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  1. The city hosts the Amsterdam Dance Event (ARE) which is one of the leading, electronic ,music conferences and one of the biggest club festivals for electronic music in
  2. Until independence,Armenia's economy was based largely on industry—chemicals, electronic ,products, machinery,processed food, synthetic rubber and textiles; it was
  3. Such as wood preservation, glass production, nonferrous metal alloys, and, electronic , semiconductor manufacturing. Inorganic arsenic is also found in coke oven
  4. Technology. Electric technology Audi is planning an alliance with the Japanese, electronic ,giant San yo to develop a pilot hybrid electric project for the Volkswagen Group
  5. The Japanese physicist Han taro Nagoya published an orbit-based hypothesis for, electronic ,behavior as early as 1904. Explaining the behavior of these electron" orbits "
  6. The state resorts to allowing the creation new money (whether fiat paper or, electronic ,money) and what the new money is used for. Various forms of military spending
  7. With OCR software. The printed document is scanned and converted into, electronic ,text, which can then be displayed on screen as recognizable text. * Standalone
  8. Argon is the cheapest alternative when nitrogen is not sufficiently inert. *The, electronic ,properties (ionization and/or the emission spectrum) are necessary. Other
  9. Or Telecast (UK term),are a particular sort of assistive technology that use, electronic ,sensors connected to an alarm system to help caregivers manage risk and help
  10. By the periodic filling of the electron energy levels, resulting in the, electronic ,structure of the atom. The periodic table may also be divided into several
  11. An atom with a single photon. There are rather strict selection rules as to the, electronic ,configurations that can be reached by excitation by light—however there are no
  12. People * John Vincent Standoff and Clifford Berry, inventors of world's first, electronic ,digital computer at Iowa State University from 1937 to 1942 * Kate Austen
  13. Converter, seen as ADA or A/DA, a conversion occurring in some, electronic ,devices, often musical * Association of Drainage Authorities, a membership body
  14. Went on to build the Colossus computer, the world's first programmable digital, electronic ,computer, which replaced a simpler prior machine (the Heath Robinson) and
  15. And concluded that the ENAC inventors had derived the subject of the, electronic ,digital computer from Standoff (see Patent dispute). Design and construction
  16. Leading electronic music conferences and one of the biggest club festivals for, electronic ,music in the world. Another popular dance festival is 5daysoff,which takes
  17. Of NBC News; retired to own and publish the Ames Tribune * Leslie Hall, electronic ,rap musician/Gem Sweater collector, born in Ames in 1981. * Fred Homburg
  18. Director, screenwriter and Physician * Wayne Siegel, composer,professor of, electronic ,music at the Royal Academy of Music * Liam O'Connor or L. O. C., the
  19. They are excited (when the molecules absorb light). The extended pi-electron, electronic ,structures of Pass lead to these spectra, as well as to certain large Pass also
  20. Today even with the proliferation, practicality,and affordability of pocket, electronic ,calculators. The use of the Saroyan is still taught in Japanese primary schools
  21. 40 % of Australia's high-tech electronic s industry which designs and produces, electronic ,systems that are sold worldwide for applications in medical, communications
  22. In the 1960s,amidst conflicting claims about the first instance of an, electronic ,computer. At that time, the ENAC was considered to be the first computer in
  23. S Analytical Engine work prior to the completion of their design for the first, electronic ,general-purpose computer, the ENAC. Fiction *The cyberpunk novelists William
  24. The real hydrogen-like wave functions up to 7s,and therefore covers the simple, electronic ,configuration for all elements in the periodic table up to radium. Ψ graphs are
  25. New York psychedelic pop band; Albums *Animal, a 2009 album by the London-based, electronic ,band autocrat *Animal (Keisha album),a 2010 album by American pop singer
  26. In automotive batteries). Arsenic is a common n-type do pant in semiconductor, electronic ,devices, and the opto electronic s compound gallium arsenide is the most common
  27. SPA,99.980 % to 99.999 % Al),used in electronic s and CDs. * Heat sinks for, electronic ,appliances such as transistors and CPUs. * Substrate material of metal-core
  28. Important elements of modern computing, including binary arithmetic and, electronic ,switching elements, Atanasoff and Clifford Berry's computer work was not
  29. Han taro Nagoya, a Japanese physicist, predicted a different model for, electronic ,structure. And Nagoya himself recognized a fundamental snag in the theory even
  30. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is a specification for the encryption of, electronic ,data. It has been adopted by the U. S. government and is now used worldwide. It
  31. Function together without a separate PC. * Refreshable Braille display. An, electronic ,tactile device which is placed below the computer keyboard. A line of cells
  32. A dash of modern sound, Emmerson also brought in English dance mixers for an, electronic ,beat. " People thought I was mad when I touted the idea," Emerson told Jim
  33. Whom the Ada Gospels at Trier were produced * Ada (musician),stage name of, electronic ,artist, DJ,and singer Michaela Dipped Places Television and film * ADA ... A
  34. And the Analytical Engine was unknown to builders of electromechanical and, electronic ,computing machines in the 1930s and 1940s when they began their work, resulting
  35. Or instruments (for example a radio or a voice recorder, which are used in, electronic ,voice phenomena, or EVP). These observations come from reincarnation research
  36. The Volkswagen Group. The alliance could result in San yo batteries and other, electronic ,components being used in future models of the Volkswagen Group. Hybrid electric
  37. Assembly for export, the major products being bedding, handicrafts and, electronic ,components. Prospects for economic growth in the medium term will continue to
  38. Longer the main focus of the company, which had shifted its emphasis to mobile, electronic ,devices. The event also saw the announcement of the iPhone and the Apple TV.
  39. Long nighttime drive during the winter of 1937–38. The ABC innovations included, electronic ,computation, binary arithmetic, parallel processing, regenerative capacitor
  40. And the birthplace of the Atanasoff-Berry Computer, the world's first, electronic ,digital computer. Ames hosts one of two national sites for the USDA's Animal
  41. The Afro Celt Sound System is a musical group which fuses modern, electronic ,dance rhythms (trip-hop, techno,etc.) with traditional Irish (Celtic) and
  42. The Standoff–Berry Computer (ABC) was the first, electronic ,digital computing device. Conceived in 1937,the machine was not programmable
  43. And has a distinct scintillation time profile which allows the separation of, electronic ,recoils from nuclear recoils. On the other hand, its intrinsic gamma-ray
  44. Of non-reusable expensive ribbon as did a capital letter. Widespread use of, electronic ,communication through mobile phones and the Internet during the 1990s allowed
  45. Assistant devices developed by Apple for the Newton platform in 1993. Some, electronic ,engineering and the manufacture of Apple's Messaged devices was done in
  46. Products; cars and trucks; and apparel. Also, Alabama produces aerospace and, electronic ,products, mostly in the Huntsville area, location of NASA's George C. Marshall
  47. The player's ship. The minimalist soundtrack features a memorable deep-toned, electronic ," heartbeat ", which quickens as the asteroid density is reduced by the player
  48. Taken up. Hardware * Large monitors can be used with increased DPI for ease of, electronic ,text reading. * E-book readers, such as the Amazon Kindle and tablet computers
  49. Invented the game in 1835. Amplitude modulation (AM) is a technique used in, electronic ,communication, most commonly for transmitting information via a radio carrier
  50. Chemicals, recycling and climate change, Apple ranked 9th out of 18 leading, electronic ,makers in October 2010 with a score of 4.9/10 (securing the same score as in

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