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  1. As such it is state-owned and defined as a service provider for the local, german , public banks (Sparkasse). Helena is one of nine Landesbanken and is the
  2. Star mount High School at 5,321 yards. * Aaron Allen a noted author of several, german , sci-fi books set in a post apocalyptic world. He is set to have an English
  3. As an attack on the Neo-Nazi subculture by fusing hardcore punk views with, german , techno; it consisted of three Berliners - Alec Empire, Hanin Elias and MC Carl
  4. Of Texas. The population was 386 at the 2000 census. Upland is named after the, german , poet Ludwig Upland. Geography Upland is located at (29.963870,-97.794875).
  5. Used in highest Alemannic speaking parts, and is used similarly to" net" in, german , The term Ah is also used, which is pronounced similarly to eh in English and
  6. Cate Blanchett. In this version, her surname is given as Oxley. *In the latest, german ,3D-movie from 2011 Robin Hood - Ghosts of Sherwood, Maid Marian is played by
  7. It became a charity single for the Soccer World Cup and was released only in, german , speaking countries. It successfully peaked inside the German Top 20. Members
  8. Her show ... she then went on to say that Robinson reminded her to a certain ", german , dictator who also hated his own people" as Liverpool was so close to Wales
  9. Board Game Challenge. It also contains a French floppy version of KQ5,and the, german , floppy version of KQ6. It also contains Inside the Chest, Behind the Developer
  10. And 11 - private): ** - study languages: English, lithuanian, russian and, german , Other providers of higher education institutions Branches of foreign higher
  11. Oil. External links * http://www.elsbett-museum.de/index.html Website (, german , ) Elsbett-museum *
  12. In Switzerland, for several unisex first given names like Andrea (female in, german , male in Italian) or Maria, a second given name is required. A third given is
  13. France and his follower as director of the France Foundations to serve, german , speaking congregations in Pennsylvanian. In 1742, he emigrated to North America
  14. Fruit juices now located in an industrial park on the south side of town. The, german , retail food company Edema has a regional office (Edema Minden-Hanover)
  15. Hospital is at Bomber and the nearest international airport is situated in the, german , town of Wheeze. Population centers Population centers include Beers, Sint Hubert
  16. Strengthened hull. Given the production difficulties and internal politics of, german , weapons manufacture, the Panther tank was inevitably a compromise of various
  17. In Germany in 2000. Planet Internet Germany enjoyed little success on the, german , market and was discontinued as early as fall 2001. External links
  18. For keeping up the town-twinning. Maybach is the birthplace of the famous, german , poet Friedrich Schiller (1759-1805),as a symbol of friendship a statue was
  19. The right of way of a tramway system originally built in the 1890s. Spahn In, german , speaking parts of Switzerland the frequent town to and from city commuter
  20. Title=DAF at NDW-Wiki (Nee Deutsche Welle Wiki) (, german , ) * http://netshowscommunity.ning.com/profile/DAFyoutubecom Bedfordshire (or;
  21. Murray & Lankan Florida Water Cologne Image: Laid-back. JPG|Back of a, german , Liebig Extract of Meat Trade Card from 1885 Image: Farinahaus1709-300dpi.
