the west. He returned to, politics ,to oppose the pro-slavery Kansas–Nebraska Act (1854); this law repealed the
  26. Until a series of court cases required redistricting in 1972. Alabama state, politics ,gained nationwide and international attention in the 1950s and 1960s during the
  27. In 1910. Before the 1940s,the CNT was the major force in Spanish working class, politics , attracting 1.58 million members at one point and playing a major role in the
  28. Audience meant to Shiva that he must be pandering to Western values and, politics , " Kurosawa always strongly denied pandering to Western tastes:“ He has never
  29. Three, often #1. A 2004 study found that scholars in the fields of history and, politics ,ranked Lincoln number one, while legal scholars placed him second after
  30. Writes," The left was infuriated by her anti-communist, pro-capitalist, politics , whereas the right was disgusted with her atheism and civil libertarianism. "
  31. Some were motivated mainly by slavery, most were motivated by some mixture of, politics , culture, nationalism,honor, or any other number of motivations.
  32. As of 2001. Since the adoption of a new constitution, early in 2010,the, politics ,of Angola takes place in a framework of a presidential republic, whereby the
  33. Field of apologetics, allocution is generally done in defense of a belief. In, politics , one may allocate before a legislative body in an effort to influence their
  34. Among several diverse civilizations of the Eastern Mediterranean. Economics and, politics ,Many of the islands in the Aegean have safe harbors and bays. In ancient times
  35. Whose influence on his own work however he once begrudgingly acknowledged),in, politics ,(especially the populist Clean),and in philosophy/religion (where Socrates
  36. Racing is centered on modern technology with a lot of corporate sponsors and, politics ,involved, historical racing tends to be the opposite. Because it is based on a
  37. And are confused by Advanced Chemistry's elicitation of a German identity, politics ,to which they technically do not belong. This cultural binary illustrates that
  38. Local governance, responsible for local needs and law enforcement. Government, politics ,and armed forces The Albanian republic is a parliamentary democracy established
  39. By the natural laws of the market and through private law rather than through, politics , Furthermore, victimless crimes and crimes against the state would not exist.
  40. This has been interpreted as evidence that he was not actively involved in, politics ,despite his highly political plays, as well as his friendships with person
  41. Paterson. Rand questioned the well-informed Paterson about American history and, politics ,long into the night during their numerous meetings and gave Paterson ideas for
  42. Abortion and abortion-related issues feature prominently in the national, politics ,in many nations, often involving the opposing pro-life and pro-choice worldwide
  43. Artistic function, as historical documents that open the window on life and, politics ,in classical Athens, in which respect they are perhaps as important as the
  44. Anarchy is a tendency which seeks to distance itself from traditional left-wing, politics ,and to escape the confines of ideology in general. Post-anarchism is a
  45. Of the executive and the legislature. There is also the traditional village, politics ,of the Samoa Islands, the " Dalmatia" and the" Samoa ", which continues in
  46. Reflecting employment-driven in-migration in recent decades. Governance and, politics ,The council has 68 councillors, elected in 19 multi-member wards by Single
  47. Of Western philosophy, encompassing morality and aesthetics, logic and science, politics ,and metaphysics. Aristotle's views on the physical sciences profoundly shaped
  48. Shifted within the state. The result was a rural minority that dominated state, politics ,until a series of court cases required redistricting in 1972. Alabama state
  49. Physics, metaphysics,poetry, theater,music, logic,rhetoric, linguistics, politics , government, ethics,biology, and zoology. Together with Plato and Socrates (
  50. Several airlines ceased to operate in Albania due to the impact of the, politics , resulting in a decrease of influx of flights and passengers. In 1977 Albania

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