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  1. Growth since it was made Turkey's capital. It was" a small town of no, importance ," when it was made the capital of Turkey. In 1924,the year after the
  2. As to their leadership while their administrations were re-formed. Of special, importance ,were Tennessee and Arkansas, where Lincoln appointed Generals Andrew Johnson
  3. Anarcho-syndicalist movement; anarchist trade union federations were of special, importance ,in Spain. The most successful was the Confederation Nacional del Tribal (
  4. There is still disunity and, especially,disagreement on the relative, importance ,of assimilation versus cultural defiance. According to German hip hop
  5. With his or her own interpretation of what the Absurd is and what comprises its, importance , For example, Sartre recognizes the absurdity of individual experience, while
  6. Thorium). Many spices and medicinal herbs are also present. Of horticultural, importance ,are the Asteraceae (e.g. chrysanthemum) and Campanulaceae. Asteroids (from
  7. The theoretical work of Peter Kropotkin and Enrico Latest took, importance ,later as it expanded and developed pro-organizationalist and insurrectionary
  8. With the idea of using this time of confinement for writing a book of major, importance ,... That could mean transforming prison cell into scholar's den. " The
  9. Roman province of Galatia, Ancyra continued to be a center of great commercial, importance , Ankara is also famous for the Monumentum Ancyranum (Temple of Augustus and
  10. Constructed a binary adding device ". Davis (2000) observes the particular, importance ,of the electromechanical relay (with its two" binary states" open and closed
  11. The final aim of all love intrigues, be they comic or tragic, is really of more, importance ,than all other ends in human life. What it all turns upon is nothing less than
  12. The Union in the war After the fall of Fort Sumter, Lincoln soon realized the, importance ,of taking immediate executive control of the war and making an overall strategy
  13. Which will end the warrior tradition. " It is also difficult not to notice the, importance ,of rain to Kurosawa:" Rain in Kurosawa’s films is never treated neutrally.
  14. Strategic points, such as the Mississippi River; and he also knew well the, importance ,of Vicksburg, and understood the necessity of defeating the enemy's army
  15. Science, Paul Kraus, wrote: Jair himself clearly recognized and proclaimed the, importance ,of experimentation as follows: Early Islamic chemists such as Jair In Aryan
  16. S Special Relativity, and later-on by the General Relativity. Additional, importance ,refers in the fourth decade of the 19th century to another paper of Albert
  17. Years, the ever-improving paved highway system began to eclipse the railroad's, importance ,in Alaska's economy. The railroad, though famed for its summer tour
  18. The tariff issue, noting that few Southerners in 1860–61 said it was of central, importance ,to them. Some secessionist documents do mention the tariff issue, though not
  19. Standards and much larger than the Roman towns of Gaul or Britannia. Ancyra's, importance ,rested on the fact was that it was the junction point where the roads in
  20. There are some who criticize aikido practitioners for not placing enough, importance ,on the spiritual practices emphasized by Yeshiva. The premise of this criticism
  21. Edelweiss carried out by the German Wehrmacht targeted Baku because of its, importance ,as the energy (petroleum) dynamo of the USSR. Some 250,000 people from
  22. Devotion to others through complete forgetfulness of one's own concerns. The, importance ,lies in sacrifice for the sake of the greater good; Islam considers those
  23. Concepts such as cooperation, joint effort and solidarity are of key, importance ,to Camus, though they are most likely sources of 'relative' versus 'absolute '
  24. Proficiency but with the betterment of daily life, this mental aspect is of key, importance ,to aikido practitioners. Criticisms The most common criticism of aikido is that
  25. Their stereogenic center at carbon atom number 3. Chiral alkanes are of certain, importance ,in biochemistry, as they occur as side chains in chlorophyll and tocopherol (
  26. Dark Carnival, the first book by Ray Bradbury, as well. Brian Lumley cites the, importance ,of Delete to his own Lovecraft work, and contends in a 2009 introduction to
  27. Began to compete with amphibians, leading to their reduction in size and, importance ,in the biosphere. Taxonomic history Traditionally, amphibians have included all
  28. And had not been united before the war, there was no central area of strategic, importance , In Europe, the capture of a capital often meant the end of a war; in America
  29. Government; second, the principle of belief expressed in worship, investing, importance , in approved prayer books and their rubrics; and third, the historical documents
  30. The presiding judges agreed to continue the proceedings due to the case's, importance ,as a" precedent. " With a change in administration and charges of conflict of
  31. Woven straps were found to have been used to lash the planks together,The, importance ,of mathematics to an educated Egyptian is suggested by a New Kingdom fictional
  32. As the use of genetically modified organisms) illustrate the complexity and, importance ,of this debate. Fields or related disciplines Alchemy is an ancient tradition
  33. Details in the Mold painting are rare and the subject itself may have, importance ,in relationship to mid-17th century Jewish history, characterized by a
  34. Branchy mode system, where achromatization of major and minor scales is of great, importance , According to The Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians," in terms of
  35. City to be a natural community. Moreover, he considered the city to be prior in, importance ,to the family which in turn is prior to the individual," for the whole must of
  36. 20th century, the Egyptian Government and archaeologists alike recognized the, importance ,of cultural respect and integrity in excavations. The Supreme Council of
  37. Established a justice system to maintain peace and order. Along with the rising, importance ,of a central administration arose a new class of educated scribes and officials
  38. The Doors of Perception, Huxley and the Swami disagreed about the meaning and, importance ,of the LSD drug experience, which may have caused the relationship to cool, but
  39. Eye to this effort:" I have no high estimate myself of the interest or, importance ,of what are sometimes called logical machines ... it does not seem to me that
  40. Uncertain. From an economic point of view, the order Asparagus is second in, importance ,within the monocots to the order Poles (which includes grasses and cereals).
  41. And Campanulaceae respectively. (Bremen and Gustafsson,1997) Economical, importance ,The Asteraceae include some species grown for food, including sunflower (
  42. To come),we cannot live with the paradox (I think my life is of great, importance , but I also think it is meaningless). In Le Myth, Camus was interested in how
  43. Which existed during the Bronze Age. The city grew significantly in size and, importance ,under the Phrygia starting around 1000 BC, and experienced a large expansion
  44. Such as the Silk Road and the South-North corridor, highlights the strategic, importance ,of transportation sector for the country’s economy. The transport sector in the
  45. In regular censuses, and the size of a herd reflected the prestige and, importance ,of the estate or temple that owned them. In addition to cattle, the ancient
  46. Interpretation of written documents and oral agreements is often of paramount, importance , Intentional application Philosophers (and other users of logic) spend a lot
  47. Pamphlet Anarchosyndicalism outlined a view of the movement's origin, aims and, importance ,to the future of labor. Post-classical currents Anarchism continues to
  48. French financial assistance to the American war effort was already of critical, importance , French military aid to the Americans would not show positive results until the
  49. The 1860–62 crop failures in Europe made the North's grain exports of critical, importance , It also helped to turn European opinion further way from the Confederacy. It
  50. That Portuguese as the overall language of communication is by now of paramount, importance , and that the role of the African languages is steadily decreasing among the

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