  22. Derived from proper names are not capitalized (Germania" Germany ", but,German," German" ) Spelling issues between Romania's and Moldova's usage Prior to
  23. Tina, Tine → Christen An ending for nicknames, sometimes considered“ typical, german ,” is -z: * Friedrich → Fritz (but compare the much softer Fiji from northern
  24. Truck starts the race. *"Pretty When you Cry" was used as end theme in the, german , vampire movie" WIR find die Yacht" Discography Studio albums Other releases *
  25. Inducer S. A. S. brews a Bock (6.0 % vol) under their Pistol brand with, german , ingredients. The brewery is located in the city of Santa, near Medellín.;
  26. Of the building contractor for" a symbol for the scientific and mercantile, german , manpower,made out of iron and stone ", as the" IG-Farben"-director at the
  27. Terms. Early life He was born in Bernbach, in Germany as illegitimate child of, german , soldier who died later in fights on Eastern Front. His mother was interned in a
  28. Went to the front as a Captain in the Marines. However, yet in 1914,the, german , government sent him to the United States as technical advisor in a patent case
  29. Cut its 1850 workforce by 600. On 16.9.2011 Aston Martin became head sponsor of, german , soccer club 1860 Munich. 2009—Return to Le Mans In January 2009,it was
  30. In 2004,commissioned the project of own coat of arms (a bourgeois type) by, german , heraldist Dieter Krieger, who registered was at Headman Wappenrolle. Arms is
  31. Creol also 2nd language English third language German due to a neighboring, german , village shipyard. The first settlers were Creole, english and mestizos around
  32. Germany's international broadcaster Deutsche Welle is fully funded by the, german , federal government, though its reporting heavily relies on courtesies of the
  33. German word Taking (ENG. Meeting). The German word Taking derives from the, german , word Tag (ENG. Day) because such meetings were hold at daylight and did
  34. It may be problematic in terms of school studies for families to move from one, german , state to another because there are quite different curricula for almost every
  35. For Bundesbank (ENG. Federal state),and Tag, which is the shortening of the, german , word Taking (ENG. Meeting). The German word Taking derives from the German
  36. With an offer of an agreement to be signed on 22 or 23 August. Ribbentrop,the, german , foreign minister, flew to Moscow and an agreement was signed between Russia and
  37. Anthony Cooke: http://www.anthonycoote.co.uk/index.htm *, german , fan site: http://www.rebecca-pidgeon-portal.de/ruby-blue.php Rebecca Pigeon (
  38. Capture the city ** Battle of Verdun 21 February – 15 December – The great, german , offensive was repulsed by the heroic second French army. Verdun was not taken by
  39. Report on the village of Colonia To var. People speak there a special, german , slang " Alemannic" * http://www.coloniatovar.net Website of Colonia To var
  40. Union, Commerzbank Tower and Masseur. Name Frankonovurd (in old high, german , language ) or Vaduz Franco rum (in Latin language) were the first names
  41. Military service in Croatia from 1868 to 1918 were registered as pučki-ustaše (, german , : Sandstorm) hence the name state The word USTA (plural: state) is a
  42. T=922480,Construction of Frankfurt Stock Exchange Building, german ,2008-2010 The Dick Brothers Record Company (1993 to 1998) was an independent
  43. r) (Soviet PPSh-41) (second most used submachine gun after the MP40 in the, german , army ) *MP 740 (b) (Belgian Mi. Schmeisser-Bayard Moselle 34) *MP 751 (e)
  44. Antilles XML (GUI for FOP and other Processors) (in, german , ) * http://www.ecrion.com/Products/XFDesigner/Overview.aspx Visual XSL-FO
  45. Tag, which is the shortening of the German word Taking (ENG. Meeting). The, german , word Taking derives from the German word Tag (ENG. Day) because such meetings
  46. A common year starting on Tuesday of the 11-day slower Julian calendar. In the, german , calendar it was a rare year starting on Thursday, one day ahead of the Julian
  47. Dieter Bowler (Blue System). The single peaked at #60 (#33 airplay) on the, german , pop charts, and it appears on Blue System's album" Déjà vu ". In 1993,Forrest
  48. File: Haltestelle Meerbusch Laacher Weg. JPG|A modern bus stop with typically, german , bus stop signage in Meerbusch, Germany File: London Buses Bust Stop Signage
  49. 29 August – The fifth French army, under general Lateral, defeat the second, german , army under general Below. ** Siege of Masseuse 24 August – 7 September –
  50. Chiang Kai-shek inspecting cadets of the Shampoo Military Academy. File: Wuhan, german , divs. JPG|National Revolutionary army soldiers wearing the M35 Stahlhelm in a

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