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  1. So the identification of Armaments' Ares with the Ares Borges is not, secure , At Pegasus there was discovered in 1903 a Hellenistic copy of the head of the
  2. His father, who had been on vacation in Karloff Vary and making arrangements to, secure ,the hand of a German princess for his son, or his Prime Minister Dr. Vlad an
  3. Who were swarming over all Italy north of the Po River. After efforts to, secure ,a peaceful withdrawal failed, Claudius forced the Alemannic to battle at the
  4. Its publication day, devoured it in one sitting, and immediately asked Too to, secure ,the film rights. Kurosawa's initial instinct proved correct as, within a few
  5. Not to hold the bishoprics of York and Worcester simultaneously. He helped, secure ,the election of Sultan as his successor at Worcester. During his
  6. Control over communal properties. Because of this, Hasan Ali Shah decided to, secure ,a pledge of loyalty from the members of the community to himself and to the
  7. Saw numerous small-scale military actions. Battles in the region served to, secure ,Missouri, Indian Territory, and New Mexico Territory for the Union. Confederate
  8. That every rich woman who had mislaid a bracelet or lost a pet kitten rushed to, secure ,the services of the great Hercules Poirot. " During World War I, Poirot left
  9. Model, and was shocked to discover that the Japanese filmmaker was unable to, secure ,financing for any new work. The two met in San Francisco in July 1978 to
  10. From the Homeric Greeks as a verb meaning" to make firm or stable "," to, secure ,". It is a significant fact that the first use of asphalt by the ancients was
  11. One who opposes the legitimately elected Bishop of Rome, endeavours to, secure ,the papal throne, and to some degree succeeds materially in the attempt. "
  12. Open Platform Applets in an open platform environment should provide, secure ,interactions between different applications. A compositional approach can be
  13. And Glacial to flee with their armies, leaving Alexander's northern frontier, secure , While he was triumphantly campaigning north, the The bans and Athenians
  14. Assisting the Indians. Jackson believed that the United States could not be, secure ,as long as Spain and the United Kingdom encouraged Indians to fight, and argued
  15. Open incest with his sister Julia Calvin. Agrippina did this hopefully to, secure ,Octavia to marry her son. Consequently, Claudius broke off the engagement and
  16. England were French colonies, governed by priors of that nation. They did not, secure ,their independence nor become" abbeys" till the reign of Henry VI. The
  17. All the AES finalists, including Randall, and stated that all of them were, secure ,enough for U. S. Government non-classified data. In June 2003,the U. S.
  18. Entertain a guest. These ordinances proved, however,generally ineffectual to, secure ,strictness of diet, and contemporaneous literature abounds with satirical
  19. For use. Turing also consulted with Bell Labs on the development of SIGNAL,a, secure ,voice system that was used in the later years of the war. Early computers and
  20. Applets. Advanced compositional verification methods have been developed for, secure ,applet interactions. A typical solution for malicious applets is to make the
  21. As the first representative of the United States, he found it impossible to, secure ,a treaty for unrestricted commerce. Demands were made for favors and there was
  22. And 400 Malabar is. He was, from the start, under orders from the kingdom to, secure ,that channel to Portugal. Barren Scotia had proved ineffective to control the
  23. The French King, and offered his services to the Emperor. Charles, anxious to, secure ,such a famous fighter, gladly assented to Albert's demands and gave the
  24. Bayley. Together they undertook the design and construction of a portable, secure ,voice communications machine code named Delilah. It was intended for different
  25. Interesting experiment not comparable to the director's best work. Unable to, secure ,funding for further work and allegedly suffering from health problems, Kurosawa
  26. The throne, the Seljuks had taken most of Asia Minor. Alexios was able to, secure ,much of the coastal regions by sending peasant soldiers to raid the Seljuk
  27. Construction in Washington, and assisted at Bell Labs with the development of, secure ,speech devices. He returned to Bletchley Park in March 1943. During his absence
  28. By section 90 (1) of the Criminal Justice Act 1991 (c.53).; Assault on a, secure ,training center custody officer: This offense is created by section 13 (1) of
  29. Or center, of the bishopric of Creditor to Peter. It may also have been to, secure ,the release of the king from a vow to go on pilgrimage, if sources from after
  30. Imprisoned Sirius, and once his control over Sirius' former kingdom was, secure ,Clovis had him beheaded. However, Wolfram points out that at the time" Clovis
  31. Searching for a teaching post, but a former classmate's father helped him, secure ,a job in Bern, at the Federal Office for Intellectual Property, the patent
  32. His career,Alaric's primary goal was not to undermine the empire, but to, secure ,for himself a regular and recognized position within the empire's borders. His
  33. Into his own constructions. The main objective of the mission, however,was to, secure ,the return of Edward; but this failed, mainly because Henry III's relations
  34. Athens may well have resulted from its central location in the Greek world, its, secure , stronghold on the Acropolis and its access to the sea, which gave it a natural
  35. The Order's existence appeared inevitable, Albert made strenuous efforts to, secure ,allies and carried on protracted negotiations with Emperor Maximilian I. The
  36. Culture, as the Ptolemies supported time-honored traditions in an effort to, secure ,the loyalty of the populace. They built new temples in Egyptian style
  37. Into New Mexico territory were repulsed in 1862 and a Union campaign to, secure ,Indian Territory succeeded in 1863. Late in the war, the Union's Red River
  38. Had begun years earlier, however Alexander waited until he was more financially, secure ,before marrying. Although the telephone appeared to be an" instant" success
  39. Kotan were also forced to move near fishing grounds so that the Japanese could, secure ,a labor force. When the Japanese moved to other fishing grounds, Ainu koan
  40. Politeness has forbidden any direct reference to the subject of sex to, secure ,no happier result than to allow Sigmund Freud and others to prove that our
  41. In 1050,Alfred went to Rome" on the king's errand ", apparently to, secure ,papal approval to move the seat, or center, of the bishopric of Creditor to
  42. One of the king's relatives, Edward the Exile, back to England from Hungary to, secure ,an heir for the childless king. In 1058, he undertook a pilgrimage to Jerusalem
  43. Truths in his work. Halo was academically gifted, but soon after failing to, secure ,a place in Tokyo's foremost high school, he began to detach himself from the
  44. At talus. This marriage made Alexander's position as heir to the throne less, secure , since if Cleopatra Eurydice bore Philip a son, there would be a fully
  45. Syrian opponents made this situation unstable, leading Rome to send forces to, secure ,the country as a province of its empire. Roman Period Egypt became a province
  46. Hoped to capture British possessions in the West Indies before helping to, secure ,American independence. While French financial assistance to the American war
  47. Malay Archipelago. Despite assistance from his friends, he was never able to, secure ,a permanent salaried position such as curator ship of a museum. In order to
  48. Alfred determined their strategy was to launch smaller scaled attacks from a, secure ,and reinforced defensible base which they could retreat to should their raiders
  49. On loans from his brother-in-law, Emerson,and others. He was never financially, secure ,until his daughter became a best-selling novelist. Life and work Early life A
  50. The most powerful man in Portugal and one of the richest men in Europe. To, secure ,his position as regent, Peter had Alfonso marry his daughter, Isabella of

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